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  1. Points off of last season

    SSC has led us to 1.5 its per league game since he came in (not counting Thistle game). If he continues that, we'll finish on 53 points. Since this is a scientifically mathematical fact, the things to consider are: Will Hearts get 16 pts or more from their remaining 12 games, and will Hibs get 9 points or more from their 12? Answers on a postcard, show your workings.
  2. Motherwell

    I'll be in Glasgow but unable to go! It's selfish of kids to have stuff arranged for Saturday afternoons
  3. Lee Erwin

    Believe it or not, I think John Brown is involved in assisting Murty
  4. Tony Watt

    Nope, been dining out on that goal against Barca about a million years ago. s**te attitude by all accounts, with one of his previous managers being quite open about it IIRC. Next!
  5. Dundee @ RP

    JMac SOD KB GG GT Dicker Tish Kilts McK TheWolf Boydy Rory dropping in when necessary. Brophy with almost a free role. Burke to replace Kiltie when he gets inevitably knackered after so long out. Frizz on for Rory when we're 2 nil up and needing to shore up the midfield.
  6. BB in The Times

    Thanks @skygod be in the cup final and top four next season! His boldest claim yet, and in my life time probably the boldest I’ve ever heard from a killie owner!
  7. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    cant believe I've never thought of this. Sterling idea Sir On topic, that piece is great. I am probably not venturing down tomorrow. But kinda sad I'll miss it, well done Brora, I hope they enjoy their day....to a point.
  8. Steve Clarke Article

    You are correct with this bit, obviously.
  9. Steve Clarke Article

    Bit harsh. A decent wee summary of the situation, yes, there are some areas of improvement required. Keep it up @Hambino practice makes perfect.
  10. Mulumbu

    Oh Dear Lord.
  11. MJ still has 40%...................... INCOMING!!!!!
  12. Scott Brown

    Mulumbu's turn passed him in the dying stages was delightful, but did anyone else notice Dicker megging him after about 70 odd minutes? My recording of the game didnt work, so I couldn't rewind to enjoy it again (and again)
  13. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    I thought the Wattie stuff was about him replacing regal as opposed to replacing Strachan. The gossip pages are full of SSC for Scotland. Worrying
  14. Boyd

    I was very critical of his media persona. But I said I could partially see passed it if he proved he was working hard for us on the pitch. He’s done that. But what’s important for me is that he has dialled down the rangers thing since SSC came in. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t buy the s*n or the daylate ranger but I hear aportsound every day and there’s been less and less of it from him. two examples, scoring and enjoying scoring two against them at RP and his very critical comments about them and their conduct in the transfer market. He’s gone some way to eradicate that horrible notion I had that he genuinely cared more about rangers and him being seen to be one of them than what he was been paid to do for us.
  15. I preferred it when Templeton didnt get passed the swear filter

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