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  1. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Flying with his doos.
  2. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    I liked the perseverance of the woman with the umbrella watching from the freeview terracing. Finally gave up when the rain got too heavy.
  3. Ten Song Game

    5. Ice cream for crow - Captain Beefheart
  4. Ten Song Game

    2. Tutti Frutti - Little Richard (The Majestics)
  5. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    If I won £160m on the lottery I would be embarrassed to have my name on that stand.
  6. U20's V St Mirren

    2-0 down, they haven't improved any under Millen.
  7. Ten Song Game

    9. Praise you - Fatboy slim.
  8. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Seems a strange quote. Weather was dull but mild before the game and didn't start raining until around half-time. Can't imagine the weather put off any of our support from attending yesterday.
  9. WTF !

    Walked back to Central station, completely soaked, caught the 17:30 A*r train, back in the house by 18:10.
  10. Thistle Away 7th April

    If they were playing Celtic, but they're not they're playing Ross County away today.
  11. Thistle Away 7th April

    I'm struggling with the massive favourites tag today, following Killie over the years I'm used to us being underdogs.
  12. Pie stalls

    WD ? I can understand that WD40 might give it more flavour though.
  13. Pie stalls

    It wasn't at half-time it was before the game yesterday. There's no way that steak pie could have been described as superb.Maybe you buy their mince pie, but it was steak or steak, or in reality, slop or slop.
  14. Pie stalls

    Here's an easier solution, get Brownings back asap.
  15. Not watering the pitch

    Mulumbu can do that but youth players with a fraction of his skill can't, thus they need a better surface than the one they tried to play on yesterday.

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