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  1. Away fans make a difference..

    Paninaro oh- oh-oh
  2. Club v country

    Stopped going to Scotland games when the tartan army reared it’s ugly head
  3. Monty interview - questions neededWe

    Do you know the words to Paninaro
  4. Today's Sun - Kris Boyd.

    And Lee walked away with a years wage
  5. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    Great to hear many fans going back for this one but there will always be rats on this forum hoping we fail they know who they are
  6. BT Sport

    It’s because it’s the best pint in the toon
  7. Kris Boyd on sportsound

    So dae ah
  8. I might watch Sportscene tonight

    Was Boyd’s goal celebration a get it up yous to the killie fans
  9. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Yawn boring c@nt
  10. Mind and take some subbuteo with you if you get bored
  11. Sell Rugby Park

  12. Sell Rugby Park

  13. And take your pals with you ....

    Oh Dear
  14. Banned.....?

    Your trolling right?

    Good for you

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