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  1. 150th Anniversary match

    Got to be Kaiserslautern for me, they would bring a decent crowd and promises to be a memorable occasion.
  2. 3G Pitch

    I really think a grass pitch will be put down next summer even if we still don't have a separate training facility at that time.
  3. Assistant Manager

    Alex Dyer?
  4. Next Manager Thread

    I would agree Damo, disappointing if true about Clarke.
  5. Development League - Jags (H)

    Higgins playing but rest all young, Mouanda playing well, fairly even but Thistle just missed a sitter......and Thistle just scored right on half time
  6. Next Manager Thread

    If its McIntyre he will get my full support but I just have a niggling doubt. They were pretty similar to us throughout last season even when they had Boyce. He definitely had a few good seasons previously but pretty sure they would have had a better budget than the likes of Killie. Stevie Clarke is very interesting, do we know if he is being interviewed?
  7. Why McCulloch Was The Wrong Man At The Wrong Time

    Excellent post mate
  8. Sandy Ferguson

    Fantastic guy, spoke to him two weeks ago and can't believe the news RIP mate
  9. New Fanzine

    Thanks again folks, online versions have been e-mailed and hard copies will be posted today. The remaining copies will be on sale this weekend at the Ross County game......cheers
  10. How much could we get for Jones?

    Cardiff had a scout at the game yesterday, they have been watching him since last season.
  11. How much could we get for Jones?

    I think if teams like Norwich, Fulham and Cardiff are interested it tells you that these teams think he is potential Championship material as the raw ability is there and he can be coached. If he has to be sold get them bidding, I'd be looking for about £1m.
  12. New Fanzine

    Thanks mate, it's only down to the fantastic loyalty of Killie fans that we are still here.....much appreciated
  13. New Fanzine

    Hippo 174 is on sale tomorrow with articles looking at the managers position, how we can beat the bookies and the possibility of Scotland moving from Hampden plus all the usual Killie snippets...cheers
  14. A response from Sandy Armour please

    How exciting to see your name on a thread title. I never have been a fans spokesman, just a concerned fan who stuck his head above the pulpit and with that comes the inevitable guff from the keyboard warriors. Id be delighted to meet the OP for a beer and a chat about all things Killie. With regard the investment I suspect it's reasonably simple, Johnston still has 40% and can veto constitutional decisions so why would anyone invest money but not have say. I do genuinely think the investors will eventually put in the cash but only once the poison has totally cut all ties... .hope to see you at Aberdeen mate.
  15. What we have

    Drop me a message and we can meet up for a beer and a chat mate

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