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  1. Steven Naismith

    Is it, aye? And what do you base that nugget on?
  2. VAR a shambles already?

    I thought Zola was the only one calling a definite penalty. It was great to see the second yellow shown for his reaction. You see far worse most weekends go unpunished but if more referees showed that level of backbone then it would stamp it out.
  3. The Sinner

    I never said anything about new series It's not particularly old though given it first aired August17. While I called the ending before it played out it was still good telly.
  4. The Sinner

    Episode 7 made me feel awfy uneasy all the way through. Just warning you!
  5. Steven Naismith

    I know it’s correct, I wasn’t looking for validation
  6. Steven Naismith

    Naisy has bought a bit of land out the Cutstraw and plans to build a new house, approximately a half mile from BB.
  7. Caught the trailer for it the other day and it looks ace.
  8. Cup tie prices

    I paid £20 to watch Spurs in the Champions League last season at Wembley and it’s one of the worst games of football I’ve ever watched, made worse by the fact I had no emotional attachment to either side involved.
  9. Dry January

    If you get beyond this weekend you’ll be doing well.
  10. Steven Naismith

    I have it on good authority that we will go all out to bring him in if JJ leaves. Another source also told me that despite dreaming of playing for the Huns again he’s torn because he knows he might not ever be fully accepted back by elements within their caveman support.
  11. Hibs Roll Call

    Still not picked a team though
  12. Hibs Roll Call

    Didn’t think about that when we got ours yesterday. South lower.
  13. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    I'll keep you right. What could possibly go wrong?!
  14. Rangers thread

    I loved you before this, but I love you f**k the Rangers
  15. Have I never told you the story about him deleting his Facebook account after Progress knocked them out and I trolled him a beauty and he called me a prick on a public post, which led to recriminations with his Mrs and mine telling him he was out of line?!

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