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  1. mobile phones

    cheers, i’m due an upgrade on friday and was gonna phone them anyway to see what they’d offer, there’s a massive difference with 3rd party prices to network prices for the same data etc so wouldn’t expect them to drop it by much but can only try before going elsewhere
  2. mobile phones

    does anyone use online companies like buy mobiles.net or affordable mobiles.co.uk as opposed to directly through the network? some of there deals compared to the networks own shops are so much better but do they come with more hassle than they’re worth?
  3. Lifestyle Fitness

    i was thinking of joining up again but it’s not sounding too good if there’s not gonna be much free weights there
  4. Time For..... ?

    already signed for hibs now as of today
  5. Crowd Tuesday

    got on it at 18/5 yesterday, also took killie or the draw in the last 2 games and i was always on the side of never bet on killie but took a chance
  6. Next Manager Thread

    not quite sure what you mean but anyway it’s james pearce, reporter for the liverpool echo and it’s at the unveiling of the kenny dalglish stand
  7. Next Manager Thread

    someone on twitter saying that clarke is at some unveiling of a stand in liverpool so no announcement today unless he’s straight up here after it also in reply to mcbookie closing the bet
  8. Next Manager Thread

    i have no idea what he wants, and certainly don’t claim to know 'something' i just think he’d have been way out of our price range but as many others have stated if that had been the case then surely we’d have moved on from him by now and probably would have appointed someone else, only time will tell and i certainly hope that what i think is wrong and we do get him
  9. Next Manager Thread

    i really don’t think we’re going to be able to afford what clarke wants, i do hope that he is willing to take a massive cut to get back into work though and will take the job on
  10. Next Manager Thread

    clarke now 10/11 gus 5/4 and mixu 9/2
  11. Next Manager Thread

    if we’re hoping for clarke then let’s hope not as he’s at some tourney down south today, also if we’re supposed to be interviewing more people this week then i expect any kind of news to be later this week, i really doubt we’ll have anyone before saturdays game
  12. Next Manager Thread

    mixu’s now 4/6 and clarke’s at 6/4
  13. Next Manager Thread

    those odds are too good to be true, we’re bound to end up with someone who’s half way down that list can anyone remember if lee clark was favourite when he landed the job?
  14. New strip for next season

    that's a shame about the infants kit, was hoping to pick up one for my youngest before the in-laws bought her a smeltic kit
  15. New strip for next season

    should we be expecting the team to be wearing one of the new kits on friday? basically being the start of the new season you'd expect so or even hope so

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