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  1. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I think @Mclean07's idea of making the OF games optional would be the way to go for the family tickets. That way the families have a choice. Previously, the majority of people staying away from the OF games have stated it is because of the atmosphere. Therefore, if the games were automatically included then they still wouldn't turn up. There was a big increase when we did BOGOF before. The problem was that we didn't follow that up with any other special offer so, as mentioned, didn't retain any of the free ones. I still think we should be letting kids under 8 (or whatever) in free if accompanied by an adult (maybe 2 free kids places per adult) for walk-ups. They pester for tops, pies etc. I believe we did free kids STs this year but an extension to walk-up fans who perhaps cannot afford a season ticket at the moment would be benificial.
  2. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Did Hartlepool lose out because it affected walk up? If we doubled our season ticket holders then this would undoubtedly include walk up supporters so is that where they lost out financially over the course of the season? I would cap the offer at lower than 4000. Probably 3000. That way there is less of a hit.
  3. Swansea

    After watching the neighbours get hammered 8-1 by Swansea last night, I felt shudders down my spine as it brought back memories of the 1982-83 season for the mighty Killie.
  4. Fee for Hendry is reported as £1m. Well done Dundee for holding out.
  5. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Born Warrington, lived in North Ayrshire, now in Nottingham. Mon the Killie!
  6. Old Firm colt teams in League Two

    Are the clubs allowed to get promoted? What happens in Spain with the B and C teams of the big guns?
  7. Brora Prices

    Yes I understand that it is a business. If you want to purely go down that route then there would be no football clubs as they would be wound up due to loss-making, and the few remaining ones would end up the same way due to lack of opposition. Giving some free tickets doesn't hurt us much financially. The gate gets split.
  8. Brora Prices

    It would be a nice gesture to give Brora some free tickets. They've travelled a hell of a lot already in the Scottish Cup, and I think it would be good publicity for us.
  9. Sportsound

    Did they mention "the best, loyal fans in the world" being missing at Celtic Park? Only 24k there.
  10. Cheerio Again Huns?

    If I remember correctly, they were already about £38m in debt when they arrived back in the top flight. (or arrived for the first time depending on how you look at it!)
  11. FA Cup

    When we saw the bench containing no big names, we thought we were in with a chance. You Reds! Arsenal got what they deserved.
  12. Craig Slater

    Mulumbu's contract finishes at the end of the season, as does Craig Slater's. He would be a good back up if we can't get a better replacement for Mulumbu (because he certainly won't be there for 2018-19).
  13. Winter break

    What about international tournaments that happen every 2 years in the summer? I know there are some countries that run their leagues this way but it must be a pain in the bahookie having to change the schedule every 2 years.
  14. Dean shiels

    Absolutely disgusting. As was the Killie fan that taunted Tommy Coyne about his wife killing herself. That was a singleton, however, and was quickly shutdown by those of us around him, and then swiftly escorted away by the stewards. His excuse? Tommy trained with us and then signed for Motherwell. Pathetic!

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