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  1. 4339?

    I think the anonymous thing is a bit daft. Why can't this show who red-carded? It doesn't really fuss me, but I do think it's a bit strange.
  2. The Pitch

    I was talking to someone down here that works with supplying hybrid pitches, and he was saying that Celtic are getting one. It's the same surface that Derby County are playing on. A mix of grass and plastic.
  3. The Pitch

    Season Total Home Win Draw Loss 2016/17 19 4 7 8 2015/16 19 4 4 11 2014/15 18 7 1 10 2013/14 19 7 3 9 2012/13 19 5 4 10 2011/12 20 6 7 7 2010/11 18 6 4 8 2009/10 19 5 6 8 ...if this helps. Obviously squad quality should be taken into account as well.This shows that the year we had it installed we went onto equal the best home wins in the last 8 seasons.
  4. The Pitch

    Steve Clarke said in his interview that it was the poor attitude of the players. I like the idea of a sports psychologist coming in, as the players seem to have this "we can't play at home" mentality and that needs to be addressed.
  5. History Board

    Yeah I got this email too. I thought it was a nice touch. Well done @baz
  6. Jordan Jones t shirt TIK

    How about... Jordon Jones when he's got the ball on the wing he can do anything he'll beat you twice always believe in Jordan Jones
  7. Kilmarnock tartan scarf

    My mum had one too. They definitely used to sell them.
  8. Social Media

    I really hope that my contribution does not end up paying a player's wages. That's not what the contribution is for. My contribution is actually coming from the savings for next year's Nottingham Forest season ticket which I am now foregoing to assist TIK.
  9. Social Media

    One reason I would share a great goal, is because non-Killie fans (as I live in England) might appreciate seeing them. However, there is no way that some of my friends in England would want to sign up to financially support a club that is not theirs. Therein lies the rub I think. It's not so much the lack of retweet/sharing it's not really having the social circle that would appreciate it and do something about it. I think the lower donation options that @bigkillieman suggested would be beneficial but I remember Baz (I think) saying it was a bit of a pain to update the website for it. Why don't we just have a field where you can enter how much you are willing to pay? Even £2 a month is £24 better than nothing.
  10. Social Media

    I think we will struggle to get the amount of monthly contributors that we are looking for. Folk that think it's easy to find the cash don't always understand that there are others that genuinely struggle for that fiver a month. With regards to social media, the Killie fans that I know are students so don't have spare cash, pensioners that don't have spare cash, or already contribute. I know Motherwell did a lot of old-fashioned bucket collections at the ground. Maybe they did them elsewhere in town as well? Perhaps Asda etc would allow this? One-off hits I know, but it still adds to the total.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41907245 Surprised to read this. From what I saw, the football wasn't that great!
  12. Thought for the Day

    Thanks @plunkit. That's enough info for me to sign up this weekend.
  13. Thought for the Day

    @baz I think that @Zorro has a valid comment about the % the trust would hold. Before I commit to one of the packages (probably over the weekend), what is the % that the trust would hold?
  14. Thought for the Day

    My concern is that if we get a representative on the board, and that individual is out numbered then will they ever be able to have an influence? If they don't (which I don't think they will from ex-board members' comments) then what is the next step? Is that not just £100k effectively wasted?
  15. Live Stream

    I thought we video'd the games anyway, and they used them to see what was done well and not so well? Or do we not do that?

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