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  1. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Great to hear something from Bowie on this. Almost forgot that we were building this training facility and getting a fan on the board. Good time to be a killie fan.
  2. Next season's incoming players...

    He’s said he would like to come back at some point, 31 will be 32 next season. Not unreasonable
  3. Top Six Secured

    Based on the table above it's 110k between 6th and 7th. But i'll take it if it's 160k
  4. Top Six Secured

    Top 6 will give us a serious extra wedge of cash. £110000 minimum extra prize money plus 2/3 home gates against bigger supported teams. Add in the TIK money and there's a good basis for next season to build on.
  5. Next season's incoming players...

    Think he's been unlucky that there were players like Brown, Fletcher, Mcarthur, Morrison, bannan etc that were obviously favoured by the manager. Central midfield is by far our most competitive area but even still, Bryson should've had more of a chance.
  6. TIK Funding Update #6

    Any updates? @jmthmsn @plunkit @baz Have we handed the 100k over yet? It's also Perfect time to be getting more members with the club doing so well on the pitch.
  7. gers away, Fred

    Is there any video or audio of Clarke’s post match interview?
  8. 49 Points

    So 11 points from 24 to equal our best ever in current format. Funnily enough Jefferies at the helm.
  9. What’s our new target for end of the season?

    Very true. We've got 2 opportunities to put that right.
  10. Next season's incoming players...

    Try and get Bryson back? Out on loan at cardiff but still scoring at championship level. Would be a ready made replacement for one of power, dicker or Mulumbu if they were to leave.
  11. What’s our new target for end of the season?

    6 points behind 4th with 8 to go and Hibs to play again. Hibs have Partick, County and Hamilton before split so it'll be tough but why not go for it. Our season is our most successful for 6 odd years even if we lose our last 8 games. Personally i'd like a mini target of us to beat Hibs and Aberdeen. Would mean we'd have beaten every team in the league at least once. When was last time if ever we did that?
  12. I love Monday’s....

    Trying so hard to post this on the emails to all Gers fans in the office but it's no working
  13. Is this our best season against rangers ever? 7 points from 9 so far. Kenny managed 6 points.
  14. Dreamland

    Aye it’s scary to think where we’d be with a full season under SSC Sure we wouldn’t have had the same players but would it matter? Love the Killie and love Stevie Clarke
  15. Rory

    Happy for him to sign a new deal, hard working player that gets a bad deal from the fans sometimes. Can cover all midfield and attacking positions aswell.

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