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  1. Scotland

    Is that it? Just another clueless, gutless 90 minutes, or as we all know it another Scotland performance. Somebody has to tell the powers that be that the football supporting population of Scotland as just not going to turn out for this.
  2. The "Power Grab"

    It just gets sillier ànd sillier every single day.
  3. The "Power Grab"

    With the UK government beginning to lose patience with Hollyrood's insistence that "devolution means devolution" could it be that the United Kingdom has become just too integrated into and evolved with the EU over 40 years to simply withdraw as a unit? Considering the Irish Border issues the Devolved Powers issues and not forgetting some major issues with Gibraltar land border too, could Brexit be the catalyst for the final break-up of the United Kingdom? I see this devolved powers issue turning into the slender edge of the wedge that leads to indyref2. I can see Theresa and chums taking some Scots Tories with her but a very substantial majority of the population of Gods own Country have come to quite like having a parliament of their own. Also Westminster's attempt to sell the fishing communities of the North East down the river to get a financial services deal may well win back some of those SNP seats lost at the last election.
  4. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    I'd rather lapsed fans came back and new fans came along because they were excited by what the future might hold, not because of some guilt trip someone had unloaded on them. I want people to feel they are really missing out on something if they don't get involved.
  5. Perils of Relegation

    I never at any time thought or even suggested that relegation could be a +ve thing. As you say, look at how well the Arabs are doing. How long did it take Hibs to recover? St Midden had almost dropped out of the Championship before they managed to turn around and Dunfermline almost went bust.
  6. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    His family live down south. They can't afford his wages. If he wins a cup they can't take an open top bus through the city because of the trouble it would cause. Just some random ones that sprung into my mind.
  7. Trump latest

    Trump likes to put clear blue water between himself and the culture of the "Western Ruling Elite". As I said, I haven't quite worked out whether it's just his gimmick by which he appeals to his redneck core support or Vald has the negatives.
  8. Ann budge on sportsound

    Indeed. It may be something to do with the influence Historic Scotland and the like have over the planning process.to do
  9. I have not noticed this happening at all recently...... Oh wait................
  10. Ann budge on sportsound

    Neilson was working out OK for them but I thought she had too much faith in Craig Levein. He has found a fair few ways to piss money away. The invested too much in Cathro on Levein's say so, the Stevie Naismith experiment has not set the heather on fire. I'm surprised she has let the stadium thing get so out of control though.
  11. That was the point of the OP.
  12. Action against Russia

    Proof, if any were needed, that you don't need even an above population mean IQ to hold high office in the UK. All you need is to have gone to the right, eye wateringly expensive school. I have only skipped over the Labour guy because I have never heard of him but I am sure he could give Boris a run for his money in a race to the bottom.
  13. Back when AJ was manager the wee guy right in front of me was having an orgasm when Ceptic scored. When I mentioned I found this a bit unpalatable as the ball boy was an employee of the club I was told to grow up and get over it as it was just a wee boy.
  14. Boyd

    Apologies, fixed it now.
  15. Boyd

    I agree. My mates young grandson has started coming along to games so I know what an icon for the club Kris Boyd is to prospective new fans. If you bring wee boys to things like the Open Day, Chis Boyd is the guy they are coming to see. As you also say it would not happen now. And he I playing 100% better now also. Could these things be linked in some way?
  16. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    So you also think we are going to overhaul Ceptic this tem?
  17. Individually Scots can be just as tribal (the trendy curse word now is "racist") as any homo sapiens are from any other part of the globe. What a shocker, eh? Who would have thunk it? In my experience, the less "educated" a person is the less well practiced they are in keeping their tribal instincts out of public view. And let's face it, Labour has a shed load of less "educated" representatives. By spooky contrast Wee Roofie is so well "educated" that she has trouble coming across as "conservative" at all.
  18. Action against Russia

    Goodwin's Law. Spooky isn't it?
  19. Manager of Month March

    Gave everybody an 8 game start and with zero budget but a few personal contacts has run them all down bar four. The gap between our budget and the Sheep is considerable, between us and Sevco is eye-watering. (TBF even Sevco's budget is dwarfed by Brenda's) And it aint over yet. SC has made Scottish football interesting again.
  20. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    A question that never seems to trouble the likes of Wullie or Chick. P.S. sorry for the grammatical edit, it just does ma heid in.
  21. Boyd

    Managers all over the UK would sell their grannie for a striker with the predatory instinct that put Boydie in front of the Rangers goal when their keeper parried Mulumbu's shot.
  22. US Politics Thread

    The last I heard at the start of the year was The Donald's UK visit had been provisionally pencilled in for February. Now nearly the end of March, all gone awfae quiet.
  23. Facebook Data Scandal

    That's the thing about computers, if you do not physically destroy all the meeja some spotty geek without a girlfriend from Latvia or Belarus or some godforsaken place will be able to recover it even if it has been formally "deleted". And once your info is released on the web the number of meeja devices where your info is stored multiples exponentially out of control.
  24. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    He has a squad of players who look up to him and admire him. If he moved he could inherit a squad of majorly under achieving prima-donnas. He has a good mixture of experienced players who have played at the highest level and young, ambitious guys. He could inherit a squad of young inexperienced players and old cynical guys. He is working at a club that is well run in terms of its finances. He could inherit a club with major financial instability and find his decisions are being forced on him by external factors. He has a load of credit with the fan-base right now and they would probably have some patience if he hits a bumpy spell. He could have to hit the ground running with fans baying for blood if he does not get a win in his first 3 games elsewhere. The only down side as I see it is the lwo attendances at RP on a Saturday but hopefully that will resolve itself with time. SC is god.
  25. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Folks wanted a public statement and now they have got one from BB. As I predicted it makes not a bit of difference to the meeja bollox. Now they want SC himself to do something. Even if he did, again I say it would make not a jot of difference to meeja "pundits". All I can say is they predicted with 100% certainty that McInnes would be Rankers manager by Christmas. It's what they do.

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