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  1. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Did Hartlepool actually go belly up, they were kiting it recently I heard....
  2. Dizzy heights.

    And possibly a wee call up or two.....?
  3. Training facilities

    Why not the old Safeway site, a nice wee walk from the Shrine of Football....
  4. Clarke v Brendan

    Please don't put ideas in peoples heads folks........there's enough clamouring for SC to take the Scotland job as it is.............
  5. Dundee match thread

    Boydie will have realised the quality of the build up to his goal, quite superb, especially from Lee Erwin, superb finish from Boydie, he didn't have to break stride before burying it!!! Brilliant!!!
  6. Kris Boyd has 122 goals...

    That was a magnificent move topped by a magnificent finish!! Brilliant goal!! Top marks Erwin and Boydie!!!
  7. Dundee match thread

    And Greer....
  8. Safe Standing at Rugby Park

  9. Mulumbu

    He limped until subbed.....
  10. Hun/Fenian

    This is an abysmal thread for a Killie forum page, embarrassing! We should leave the bigotry to the erse cheeks and should be above even thinking this way, let alone be discussing on a Killie forum. This thread can close any time......
  11. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Ahem.....is this errr, perhaps an issue the SLO should be addressing......maybe.....??
  12. Brora Fred

    Aye they did....
  13. Birthdays v Brora

    This. All going well at FT please.....
  14. Line up face Brora Rangers

    Also a good shout fella.....
  15. Line up face Brora Rangers

    Yup, agreed. In fact, throw them both at BR for the 90....

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