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  1. Is Mulumbu an inconvenience or substitute for success

    "When the seagulls follow the trawler....."
  2. Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Hope Strachan picks up on this, on talk sport a few weeks back he said he had never heard of O'Donnell.
  3. Gary Dicker

    Dickers is so influential that his injury was a big factor in the managerial changes, it's an ill wind... Will be delighted if he signs on and we could then look to replace Mulumbu if we have to, knowing that the Dicker/Power combo has the foundations right
  4. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

    Think this was my first game, we won 4-1, could anyone confirm?
  5. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    No it won't, it's the Easter weekend, start of the school holidays, stags etc etc
  6. Tickets for Tuesday

    Agree but not "going to be a shambles" it already is. Booked on line Saturday morning, queued at ticket office for collections as specifically instructed by stewards, got to the front to be told on line pick ups are in shop, joined back of shop q but after inching forward for twenty minutes got old that on line purchases made that day hadn't been printed. My son went back on the train today to pick them up.Get there early is only option, if you have a reserved seat and someone is already in it who refuses to move then what do you do? It only takes a few to do this and its a free for all.
  7. Killie 3 Rossco 2 10/03/18

    Either Lee or Roary, both slaughtered on these forums, both integral to squad
  8. Are we supporting the Jambos on Friday Night?

    At the start of every season I say that in the ideal world Killie win every game and all the other games are draws, a draw is best outcome on this one at the moment with a Hibs win second best option because then i can continue to happily gaze at the table with us in 5th tonight before our game tomorrow. While 4th would be great wouldn't want us to look at a 5th or 6th place finish as any kind of failure/disappointment at the end of a great season.
  9. Erwin's Goal

    I thought there was a player in Irwin even from his early appearances and i'm annoyed I didn't post to this effect at the time, SC's request that he showed on the park the player he was seeing in training seems may have done the trick
  10. Killie vs Ross County

    A dangerous game indeed as teams are getting to the last chance saloon and RC's 4-0 win at Dens shouldn't be forgotten. If our attitude is right and we continue to make our own luck we should be okay. Hope the Accies do us a favour against Well, (the luxury of being in the position to think like this takes some getting used to)
  11. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    The unique element of this is the fact that it's the same referee for both games, therefore I do think there's some mind games going on, Killie crowd whipped up right from K.O.
  12. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    I get the feeling its like driving my wife's Fiat 500, every driver has to fly past you because you can't be seen to be behind a Fiat 500, managers of teams we are beating or at least outplaying are all coming out with classless comments about pitches and dodgy penalties etc as if they think Killie should still be easybeats. I'm sure Lenny's flip over the penalty was just as much in terror that his so called best midfield in the country were getting the run around. Great that SC is sticking to the FACTS in his comments.
  13. Rory McKenzie

    All the pundits and a few opposing managers have been pointing out that we narrow the pitch and limit space through the middle, the downside of this is that there are times when inevitably there will be space down our flanks and I think we can be vulnerable at times from wide areas- Aberdeens first goal last week and the first minute one at RP in the 3-1 game, the first Hibs goal last week, the Hearts goal (although the slip was the biggest factor) I was surprised (pleasantly) that every time Forrest got the ball in the Celtic game he drove inside into a traffic jam. It's difficult to cover all areas in defence when we expect Roary and JJ to get forward as much as possible as well.
  14. Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    Would make it our 5th in 50 by my reckoning
  15. Marciano

    Great saves but a bit "Rocky" at times

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