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  1. Motherwell away, Fred

    I find it difficult to believe that the toxic two would be above us. I certainly thought Clarke had done better than Murty.
  2. Motherwell away, Fred

    Looks v light in midfìeld for what is likely to be a very agricultural game. Still SC is God.
  3. £10,000 for everyone under 55

    I think in 50 years time this will be how all developed economies work. The value of low end Labour is falling below what is needed for survival.
  4. Motherwell

  5. Neil Mccann

    I think Hamilton WILL go down, on account of them being crap. Teams SHOULD be I the top league based on their ability and performance. Going down any other path is not desirable. The Arabs need to get their act together and be in the top league because they have a top league team.
  6. Motherwell

    I usually Park on Dalzell Avenue. Never had any problems getting a space although it can take a wee while to get back out onto the main road after the game.
  7. Motherwell

    I e-mailed Motherwell FC and got a reply back to say that a National Entitlement Card (buss pass) would be accepted as proof of age and entitlement to the concession for visiting supporters..
  8. Pitch

    Good to hear BB is committed to the plastic going. I'm not too bothered about the timescale as long as that is the direction of travel. Ever since I started going to RP people have proclaimed that "plastic" is the future. David Attenborough would beg to differ.
  9. The Irish border (Brexit)

    All of the Brexiteers keep insisting any post Brexit deal the UK negotiates with the EU will include ALL the current benefits of membership but we will be tied to NONE of the current EU regulations. This deal will happen because it is clearly in the self interest of all the remaining EU members to provide the UK with such a deal. IMO somebody is going to have to explain this to the remaining EU members because while it seems blindingly obvious to JRM and BoJo, it aint that clear to the rest of the EU right now. And perhaps they could explain to to me while they are at it.
  10. Clarke v Brendan

    I think Brendan Rogers is a very good football Manager who has done more with Celtic than Neil Lennon or Ronny Deila did with very similar resources. I think his style of management suits them. I think Steve Clarke has taken over at RP when there seemed to be a permanent malaise about the place and shaken that off. He has instilled belief into a squad that had gone 8 games without a win. He has raised the level of performance and expectation very significantly. The situation at Kilmarnock has suited his management style and talents very well. It is two completely different sets of circumstances and I don't think a comparison is possible.
  11. Motherwell

    In many cases, although by no means all, you will be right. Setting total self interest aside for a moment, I'd rather see KFC let full price paying adults get their kids in for nothing.
  12. Motherwell

    How does one obtain said concession? Would showing them ma bus pass do? I'm all for taking as much advantage as possible of becoming an auld git.
  13. Ref got it right

    Cant argue with that.
  14. The Irish border (Brexit)

    She is an awkward SoaB that's for goddamned sure. But then she is a NI politician and it is expected. if she wasn't there someone equally awkward would be.

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