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  1. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Big Eck. We'll need eccies. Fair play to him taking it and leaving SSC with the mighty.
  2. Happy Valentine's Day

    Roses and red Violets are blue Sir Stevie's one of us And the SFA can do one
  3. Neil Mccann

    McGowan if he stays out the jail long enough would be a decent signing.
  4. Clarke v Brendan

    If Lawell and whoever is left at the SFA (cockwomble?) are reading this...Steve Clarke hasn’t got what it takes to manage either shellic or shcotland. Best leave him where he is.
  5. Dundee match thread

    Over a half a century of following Killie and that game is up there with the very best. Outstanding. What a manager we've got. Hope he wants to see how far he can take us. f**k the SFA.
  6. Dundee @ RP

    That's no way to talk about his missus.
  7. Sod for scotland

    Paterson has played RB for Scotland. Looked quite ordinary when I saw him. On TV for Cardiff looks excellent though. Mind you that's the telly which can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, e.g. Carol Vorderman.
  8. Tony Watt

    Saw him at Charlton last season. Scored a goal but was honkin.
  9. Aaron Tshibola

    What the f**k does that mean? Are you Trump? Are you saying it didn't happen? Are you omniscient? The culprit should be identified and banned. Other forms of direct action are not necessarily excluded. Tshibola did just fine.
  10. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Obviously would have preferred to have bitch slapped Falkirk again or played the Ton. However, the sheep are definitely beatable. Dodgy defensively, not at the level they were and of course we are MAGNIFICENT.
  11. THE Iconic Killie Picture Thread!

    The best ever. Patronising the patronisers.
  12. Fat Ally

    Sally and Sally McNair........allegedly.
  13. Brora Fred

    That's mental. Mind you Chick Young was there, that might explain it.

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