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  1. Lifestyle Fitness

    There’s plenty of weights and weight machines on their website. Sauna and steam room might well disappear though
  2. Brora Prices

    Weakened home team? Wtf, there’s a cup QF at stake which we haven’t managed since Sheils was here. If you want to attract more fans and have best chance of progressing, you play your strongest team and try and pump the opposition. We’re not Arsenal!
  3. Brora Prices

    I haven’t checked but I assume the sheep fans are disgusted that their club isn’t charging our away fans much less than £26 for Saturday’s game cos we’re travelling a long way and are a smaller club by comparison. We don’t pay to watch the opposition at home games, and it will have no bearing on the crowd reducing it so I’m happy normal pricing should apply. If we get the Sheep in the quarters no-one will expect reduced entrance, so why for this game?
  4. Ipox mentality

    With their recent admission of financial mismanagement/theft from fraudsters, they might be desperate for some income?
  5. O'Neil turns down Scotland job - Clarke already been touted

    I’d think Ian McCall is the outstanding candidate and can spot a player very quickly............
  6. Brora Prices

    I concur!
  7. Brora Prices

    At £10 per adult I meant
  8. Brora Prices

    That’s a drop in revenue though compared to normal prices. Half gate as well as cup income split between clubs. We’d need to have a crowd of about 7,500 at least to match yesterday’s.
  9. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Excellent. QF beckons, and could be a decent draw again.
  10. Murty caught shagging Jones exclusive....
  11. Interview with Clarke and Boyd

    Superb. What a difference a few months makes!
  12. A few home truths delivered at training today perhaps?
  13. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Longest serving player currently? He scored an absolute belter at Dens a few seasons back by dribbling past half their team did he not? Just not nailed down a consistent level of performance or position. Best of luck to him, one of the good guys.
  14. VAR a shambles already?

    The whole point which most folk are missing about VAR is it’s there to correct clear and incorrect decisions. Even amongst the 12 previous replies there’s a difference in opinion about Willian’s penalty claim. So the ref is still the sole arbiter and it’s not a 100% clearly wrong decision. VAR has also been in place since start of the season in many other overseas leagues so the English involvement is a very very small proportion of the games overall it’s been applied in. To call it a shambles is a bold statement unless you have reviewed the accumulated evidence in total across the globe.
  15. Has anyone read/heard info on when Souley’s case is due to come before FIFA? This has dragged on a long time now with nothing happening, no?

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