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  1. NextWeek

    Who is out there that would want to manage us ? Another ex-Jambo, Pressley, the unlovable Paul Hartley, Yogi Hughes ? Or go for more inexperience with Gary Holt, with the experienced Gus as his assistant ?
  2. How much could we get for Jones?

    His biggest problem is that he doesn't look up, so isn't aware of where his teammates are.
  3. Dundee thread

    It's all about opinions, Jackson Irvine did look a decent player in midfield but was rarely played there. Johnston suffered the worst abuse I've seen a Kilmarnock manager get at Tynecastle when we lost 5-0, yet we beat St. Mirren and Hibs to stay up. His appearance at the AGM to explain his tactics was woeful, but MJ was probably happy it took the heat off him. Then there was Sandy Clark who didn't help Johnston's case one bit. Johnston was doomed after the pathetic no-show in the televised 3-0 game against Sevco and at the time I wanted him out. The sides in the Championship don't appear to be as strong as before without a Hibs or Sevco, and Falkirk who normally challenge are struggling at the bottom end. Good luck to AJ he seems to do well in that division.
  4. Dundee thread

    Meanwhile.................Alan Johnston's Dunfermline are top of the Championship. Which is where we're headed unless Jigment the figment of my imagination gets a grip.
  5. Dundee thread

    Best wingers in the league ? He might be if his decision making wasn't so poor and he could actually put in a decent corner. First half wasn't great but at least we were creating, and missing chances. Too many mighty midgets in midfield, and Frizzell and Hawkshaw are too similar. Apart from Erwin there is nobody in that team that can shoot or even look like they can shoot. Second half was big punt after big punt, any goal threat was only at a set piece. What the hell were those free kicks in the first half, did they actually work on them ? We are stuck with that plastic carpet so water it thoroughly next week, or else. Why are we building a hospitality area, there was maybe ten people there today ? Or maybe it's an ark. Rant over.
  6. How much could we get for Jones?

    On today's showing, not very much. Very poor decisions on when to shoot and when to pass, scoring that deflected goal last week maybe made him think he can shoot.
  7. Frank de Boer

    He should have taken them to watch Atalanta train. Atalanta humiliated them and played some great football. They had a front man that held the ball up and sprayed passes to his fellow forwards, a midfield that was constantly moving to pass and receive the ball, and a defence that stopped any Everton threat. In saying that I think De Boer made the same mistake Spurs made when they got the money for Bale and blew it on some bang ordinary players, apart from Christian Eriksen.
  8. LBGTI fans

    A person's sexuality shouldn't affect them playing or watching football, it is a personal matter. Their politics and religion are personal matters too but the SFA and SPFL have both failed abysmally in stopping religious and political chants,songs, and banners, in Scottish football grounds. It is too much to hope that our football authorities belatedly realise that we are now in the 21st century ?
  9. League Cup

    They've got a lot of things right on and off the field. Pitch is vastly improved, 'Well Society has caught on with supporters, and the manager appears to have built a decent side. Will be a handful for Sevco in the semi-final. I wouldn't right off McCulloch just yet, however.

    There's no dubiety about ”white army” because it's the colour of their strip, just as we use ”blue and white army”. To me their is dubiety about insults using black and darkie towards Ayr and their supporters so I steer clear. It would be hard to justify their use if Ayr had any black players or supporters.
  11. League Cup

    Lewis has been a stand-out for the Dons and received rave reviews for his display in last week's 0-0 draw against Hearts at Murrayfield. "He has been almost flawless since he signed," McInnes told the club website. I thought at the time that remark would come back to bite McInnes on the bum.

    Think you would struggle explaining that one away, or calling them darkies. As the Who sang, ”I know what mean but, can't explain”.
  13. Identity

    Bit of a white elephant as far as football is concerned. Stabaek played there, then there was a fallout about use of the stadium affecting arrangements for concerts, now they are back at their old ground.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-41347487

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