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  1. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Brilliant videos! Make no mistake, Rugby Park is clearly an asset when it comes to attracting someone of this calibre, why anyone would want to ditch it is beyond me! This has to be capitalised on, is it worth another open meeting of all fans, well publicised to strike while the irons hot? Well done BB and JK!!
  2. Thistle game turn out

    Good few on 1100 train now!
  3. Best 11 for Partick game

    How can anyone advocate Frizzell having a starting place, he has been lost in recent games, especially against Ross County.....Hawkshaw has been way better since he came back in....
  4. Sell Rugby Park

    Absolutely spot on, RP must stay! It's a major part of the fabric and importantly, the proud history of this great club.
  5. You are the new manager who would you keep!

    Agree totally, minus Samizadeh and Jamie Mac.....
  6. The Board

    Spot on Jedi, well done JK, BB and board for being decisive. They do however need to get the next appointment right........and good on LM if he jumped, kinda confirms some of our suspicions about his apparent reluctance to take the job in the first place.....
  7. Training

    The team was way fitter under Clark, and driven way harder from the touchline during games.......unlike 'Gary dressed as Lee'!
  8. Next Manager Thread

    Hopefully this all becomes massively relevant, very soon. Whoever suggested getting someone like Craig Brown involved in the actual recruitment process has hit the nail on the head, we need someone who can see through the pi5h talk and identify a tactically astute manager who (as was also previously stated) isn't all palsy walsy with the players and can get them all fit again, which they ain't right now. I would take Lee Clark back in a heartbeat with Holt or Fowler as number 2. At least you'd get some passion on the touchline and someone who CAN coach the players through the game and make changes on the hoof as needed. Unlike the current incumbent. Doubt he would come back so it's got to be someone like Houston, Jeffries, Shiels, Davies with GH / JF for me..... Hopefully soon!
  9. Rossco thread

    Frizzell should be no where near the starting 11 after last week....
  10. LBGTI fans

    Spot on friend, interfering PC do-gooders are far to prominent in today's society. Get them tae feck! It's time some of them went and got themselves a proper job and added some value to our communities and country......
  11. Home to Hibs 21st October postponed

    therefore 5 successive away games.....not a bad thing given our current home 'form'.... 14 Oct - Scottish Premiership Partick Thistle vs Kilmarnock 21 Oct - Scottish Premiership Kilmarnock vs Hibernian (P) 25 Oct - Scottish Premiership Rangers vs Kilmarnock 28 Oct - Scottish Premiership Celtic vs Kilmarnock 5 Nov - Scottish Premiership Hearts vs Kilmarnock 18 Nov - Scottish Premiership Dundee vs Kilmarnock
  12. Penalties

    Absolutely spot on, I'd take LC back in a heartbeat!! He'd have this lot winning games.....
  13. Stuart Findlay

  14. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    Just watched the highlights, 2nd goal looks worse than at the game yesterday, WTF are Frizzel and Broadfoot doing!! These two are the weak links in this line up, no doubt........ Hurry back Gary Dicker!
  15. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred


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