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  1. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Don't be shy its okay to start threads you know
  2. Training facilities

    Agreed it is much better having the players in the town for community initiatives etc. Hopefully the new facility will also create some additional jobs in the town.
  3. So many highs

    The best moments are yet to come
  4. Quarter Final Tickets

    We took more to Easter Road than Murrayfield. We get 2,000 tickets and will be doing well to sell that out.
  5. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

  6. Dundee @ RP

    Do we know if Power will be fit? If not I'd expect the same midfield three as Sat with Brophy starting in place of the suspended Jones and McDonald, Greer and Taylor also returning.
  7. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    What a surprise the ‘that’s us beat already’ brigade are out in force. Probably the same folk that deliberately missed last Saturday. To win a Scottish Cup you need to win ties like this. It’s a quarter final and it was always a strong possibility we would get a hard tie. We have a chance, we are due a result against them and what better time than the cup!
  8. Aaron Tshibola

    Professional job well done. Into the hat and onto Tuesday night. Hopefully Mulumbu will be ok after taking a wee knock. Tshibola looks like he will be a decent signing once he gets his match fitness up. Kiltie was good and will have a big part to play for the remaining games. Brophy was excellent when he came on. Bring on the next round!
  9. Retro Kits.

    I’d gladly pay for the hooped Umbro v necked top from the 80s with AT Mays as sponsor. Loved that top. Any chance of that one Al#?
  10. Matchdays

    The proposed Fanzone behind the Moffat will be the place for kids. Turn the Sports Bar into a proper Killie pub.
  11. Retro Kits.

    Agreed I'm sure they would be a good seller. Retro 65, 97, the 80's umbro AT Mays hooped top and the 80s red and white striped away shirt would be a fantastic selection. Defo something the club should be considering as a lot of other clubs do this. Worth dropping Scott McLymont a note on twitter he always replies.
  12. Matchdays

    Tennants is third world lager.
  13. Matchdays

    Agree with all of this. It is completely dated and has the coldest bogs known to mankind which more often than not reek of piss. The full place needs a makeover, investment in new (working TV's), better affordable beers, food options (at least Killie pies), gut out and replace the bogs and instead of it being a Sports Bar make it a Killie themed bar that shows sports. Killie memorabilia all over the place and get the full place gutted out. With a bit of investment, effort and creativity this place could work and make money. The old Killie club used to be rammed on match days.
  14. Mulumbu

    It is amazing how these ludicrous rumours start and how many people believe them. £400k a year is more than Strachan was on! Our recent previous managers were most likely on £75k to £100k a year.
  15. Motherwell Away 17th

    This game is massive but so is Dundee on Tuesday night. 3 points and we are level with Well and 2 games in hand. Means even a point at Fir Park would be a decent result. As others have said, win our next 2 games and Top 6 is ours to lose. Let's focus on Brora, then Dundee before we worry about Well.

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