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  1. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    It's on yesterday's Sportsound podcast, so I'd guess that yeah it's available online. Honestly couldn't believe my ears when I heard him saying that.
  2. Next season

    Keep saying it all you like, it's not going to happen. If he's not good enough for Lee Clark then he sure as hell isn't going to be good enough for Steve Clarke.
  3. Pressure on Aberdeen

    Generally agree with this apart from the part in the bold. 08-09 League Cup when we won 4-2, Sammon was unplayable that night
  4. Rory McKenzie

    Do you really think that SSC actually knows who Stevie Smith is? He got injured in the Aberdeen (?) game and hasn't been seen or heard of since.
  5. Abuse Directed at Steven Naismith

    Anyone know if Abercrombie's paid his monies to the Trust yet after the Open Day game a few years ago? Absolute prick of a boy
  6. Killie 2 Hibs 2 24/02/18

    The poll wont let me choose but for me Greg Taylor was outstanding.
  7. Summer football

    Living in Australia where evening matches are pretty much the norm, personally I love it. Can't beat a Friday/Saturday night out at the Footy/AFL/Cricket after a hard week at work.
  8. PMQs

  9. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Could also offer say, a 3 game or 5 game ticket. This would be suitable for fans who maybe work Saturdays so can only go midweek etc. Such tickets are very popular here in Australia.
  10. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    All if's and but's but if we beat Hibs on Saturday and win our 2 games in hand then we're only 3 points behind them. However if we loose Saturday then I'd agree I don't see us finishing 4th.
  11. Sir John Orr

    R.I.P. Sir John. Condolences to all his family
  12. Kris Boyd has 127 goals...

    Yeah, I'm an idiot.
  13. Kris Boyd has 127 goals...

    He's only 15 short of 4th. He has 9 in his last 10 games, which is an average of 1.11 goals a game. There's 14 games left. Going by his current form, he should get 12.61 goals for the rest of the season (lets call at 13 for talking sake.) That would take him to 135 in total, only 2 short of 4th. Then he only needs 25 for all of next season and he can retire a Killie legend.
  14. Kris Boyd has 127 goals...

    Yeah I know it's all if's and but's but if Boydy keeps up his recent form there's absolutely no reason he can't reach 4th by the end of this season. And then depending on how often he plays next season he could easily be top by the time his new contract runs out.
  15. Clarke v Brendan

    Clarke's the better manager by far. If you were to give SSC & Brendan, let's say 100 million, and told them both to go out and build a team from scratch, there's only one of them would ever be winning the league, and it sure as hell ain't going to be Brendan.

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