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  1. Season tickets

    None of these clubs actively dissuade a portion of their ST holders from attending OF games though, or make the cost of doing so quite high in comparison. If they’d added £100 to the family ticket cost and included the games no one could complain and I doubt they’d have sold any less that would’ve cost them money or been noticeable anyway. It is what it is though so reckon I’ll get the adult tix with free kids bolted on so I’m not stuck in the Moffat with empty crisp packets for company!
  2. Season tickets

    Since there’s been no innovative thinking on the ST launch other than re-opening the Moffat and making family season tickets holders rattle about in there (think approx 800 sold last season) in a stand holding 4,000 seats - I’ll hazard a guess the OF ticket option for these second class ST holders will be £55 a game x 3-4 fixtures as it’s been in recent years. So roughly £600 to watch all the games from behind the goals if you buy early and we get a post split OF fixture. Totally underwhelmed at the time it’s taken to come up with this revolutionary new scheme :-(
  3. Alloa 2-1 Ayr

    4th v Dumbarton, 2nd v 3rd, home and away, winners then play home and away
  4. Let's be realistic

    There’s a reason the bookies had us a 750/1 shot......
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    There goes 4th?...... GOAL Hibernian 2-0 Celtic Slivka
  6. Jordan jones

    Biggest loss is the pace he brings.
  7. Aberdeen game

    We’ve struggled to maintain any grip on the game when the Dons press us high up the pitch. Brophy and Jones could be the answer to get them pushed further back and give us space to play in. Hope both fit and selected.
  8. New contracts

    Unfortunately not many Scottish transfer deals to England result in significant transfer fees. They seem to reserve the monopoly money for each other and overseas deals. Cardiff were linked last week with the ‘Well keeper Carson and “are expected to bid around £100k in the summer”. Hardly an exciting number for them to rebuild with. A big fee for one of our players is aspirational at best.
  9. Frizzell

    Get the feckers out then!!
  10. Second Place?

    “Jesus wept”. You’ll be accused of negativity by the happy clappers but I agree with you. Even overtaking Hibs is a stretch based on their form since Xmas.
  11. Have we ever

    And a ome of our posters want to sign him !!??!!
  12. World's greatest ever carpetfitter

    Na nanana na na....
  13. Second Place?

    I’d be more positive if we were in great form. We’ve been achieving great results but haven’t been great in recent weeks. The best sides in the league won’t be so forgiving. I’ll take scrappy wins any day though!
  14. St Midden

    They’ve done very well in a competitive division. Let’s see how they compete with the big boys though.
  15. Sevco

    I doubt he’s got the heart for it.......sorry!

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