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  1. Ross county

    Any buses got spaces and what time do they leave if there are. I stop work at 12 tomorrow
  2. Thistle home Fred

    on the goals yesterday thread, might need a vpn to see them
  3. Goals Yesterday

    cheers mate
  4. Goals Yesterday

    Ok I'll fire up the VPN and check it out, cheers
  5. Goals Yesterday

    Are the highlights online anywhere yet? Had a look but can't find anything yet
  6. Officials for Week 18 v Ross County (A) on 12/12

    Dallas makes McLean look like Pierluigi Collina
  7. Officials for Week 18 v Ross County (A) on 12/12

    Worst ref the Scottish game has ever seen but at least he'll be consistently pish toward both teams.
  8. Killie 5 (Five) Partick 1 09/12/17

    As stated before, close for me between Boyd and Brophy, went for Brophy. I foresee Mulumbu picking up quite a few MOMs in the future if he stays fit
  9. Thistle home Fred

    Excellent result, just knew we were going to gub someone soon. Mulumbu oozed class, especially for being out for so long. Definitely looks special, his vision and movement was tremendous. Was stuck between Boyd and Brophy for MOM, decided to give it to Brophy for his work rate and goals although I thought Boyd had his best game in years. Defence looked shaky but dealt with most that Thistle threw at us, sometimes more down to luck than skill,, couldn't really fault them for the goal, a lucky bounce that seemed to land perfectly for them. Even at 3-1 there were auld moaners shouting get it up the park. Burke was great when he came on too. Its a strange feeling to walk away from Rugby Park with a big smile on my face

    Aye, r's always looks like r is to me, horses for courses I suppose
  11. Thistle home Fred

    We are due to gub someone, just hope it's today against our weegie rivals. I'm going 3-1

    More to the point, I dislike the apostrophe rule on possessive nouns, it just doesn't look right having the apostrophe between the r and the s. Even if it is the correct usage
  13. Jordan Jones

    Nope if the like of Alan Hutton, 9 mill. Aiden McGeady, 9.5 mill. Barry Ferguson, 7.5 mill among others, can go for that money about a decade ago, then JJ is well worth 10 mill in todays even more over inflated EPL transfer market. He is an international player with the potential to be a great player. 10 million is not a huge price to take a gamble on potential. Set the price high and negotiate to halfway but letting him go for a million is crazy talk
  14. A9 closed northbound at Dunblane

    You must have bought the only pie, I've been to McDiarmid loads of times and they've never had enough pies to get through half time. Poxy bag of crisps was all that was left when I got to the front of the queue
  15. Killie (away) Choir

    Looked like a couple of hundred more than that to me. I got in the home gate as the away gate was shut, had to argue with an arse of a steward to let me cross the wee rope to get in with the Killie fans

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