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  1. Oh dear...

    Hope they don't treat the ball like a hot tattie!
  2. King Kenny Speaks!

  3. A response from Sandy Armour please

    What a riddy
  4. Stars of '97 TIK Draw

    Paninaro oh oh oh
  5. Legacy

    Dear oh dear same s**te from the same posters
  6. sellick (h) fred 19/08

    Hid behind a ball-boy
  7. sellick (h) fred 19/08

    Wilson should be moved into midfield man mark Rogic he's pulling the strings as usual
  8. sellick (h) fred 19/08

    Frizzel should be nowhere near the first team bad management as usual
  9. Referee Stephe Finnie

    The poor refereeing deflects the fact that our manager is clueless
  10. Mathias Pogba

    Jack Jarvis?
  11. Kris Boyd on Sky

  12. Hurlford Juniors

    Junior football is for knuckledraggers and wee neds no thanks
  13. Bonnyton Thistle

    Thanks for the reports KTID
  14. Cammy Bell

    Welcome back Cammy you must feel right at home with all the ex- Huns we have signed

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