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  1. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Just watched his interview on YouTube and we are in total agreement, the weather in Scotland is mingin.
  2. Kez

    Just realised she is a list MP so cannot be voted out by discontented constituents. So it is down to the Scottish labour party to de-select her. I find the whole episode highly unsavoury and would not hesitate to give her her jotters but who knows in today's mental world where you can loose you job for saying that women are generally not really interested in computer coding or for engaging in "unwanted hugs". Perhaps taking several weeks off work to make an exhibition of yourself on some mindless TV show is the future for our parliamentary representatives.
  3. Well done the Celtic

    Taken a real spanking in Paris and I agree with the commentator, money is not the whole explanation. Ceptic defended like a bunch of big girls for 90 minutes. Hardly picked up a yellow all night. In the good old days of Tommy Gemmil and Billy McNeil they would have been picking bits of PSG players out of the stands all night. I'm not saying I approve of that sort of thing but I think they will find Motherwell do on Sunday.
  4. Richard Leonard

    He is English FFS, of course he is going to support his national team. There would be something wrong with him otherwise. But a homeless person is a homeless person whether they are Scottish, English or Nigerian. Socialism has no nation.
  5. Youssouf Mulumbu

    One word...... Awesome!!!!!
  6. Europe, we should tell them just to GTF

    I think I am detecting a slight change of tone on the BBC discussion boards on the BBC. As the electioneering hyperbole finally begins to die away, the cold hard reality of where we really are begins to filter through to the Brexiteers. The rabid, "get these thieving, leeching Johnny foreigner types out of our sovereign country", tone is beginning to moderate. The Brexit voters are beginning to wake up to the reality that it is going to cost the UK government a substantial amout of money to extract itself from its EU commitments such that it is on good enough terms to trade subsequently with the EU. So it is going to cost us a lot of money just to reach a position that is less good than where we are right now. There will not be tea and buns for the NHS and shiny new tanks and guns for the UK forces, just a big black fiscal hole. And we will still have to maintain a substantial amount of UK legislation just to trade with them, or allow our laws to be set in the US trade with them. The UK is just not that big and important enough to set the agenda. Now I sense people are beginning to wonder if this was a good idea while the politicians desperately cast around for some sort of +ve that still holds water. Remember this was proposed as a good idea by Nigel Farage FFS.
  7. I know he would sell his grannie for a good return but this just does not sound like him at all. Don't think he would ever do anything he could be prosecuted for, although selling the Huns tickets in the home end could be seen as criminal negligence under health and safety.
  8. Development League v Hearts CALLED OFF

    They were all at Tynecastle at 10pm on Saturday night shovelling rubble out of sight under the new main stand
  9. Europe, we should tell them just to GTF

    I believe I may have inadvertently used a vernacular term in the heat of the moment which linked the Romany people to some criminal activity. For this I profusely apologies.
  10. Richard Leonard

    It was not his finest moment. A time for a statesmen to offer gracious acknowledgement of the hard work of all involved in avoiding financial catastrophe and human misery or a time for a backstreet politician to try to claim the credit. I hope he can learn from this.
  11. Celebrity deaths 2017

    Headed up a death cult in California in the 1960s so it seems improbably he secretly funded a save the children fund in Botswana.
  12. I'm confused

    We are "different", of that there is no doubt. Racial characteristics and DNA and environment make people behave differently. The idea that "we are the same" is the total PC bollocks of the highest order that has been rammed down our neck by the BBC for 30 or 40 years. It is no more true now after 30 or 40 years or ramming than it was 30 or 40 years ago. The problem I sense you have is with the idea that the SNP are constantly flirting with that we are "better". In my experience the idea that you as a person or a nation are "better" than any other person or nation usually contains the nascent seed of destructive self annihilation.
  13. The Great PFI Scandal

    It seems you are saying "sometimes you have to behave like a Tory to achieve social justice". This makes as much rational sense as "sometimes we just have to accept black is white in the pursuit of truth". Sometimes you just have to accept that you are telling yourself a heap of horses**t just to make yourself feel good.
  14. Richard Leonard

    Aw right, we are aw squablin about who to thank and who did what etc., etc., but I don't see our "Politician of the Year"'s name or that of her party associated with any of this.
  15. Tynecastle

    Presumably they are responsible for issuing the safety certificate.

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