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  1. Other Kits 2018/19

    Someone tell ayr they don't need to keep doing the painted on strip as some sort of recognisation 'thing'. Don't they know they've already got yoyoing between pub leagues and never winning anything.
  2. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Hang on, do we thank MJ for Clarke since he would have had a say in bringing in Clark who then got us Clarke? Logic. How far can we go back?
  3. Taylor

    Delighted with that, genuinely surprised there's not been much interest from other clubs such a solid player week in week out
  4. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    And then you realise the manager before was Gary Locke and it's not any sort of achievement in the slightest
  5. Burnley

    They won their very first game of the season against chelski...? Burnley
  6. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    I want to see an apostrophe... 2 to be precise
  7. Pass, pass, pass, pass

    Sterling would have got the ball before it went out of play, and it was a blatant foul
  8. WTF !

    Well that was uncalled for
  9. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Absolutely incredible effort from the club. How many years was it we couldn't even manage 2 wins in a row nevermind 5
  10. Dion Dublin - naw we arenae signing him

    2nd biggest? How rude
  11. Still Moaning About JJ

    That's hilarious, he put the game in danger of actually becoming entertaining when he came on. Had the accies defence on toast every single time. You can't blame him for end product when he beats 3 men then passes to Erwin in acres of space who procedes to take a touch that ends 5 yards away.
  12. Accies home, Fred

    He could try being in the same vicinity as erwin. Apparently that was worth a freekick today
  13. Accies home, Fred

    I don't think dicker needs anyone to stick up for him against a daft wee ned scott brown wannabe
  14. Jordan Jones

    If you think about it, aston villa paid £5m for tshibola, so it's not really all that mental at all. Jones is a far more influential player than him. That said I think £1.5m, would be a fair going rate
  15. Billy Bowie Daily Record


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