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  1. Quarter Final Tickets

    we wont sell 2000, anything over 1000 is good.
  2. New fanzine

    We'll be selling the latest Hippo outside the away end at Fir Park tomorrow.....cheers
  3. New fanzine

    Hippo 179 will be on sale tonight v Dundee.....thanks again for your support.
  4. Just been told that McKenzie is away to St Johnstone.....don't shoot the messenger!!!
  5. Total faith in SSC

    There seems to be a lot of knee jerk reactions to today's loss at Mutton central. We have been excellent since SSC arrived and I didn't think we were that bad today. Lets all get behind SSC and see what he can do in the months and years ahead........he has the potential to be a true Killie legend.
  6. Don't forget...

    haha I wish mate
  7. Don't forget...

    To grab hippo 178 at the game tomorrow. Stewart, Grant and Callum are on sales duties while I'm away getting bladdered.....be nice to them!!!
  8. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Laughable, his comments only highlight his ignorance and show why he is in charge of a failing pub team.
  9. Hippos good news

    haha good shout mate but sadly no exclusive signing news in the new hippo due out this week. I still have total faith in SSC and I'm sure he will bring in improvements to the squad
  10. Hippos good news

    was simply told there would be good news on the signing front, don't know any more
  11. New Investor?

    The stuff I posted mate was purely relating to signings.
  12. Hospitality

    I'm in the Jacamo crew with Bullitt, looks like Jacamo v Armani....mon the big lads!!
  13. Steven Naismith

    No beans to spill I'm afraid but I'm assured good news lies ahead.
  14. Steven Naismith

    For what it's worth I think he will still end up at Killie.
  15. The Killie fans

    You drive a hard bargain Samo, Roysters are a bit out my league.......how about ringos???

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