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  1. Development game today

    What's the deal with entry to the Development game today vs Ross Co at RP? How much is it to get in?
  2. Next Manager Thread

    Dyer an excellent coach. Was assistant to Chris Powell at Charlton and Huddersfield
  3. Next Manager Thread

    This would be excellent news. A proper management team for the first time in years
  4. Neill Collins tells it like it is

    Neill is a great guy - very clued in. Real shame he never got a chance to play for us.
  5. Next Manager Thread

    Agree that it was Clarke's to turn down - my concern is that he has. I hope I'm wrong
  6. Next Manager Thread

    Would hazard a guess that Mixu is number 2 choice behind Clarke
  7. Next Manager Thread

    Heard similar to SH. Hoping not true.
  8. Next Manager Thread

    If so, the bookies haven't heard yet as he's still 22/1
  9. Next Manager Thread

    Aren't we just waiting on Clarke to accept or not?
  10. Next Manager Thread

    If Clarke is interested and within budget it would border gross negligence if we don't appoint him
  11. Next Manager Thread

    Inside info?
  12. Next Manager Thread

    He had 2 assistants at WBA (Kevin Keen - now coach at Crystal Palace and Keith Downing - now England U19 manager). Keen was also his assistant at Reading. I'm sure he has enough contacts in the game to find a very strong backroom team.
  13. Next Manager Thread

    If he gets the job (and I hope he does) I'd like him to appoint whoever he feels he would work best with as a number 2 with zero focus being put on whether than man has any Killie connections or not.
  14. Next Manager Thread

    Fantastic appointment if true

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