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  1. With the "attainment gap" widening by the year between offspring from financially well off backgrounds against those from limited means, are the politicians just hopelessly unable to do anything about it or do you think they really don't give a f**k because after all its only poor people, it's not like they are one of us? Higher education institutions are quite rightly complaining that they are being pressured to "produce the goods" while being obliged to take on less qualified new students from less well off backgrounds. Clearly kids from homes with books, access to computers and professional tutoring are going to be far ahead when it comes to university entrance and no matter how intrinsically bright and motivated kids are from sink estates they will just never catch up. The problem starts way, way back with the environment kids are born into. You cant compensate for wealth and connections but you can encourage less well off parents to tae an interest in their offspring. I not saying that because you are poor you don't care but lower quality "parenting" can take root in poverty in the same way malnutrition disease can. You could say the Scottish Government have woken up to this with the "Named Person". IMO they have started to get their head round the problem but there is still roop for improvement with their solution.
  2. What on earth makes you think that threatening to restrict the benefit entitlement of some very irresponsible people is going to make them behave more responsibly? I know many hard working low paid responsible people are loath to furnish feckless wasters with a never ending supply of funds to peruse their 24/7 party lifestyle. Unfortunately any attempt to choke back on their money supply is only going to firstly have a very negative effect on their offspring long before they let it slow down the party. You might as well suggest amputation to treat brain cancer. The problem is much more difficult to tackle than that. You have to get these people to perceive some benefit to themselves in taking responsibility for their weans. Or as Zorro says "focus their minds", as becoming a parent in itself clearly has not worked. Carrot or stick? Some people have a moral problem with feeding a lazy, stubborn donkey carrots but if the stick is not working then just whacking it harder until the stick breaks could be counter productive. Maybe it's the wrong question. I say forget about morality, find out what works, maybe tickling the donkey on the effin nose, who the feck knows, and do that.
  3. You are absolutely right, but my point is this is where the government should be focusing. Never mind extra teachers for deprived areas, or skewing the selection criterion for tertiary education. A campaign to "encourage" parents, particularly those with irresponsible parents themselves to take their "parental responsibility" seriously. This would help close that attainment gam more effectively than any of the arty farty ideas they have tried so far.
  4. Sébastien Bassong

    It can get effing cold in France too
  5. It can be hard work feeling responsible when your own parents were irresponsible.
  6. SNP Tax Hikes.....

    "Hikes" is over egging it a bit IMO.
  7. US Politics Thread

    I find myself disappointed that his attitude towards young women seems to have counted for little in people's minds when assessing his fitness for high office. As to how much of a racist he is I think the issue is that he is unapologetically overtly racist while most of the educated peoples of the first world have learned to keep any racism they may harbour deeply buried and out of public gaze. So it is surely no surprise black Americans chose not to give him their endorsement. What disturbs me most about the USA is that people will actively vote for someone who thinks the answers to all of life's questions are to be found by a simple minded reading of very selected texts from a small number of chapters from very small number of books in the Old Testament. My first question to him would be why he is not campaigning for the death penalty for Sunday traders. Its all there in the good book, just look it up in Leviticus.
  8. County away Fred

    The highlights are on the BBC now. The 1st County goal, the guy was standing at the back post at a corner in 15 yards of empty space. The 2nd was a header where the County guy seemed to get about 2 feet higher than any Killie player with his jump. Brophy did well for his goal, he is getting a lot of wee knock ons in good positions from Boyd and taking advantage of it. Boyd's booking was really just the ref loosing the plot a wee bit but Boyd should have known better. At the alleged "dive" boyd just tripped over his own feet, not simulation, and fell sort of deliberately in front of the County guy hence the free kick. Boyd did look a bit like he was asking for something but not much. For his goal Boyd got really lucky with a really wicked deflection off the defender.
  9. Scores tonight

    They were absolutely dreadful in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half. Huffed and puffed for 45 minutes in the 2nd but never really stretched Rankers who were quite happy to sit in and hot on the break. The boy on loan from Man City did hit the post "twice" but no Hibs strikers on hand to finish the rebounds.
  10. I see wee Kez has had her knuckles rapped. If I took 3 weeks off work without agreeing it with my project manager I think I would be in a bit more bother than Kez seems to have been in. Especially as her wee unauthorized break was in support of the "Make Kezia Dugdale a very rich person" enterprise. Labour really have to take a long hard look at themselves and ask if this is the image they want to project of a privileged minority jetting round the world on self iindulgent voyages of discovery while the Tories rip the life out of the NHA and the Welfare state.
  11. Anybody think Hamilton can do it at Celtic Park tonight? Seems less likely than that asteroid from outside the solar system astronomers have been following turning out to be an alien space ship.
  12. US Politics Thread

    Turns out women do object to being grabbed by the pussy, even in the Deep South of Alabama, as The Democrats overturn a huge majority to topple the preferred candidate of Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon.
  13. Steve Clarke post match interview

    I really am most curious to know what wee word that was.
  14. County away Fred

    I know Steve Clarke is god but we still look less than convincing when we're defending. Averaged 2 goals a game lost in the last 3 games. Room for improvement there. Still we look like we could score against anybody now.
  15. Steve Clarke post match interview

    "I think he gave it for a foul against Kris for pulling the defender down. I wouldn't know because I'm not the referee." That sounds like a perfectly reasonable position to take.
  16. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Nigel lawson
  17. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act leaflets

    I am not aware of any of the politically correct new legislation brought in by the SNP having any impact on the Billy Boys or the Green Brigade belting out their sectarian songs on every visit to RP. Only the delusional SNP think they can just legislate away this cultural problem. Even UEFA fining the clubs very heavily does not seem to really have any effect. It's a rare little reliable money spinner for them.
  18. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act leaflets

    Why should offensive behaviour be more offensive if it is at a football match? Surely if it is offensive, it is offensive. Why make a special case of football supporters?
  19. Fancy that!

    I watched the Rosco keeper spill the ball more than once (certainly on Saturday) and loose a goal, on Saturday the Thistle keeper spilled the ball twice and lost a goal both times. I saw Gordon spill the Ball at Easter Road and very nearly loose Ceptic the game over it. Can't think on many goals we have lost through Jamie spilling it, he tends to push it well away if he cant hold it.
  20. Ross county

    The cup game vs Calley Thistle was my one and only visit to The Tulloch Stadium and one of my few ever trips with the supporters bus. My memory of the return trip is stopping in a freezing dark snowbound Avimore for 20 minutes outside an off licence, loading up for the thirsty journey south.
  21. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    Following the Union of the Crowns The Covenanters engaged in a bloody struggle with the English crown for religious and political freedom.The subsequent parliamentary union between Scotland and England and the Principality of Wales has always inspired "fierce" debate. In the early 1700s the Highlanders felt they had been sold out by the Lowlanders and there was considerable bloodshed. In 1745 it erupted into full scale civil war with parts of Scotland under the command of the English crown fighting against other parts of Scotland lead by the Stewart King (originally from England) from exile. The rebellion was brutally put down by the English crown leaving a bad feeling for centuries to come. It only really faded following 2 world wars during which the Scots had to align themselves totally with the rest of the UK to avoid becoming part of the Third Reich super state. In my view the UK consensus, only fully established after The Wars, was destroyed by Hilda and her political ambition and the SNP filled the vacuum she created. The SNP are not bad but the enterprise in which they are involved is divisive and has been murderously divisive in the past. The really have to proceed with extreme care in order to avoid it returning to that state. Just how I see it.
  22. I predict the boys for this job will be Stevie Clarke's Unbstabable Army. Steve is The Man. You heard it hear first.
  23. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    I agree with that statement 100%. My problem was that having a referendum just emboldened said arseholes.
  24. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    Him and me both. I object to having political decisions made about life in Scotland by people who have only ever heard of it in films and books. But I'm not in favour of stirring up old arguments and picking at scars that have had 300 years to heal but some seem to think this is a good idea. People have had their patriotism questioned by others not fit to lick their boots.
  25. Ross county

    The arctic air is forecast to continue for the week. Not looking too optimistic.

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