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  1. Thought for the Day

    Thanks @plunkit. That's enough info for me to sign up this weekend.
  2. Thought for the Day

    @baz I think that @Zorro has a valid comment about the % the trust would hold. Before I commit to one of the packages (probably over the weekend), what is the % that the trust would hold?
  3. Thought for the Day

    My concern is that if we get a representative on the board, and that individual is out numbered then will they ever be able to have an influence? If they don't (which I don't think they will from ex-board members' comments) then what is the next step? Is that not just £100k effectively wasted?
  4. Live Stream

    I thought we video'd the games anyway, and they used them to see what was done well and not so well? Or do we not do that?
  5. Live Stream

    I think this is a great idea, it's just a pity that Nottingham doesn't count as non UK & Ireland! Did Ross County not do something similar? I'm sure there are a few fans down south that would pay for live streams of their team's games. They could ask for it to be paid by a credit card that is registered outside of Scotland. I would imagine that anyone that was local and was thinking of going to the game would actually go to the game so I don't see any negative.
  6. Oh dear...

    I would say they should be training at LEAST 3 hours! Training isn't all about running about. They should be sitting down and watching videos of Aberdeen, taking tactical guidance, working on set pieces etc. I agree that they should also be doing stuff like this which is good for team bonding and for public relations. The players should also be turning up at local schools, free tickets should be given away, and not just in East Ayrshire but in North and South as well.
  7. Kris Boyd on Sky

    The thing is, Skygod, I don't think he is actually wrecking it because it's only us Killie fans that may/will take offence. Sad, but true.
  8. Craig Bryson

    Because he doesn't fit into their new system, along with new midfielders they have brought in. He's spent the last couple of years in and out through injury.
  9. Fan Zone (not my Scotsman column!)

    The Fanzone works very well at Derby County FC and, generally, promotes a very good atmosphere. It would be a great idea.
  10. Homesick: Manager in the Standard

    Is the OP the exact article? I can't find anything online and can't get a Kilmarnock Standard in Nottingham.
  11. Kiosk Staff

    The thing I got from the original post about the calculator was the fact the final figure she got to was £1 over! I don't see the issue with her using a calculator...correctly.
  12. Lee Erwin

    He was indeed the top scorer. 8 in 34 games. I wasn't having a pop at Erwin, I simply found it funny that we assume because a player has played at a certain level then he is good.
  13. Lee Erwin

    Lol. Conor Sammon has English Premiership experience...
  14. What else would you like to add to the squad.

    Two strikers would suffice I think. And not some journeymen. Move Boydie into a purely coaching role as I think he would be good at that, and give the young strikers a few games to help them break through this season
  15. support a club sponsor

    While I don't agree with someone posting negatively because of the team that the company sponsor, I also don't agree with posting fictitious 5 star reviews for something you have never been to. Not great for people that aren't interested in football and are looking for a truthful review. Sorry, just saying. Next time I'm up north I'll pop in and give you guys a try and then I'll post a review.

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