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  1. Adblue

    I had to buy a thinner nozzled funnel to do this with a VW Tiguan. If the funnel or hose you are using is too tight a fit then the air from the tank can't get out quickly enough when you pour the adblue in. I had similar to what you describe, but not as bad though with the the crap hose thing that comes with the adblue.
  2. Flying from Newcastle/Hotel/Car Parking

    Forgot to say the hotel is 5 mins walk from terminal.
  3. Flying from Newcastle/Hotel/Car Parking

    The Britannia hotel I think it is called does a deal where you can park your car. We used it in December - 10 days in Malta and car was okay when we got back.
  4. Celtic thread, Fred

    So am I. Two Killie fans and one Celtic. I think it will be a good nite!
  5. Hoolies

    Did we win the "brawl"?
  6. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Hitachi SEMs?

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