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  1. Aaron Tshibola

    Where did this Happen was it west or east?
  2. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    I blame MJ
  3. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Now now no need to get personal
  4. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

  5. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Keep up with what? That was Bullits last post old age catching up with you
  6. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Wow 1 wonder goal in 7 seasons
  7. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    A young Naisy? Seriously
  8. Hope Kenny shiels gets the gig
  9. Anthony Stokes

    IRA loving scumbag
  10. Do you run any football teams?

    Wait till they get to 13/14 you might change your mind
  11. Total faith in SSC

    How many of these idiots criticising SC were actually at the game yesterday
  12. Clarke going nowhere

    Maybe if he kept his mouth shut he could have gone on to be a legend,but we’ll never know.Dont hear many people saying Bobby Williamson is a legend,he won a cup no?
  13. Clarke going nowhere

    No contest Clarke all day long Shiels is a clown

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