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  1. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Lack of creativity but never troubled at back where the 4 plus sub were rock solid, thought Burke would be given a chance to unlock the defense, will need to see penalty again, ageee it was very soft.
  2. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Played too many games out of position and while carrying injuries, he can play wide right or off the striker, never a central midfield player. Confidence is so crucial and he may only get his back fully in a different environment.
  3. Jimmy Osmond

    He could re-release Long Haired Lover from Liverpool as "from Kilmarnock", it would be right up there with Fine Day
  4. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Mon the Rovers!
  5. Re JJ, i dont think end product is the be all and end all, my boys grew up watching Mehdi, they loved him, his end product was right up there with JJ's but its who they wanted to go to RP to see. I'm sure JJ fills that role for many young fans at the moment. I wouldnt want to see him leave.
  6. Cup tie prices

    Depends on your circumstances- £50 for me and my two unwaged under 21's is a nightmare. Disappointed, Spurs v Wimbledon at Wembley -£10 per adult. £5 for under 18's (Yes- I know, time they were not unwaged!)
  7. The dud Killie strikers topic

    So many duds here who only played a few games, thread should be extended to players who played a minimum number of games- Ricky Sharp gets my vote. Paul Wright couldn't hit a barn door in his first few games and I was hurling abuse at him during one early season match at Brockville- he scored in the second half and the rest is of course history.
  8. Paul Clarke interview

    Didn't recall that we were down to 10 but remember the goal, a run right through the middle holding off several challenges and a dinked finish. Great player
  9. Referees

    Just when I think that one of them has it in for us you see them making a complete horlocks of another game and you realise that they are just incompetent, step forward Mr.Mclean. Of all the most shocking displays by a Scottish whistler Craig Thomson's allowing of a goal against Malaga in the champions league semi a few years back when the player putting the ball in the net was standing on the goal line ranks as one of the worst, I am sure that they remember this fondly in Malaga and i always invite him to holiday there when he appears at Rugby Park. (Oliver was clearly offside, his fault as he hadn't taken the time to cut his fringe that day).
  10. What would be your game plan for Saturday?

    I don't think Accies, Dundee or Saints went at them whereas Hibs and Aberdeen did. Keep it tight, compete in midfield, take our chances.
  11. Home Support Saturday

    Haven't been since the old Rangers championship winning day fiasco, one of the worst days in my Killie supporting lifetime as far as off the field matters go. Will be there on Saturday as one of my sons has missed the last two home games due to work and is really up for it.
  12. Mulumbu

    Seemed out on his feet at one point in 2nd half but clearly knows how to close out a game as he was superb in the last ten minutes. As well as his undoubted skill he also has great spring, wins the ball in the air against taller opponents.
  13. Well Match Day Thread

    Agree, lack of game time caught up with Dicker and Mulumbu, the big plus points for me were the commitment of the last ditch defending and some calm play from the whole team to see out the game
  14. Jamie Macdonald

    The one he parried then got down to grab it before the well player got there was a match winning save
  15. Sébastien Bassong

    He is a prime example of how playing at a higher level can improve a player, from his display in the cup tie at Morton which admittedly was possibly his worst day on a football pitch. Like others have said his fitness levels are a great example. I loved his reaction to the equaliser at Ibrox which would suggest he is enjoying himself here and his ultimately futile attempt to rally the players at the start of the 2nd half in LM's last game v County also showed his leadership qualities. Would be a shame to lose him.

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