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    I totally agree. Just like in the MJ era there is still zero leadership. Getting rid of MJ was never going to fix anything. He needs to be replaced with somebody who loves the club and knows what they are doing. We may have to wait some time.
  2. Dundee thread

    People were pissed off at what happened to Kenny but the anger was directed where it should have been at MJ. AJ and his assistant were actually made to feel quite welcome until it became blindingly obvious AJ had absolutely no clue whatsoever and was completely out of his depth. Now he has done exactly what he did at QOTS, brought a team up from league 1 with a massive amount of help from the board. If he succeeds in getting out of the Championship it will be very interesting to see how he gets on managing a team in the top league.
  3. NextWeek

    MJ was undoubtedly a total tosser who held the fans in contempt but he had more background and experience at this game than the current board. Mind you that would not be hard. Bowie needs someone who knows the game on the board pronto.
  4. NextWeek

    Against the likes of Hamilton and Dundee we should be doing a lot better than scraping a draw at home. It feels like we are getting gubbed.
  5. NextWeek

    I think there is not a lot of chance of a +ve result next week. We have a Subbuteo midfield and forwards who could not run for a bus. However I don't think LM feels his job is in any doubt "as we just need time to gel". I don't expect things to get better any time soon because they have not bottomed out yet. There is no real abuse from the stands, and there is no sense that the RP faithful are dissatisfied with watching their team get gubbed every week.
  6. Getting a bit serious now

    It has been serious for a while. AN never got a win in his first 11 games. Mind you the Jambos started that season on -15
  7. Dundee thread

    It was also Boyd's hold up play that released Jones which led to the consumer we scored from. Don't know if I should be mad at him for missing the sitter
  8. Dundee thread

    I think what he means is it would be hard to be worse than Dundee but we are having a right good go at it
  9. Dundee thread

    Probably unlucky to be behind. Two awful teams. Neither looks likely to score. We look totally clueless launching it long, better either finding a pass or Jones running at them. Still launching it long seems to be the tactic of choice. So far we have failed to really stretch their defence.
  10. I'm glad to see you are consistent after highlighting the many occasions the SNP have appeared to talk left and act right. You either believe in a fair day's pay for a fair day's work or whatever the market will stand. If it's the first you have to lead from the front.
  11. The Scottish FA faces the threat of a crowd-funded Judicial Review to its stance on the Rangers tax case, backed by supporters of Celtic and rival clubs. (Daily Mail)
  12. I don't give a stuff about whether Sarwar is Ebenezer Scrooge in disguise, the question I want to ask him is what is so deficient about his weans. I mean I know the SNP are making a pure pigs ear of it but are they just so thick that state education is not good enough for them?
  13. LBGTI fans

    Ah'm no commin back till the club issues a statement that Christians are welcome. Mid you the crowd do seem like a fairly devout lot, the number of times I have heard, "Oh Jesus Christ......." from the stands around me.

    Once you let the thought police loose you just end up tying yourselves in knots.
  15. League Cup

    Rangers clearly the better team struggled to get the goals against Plastic Whistle. Missed a couple of complete howlers which could have killed the tie in their favour. Credit to Partick who pushed them all the way and forced it to extra time but ran out of petrol. Celtic were so far in front of Dundee, Gordon could have brought out a deck chair after half time. Dundee really did not look too interested TBH, still Ceptic only really started knocking them in when the put their foot on the gas in the last five minutes. HT 2-0, Motherwell crapping all over Aberdeen so far.

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