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  1. The problem wasn’t just the results but the manner of the performances and that is what SC has changed more than anything! Hope he can watch and learn and how an experienced manager can improve his group of players
  2. Would rather these games are used to try out untested players, our experience of the last few weeks shows how different coaches can get different results from individuals
  3. Next Manager Thread

    Jimmy Mac and Gary Holt
  4. Jim McInyre. - fired

    Let's hope the appoint Houston then
  5. Jordan Jones International Call Up

    Would be interesting to count the amount of ni caps earned by our players since the last time we had a full Scottish internationalist
  6. Jim McInyre. - fired

    Like the thought of jimmy mac and holty if jig can't doesn't get three points on Saturday
  7. Whats everyones starting 11.....

    I'd just swap Broadfoot for Scott Boyd
  8. 15 mins into the new season...

    Would like to see a partnership of Greer with Scott Boyd being given a go
  9. Same Headline - Different Day

    Something that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is the position of Peter Leven. Would he be part of the new management structure either with McCullouch or without. If we went with a rookie manager wouldn't it be better to have someone more experienced?
  10. January transfer 2017 (in/out)

    Even Dermot on the NTAs is linking players to us lol
  11. Average attendances

    Maybe take into consideration the celtic attendance was well up on previous visits and maybe then get a more accurate representation
  12. Celtic thread

    What!!! The killie of the last few seasons would have lost all confidence and conceeded four or five. There are a lot of positives and the young boys would have learned a lot, maybe should have played Tyson from the start and got sully on sooner but well done boys!
  13. Your pies are Mince

    Sorry but it is the whole package, not just a pie but the catering: the food and beverage selection, value for money, customer service in the kiosks etc... all of which contributes to the match day experience
  14. Players Leaving

    Understanding the emotion but who is leaving has probably a lot to do with who has been lined up to come in so far, there may be even more on the cards....
  15. Josh

    I think Josh was outstanding today, should have been subbed a bit sooner tho to help his summer. He WILL be at the euros, is one on NIs most rated players due to his passion and workrate. Will be a joy to have a team to back and a killie player in France

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