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  1. Season tickets

    I can't really make that decision without seeing the offering and potential incentives to renew early.
  2. New contracts

    I'd imagine he is one of our highest earners and probably rejected any sort of pay off to tear up his contract as he knows he will be lucky to get a contract elsewhere never mind a wage.
  3. Parking Tomorrow

    Hamilton has to be one of the easiest grounds to get parked for free within 5 - 10 mins walk of. Unless you have a reason to park that close I’d look around the retail park or the streets near the court.
  4. Lets not downplay it guys mkay? Graeme Murty remained coy when he was asked about Bates’ contract situation last month. He said: “Talks with David Bates are ongoing but we will keep this information all in-house until we have anything to share. “There is money to be made elsewhere for our players but let us not downplay the scale of this club and what it means to play for Rangers.”
  5. Ronaldo's Penalty.

    1. Yes, Buffon should have been doing his nut at Benatia and not the ref. 2. Nae idea, had made a right Noel Hunt of it and was saved by Benatia's stupidity. 3. Tremendous. GOAT.
  6. post split fixtures

    Well said that man. From a personal perspective I’m gutted I’ll miss the Aberdeen game but s**t happens.
  7. Connor McGregor

  8. Connor McGregor

    I'm not so sure given the subsequent warrant and arrest by NYPD. He thinks he's untouchable but if Dana White does genuinely stop protecting him then he may quickly find out that's not the case. That said, he will make a fortune wherever he goes.
  9. Not watering the pitch

    Mulumbu is good at playing balls into space that die on the dry pitch. Classic example being the pass to JJ before the assist for his goal vs Celtic.
  10. Roon The Toon 2018

    Could enter a Killiefc.com team.... Baz, Hippo.....
  11. Mulumbu gossip

    Nailed it. Sometimes less is more.
  12. Steven Caulker

  13. Alan Power absolutely bossed midfield.
  14. I’m sure the proprietor and employees of a certain establishment will be quite happy to see us in Edinburgh last day as well.
  15. Rory signs till 2020

    I’d like to think he phoned him up, then handed the phone to his ‘representative’ JJ who promptly told him where to go

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