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  1. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Given our form, shame it's at home!!!
  2. Flo Bojaj

    Hersham Boys, Hersham Boys
  3. Clarke Transfer January list

    OK I'll go first. Does he have a Stewarton connection?
  4. Retired

    Who Stevie Smith?
  5. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Scum at ToP please
  6. Jordan Jones

    He's indestructible
  7. Kris Boyd on sportsound

    Boydie put 5 past United when McC was managing them. Ha ha ha. He's no that keen on Kiilie.
  8. Graham Spies interview with Steve Clarke

    Agree. When you consider how cack we've been, it's amazing that we're still in the top league.
  9. Days Like These

    Great post Baz. Nail head etc. Only one point of disagreement. SC is a miracle worker!!!!
  10. Hearts Match Thread

    Brilliant Killie. Keep it going. Fantastic to hear 'Biscuits' crumbling on Sportsound. Hilarious.
  11. Killie vs Hibs - Big Flag

    No not this one. I'm no that ditit, wait ..... 'what's that nurse? My medication. I forgot to take it. Sorry' Yes I meant the Eurofog one. It was a cracker!!!! So, Rodent Botherer you have an inkling as to its fate?

    That's Hibs isn't it. Well grassy slope at least.

    Looks rough after a long night at the shagging allegedly.
  14. Absolutely brilliant result.
  15. Killie vs Hibs - Big Flag

    Remember we all chipped in for a big flag. Can somebody recall what its fate was?

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