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  1. Thistle home Fred

    Boydie superb today, his flick late on to set up JJ was superb! Shame JJ ballooned it!!
  2. Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

    Great cheers. Aye, not a happy bunny.....
  3. Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

    Is the post match interview video with SC available somewhere? I can only see the quotes on the club website.......or was it on Sky?
  4. TIK Are you In?

    Disgraceful statement......FFS guys, can we not just respect what each other wants (or has the means) to do. It's an individuals own choice.
  5. Sportsound

    FFS, sorry to be the spellin polis, but it’s: LOUDOUN Copy....?? ✌️
  6. Dundee ticket details confirmed............

    Aye.......jewel......more water in yer haufs fae noo oan Barry old chap.....
  7. Club v country

    Absolutely spot on fella!
  8. Club v country

    Agree with some of this, but not the bit about pre-qualifications for supposed small countries..........that's what the TV companies etc want, bin the small countries and get max interest and revenue out of Germany, Italy, France etc.....we (Scotland) would never see a finals by your logic.....or get any supposed glamour quali ties against the likes of Germany etc..... The overall move to squeeze out small countries would be like the shameful situation where most countries rarely get a look in in the champions league, having up to 5 clubs from some bigger countries is abysmal, there'll never be a team from a smaller country winning that ever again...... This mindset is what is leading to the elitist view that the lower leagues here should be regionalised, no one should be on Alan Prestons pathetic bandwagon on this, there should be two leagues with 16 & 24, or 18 & 22 or whatever. Give smaller teams a chance and also their talent pool.....give the sport back to the fans....
  9. Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    Yup, much improved thanks! Trouble is, I could hear more walking past the hotel on the way in than I (or anyone near me) could hear in the FB at the Chadwick end.....speakers must be gubbed.....cheers
  10. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    100% spot on!! Those who are slaughtering people for coming back need to think a bit before typing. It ain't about you folks!! It's like you want all the credit because you never stopped going to RP!! Come on guys, this is about getting more people in, not about puffing yer chest out self righteously!!!
  11. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    If you don't mind, can we encourage those who are coming back to the games, rather than crucify them please.......FFS!!
  12. Line up team face Celtic

    Riverplate thats a disgraceful comment......
  13. How many managers........

    Well they’ve only had 4 so that’s hardly a big deal....
  14. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Brilliant videos! Make no mistake, Rugby Park is clearly an asset when it comes to attracting someone of this calibre, why anyone would want to ditch it is beyond me! This has to be capitalised on, is it worth another open meeting of all fans, well publicised to strike while the irons hot? Well done BB and JK!!
  15. Thistle game turn out

    Good few on 1100 train now!

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