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  1. Dundee thread

    Hmmm. I think you might be telescoping events. The abuse was directed at MJ and him alone for quite a wee while. There was a song sung at away games mostly that drew a neat distinction between the AJ and MJ. Plenty of folk on here will remember how it went. My memory isn't up to the task. Pretty abusive to the snake. AJ was well liked as a player had a decent record at QOS and most fans accepted him well enough. SC was a different matter.
  2. Alan Power

    That 'cameo' at Scumerset was enough to reveal his limitations. Was he ever watched prior to being recruited? An utterly baffling signing and a waste of a decent wage.
  3. Stevie Smith - whats the point?

    See other much derided post - a Hun dud
  4. Dons Fred

    No Hun duds in the team today. We get a point. Coincidence?
  5. King Kenny Speaks!

    It should also be remembered that at some point Kenny ditched the pass out from the back and pass pass pass and 'went direct'. The result was unentertaining guff reminiscent of JJ's darker days and in retrospect Lockeh. I better not mention some of fat Bobs entertaining swashbuckling total fitba.
  6. Line up face Aberdeen

    No Broadfud pleeeeze
  7. Line up face Aberdeen

    Wilson in midfield defo
  8. Line up face Aberdeen

    Selection looks good. Not sure about the 4 4 2 though.
  9. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Hun duds f**k off
  10. Bet you're not Peter.
  11. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Dud Huns f**k Off
  12. A response from Sandy Armour please

    Don't like the ad hominem of the OP. Like it's Sandy's fault and responsibility that no knight in shining armour (no pun intended) has swept in with mega-bucks.
  13. Ladies in stockings

    Spot on
  14. High Hopes FADING

  15. Keepers

    Not going to slate you bro but Power is utter toalies. Fat toalies in fact.

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