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  1. Neil Mccann

    That's my point. Despite the ref being their 12th man, he still wasn't happy. Like a spoiled wee wean throwing a tantrum....'I want more...................'.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Neil Mccann

    This. He spent so much time complaining to the fourth official he must have missed half of the game. Ranting and complaining about every decision that went against his team. Fully agree that he came over as an absolute bellend and I'm surprised he wasn't sent to the stand. I'm sure I saw SSC giving him a look that said 'gonny just shut up?.
  3. Retro Kits.

    Oxford blue one with the white fingers please.
  4. Home wins over Celtic

    The night Big D put them out of the Scottish Cup. Brilliant scenes. I took the first Mrs Gnu to that game and she couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Fortunately the new one has more of a clue, even gave me a wee cuddle on Saturday night. It wasn't even my birthday............
  5. Support.

    Totally agree with this. When I started attending without my late dad, I went along expecting a 'lift over'. I certainly couldn't afford the admission price at 12 years old but was desperate to see the game. I accept that the 'lift over'is no longer viable, but surely there is a way of enticing the younger teenagers back to RP. Come on, it's a brave new dawn, new ideas are needed with the view to the future. SLO, I hope you are reading this..
  6. Kirk Broadfoot

    Hands up, I was one of his biggest critics after his first few games. I had been initially so positive about his signing that I couldn't quite believe just how bad he had been when he started. I'm now completely won over all over again. Over the past few months he has been absolutely f**king rock solid. He's a total wind up merchant, the type we've all grown to hate over the years, but at long last we have a wind up merchant who is OURS.
  7. Scott Brown

    That's the one. thanks. Brings back fond memories of hanging it up in the works loo for all my Celtic supporting workmates. Maybe we should start a thread of this type of photo, including Bartons last season.
  8. Scott Brown

    Now THAT was a photo. Anyone got a copy?
  9. Celtic thread, Fred

    Report post Posted 12 minutes ago Just in from the match. Well played to both teams for a thoroughly entertaining afternoon. Highlights were Jones saying cheerio to Brown and Brown's face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Great photo BTW. Another highlight for me was Broadfoot ripping the pish out of the Green Brigade at the end, wonder if the cameras caught this. Also impressed by the ovation given to Ajer from the FB stand when he came off, well remembered. Pissed off if meedya and Sellic are blaming the pitch for his injury as he showed he can play on it when here for a full season. Hope he's not seriously hurt. Sir Steve of Saltcoats is some man. Happy days......................................................................................
  10. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Yes I think so. Being more remote from the thing you love makes you more inclined to keep up to date with whats going on by PC rather than via workmates or mates at the pub etc. Or. Yes I do because if my girlfriend lived in a different part of the country from me and I couldn't shag her as often as I wanted, I'd keep in touch by PC.
  11. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Annanhill park?
  12. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Really surprised to find it appears less than 1/3 of fans on here live in East Ayrshire. Tho I guess it explains why this forum is the best way to keep in touch with club matters from afar. Still expect the vast majority of fans who dont come on here will be local, tho' still a surprising result..
  13. You must be as bored as me mate.
  14. Dead end I think. Or One Way Street...........that's Bobby's lateral thinking brother. Come on Stevie and sign someone, I'm getting bored.
  15. Is he not blind? Sorry, that was Daley's brother Hugo. Or was it the Arab, Blind Ali?

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