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  1. Suggestion Box

    There is already a chalkboard as you go into the east for leaving messages/suggestions. Why not write your suggestion about a suggestion box up there at the next home game.
  2. Motherwell Development Match

    Looking at the brief highlights, the first thing that struck me was how hard Steve Clarke will have to work to rid the whole club of the aimless/hopeful long ball mentality that pervades right through both the development and first team squads
  3. Jags away fred

    Solid performance, I take back what I said previously. Thistle are a much poorer side than us. Wee Frizz for goal of the season
  4. Thistle Game stream

    streams up now
  5. Thistle Game stream

    not yet, twitter feed says stream starts approx 10 mins before KO
  6. Thistle Game stream

    Try signing up to this https://vpn-services.bestreviews.net/ipvanish-free-trial/ then clicking on this Trust Member 32 55 posts Report post Posted 2 minutes ago https://ppv.ptfc.co.uk/ you'll need to pay for it though and set up a dodgy address from the country you are supposedly streaming from link
  7. Thistle Game stream

    I registered ok I'm in Scotland using a good vpn. I would have went but don't get out of work in time
  8. Next Manager Thread

    I'll match that and re-raise, albeit with a slightly tenuous link
  9. Halloween Hospitality

    Good idea, but a wee bit pricey for a hot buffet, not knowing what the entertainment is and a match ticket. Nearly a ton for a family of 4. The club are certainly going in the right direction, just need to price events like this that can attract the average family
  10. Boyd interview on early Killie days

    Ive used it hundreds of times at Ipox over the last 40 years with no fear of any reaction. Whats wrong, are you scared of the big bad huns? In fact you sound more and more like a mini hun just wanting to defend them at every cut and turn. It is primarily used by people like me to annoy the feck out of them because it does. Its a bit rich to be defending their faux sense of outrage at the term when you have heard the same s**te and bile sung from their stands for decades. I am quite happy to use a derogatory term to describe the majority of The Rangers fans, it might be a derogatory term but it is not a bigoted one. I refer you to my previous post on bigotry, in fact it might have been a response to one of posts, not sure and cant be bothered checking.
  11. Boyd interview on early Killie days

  12. Boyd interview on early Killie days

    Are you a secret The Rangers fan? Hun is used to describe them because of the German connection to their beloved royal family or because of the huns rioting after their 1972 cup winners cup final in Barcelona. After many of them were arrested and brought to court, the court transcribe states that the judge described the old (old as in pre-newco) Rangers fans actions like huns because of the riotous behaviour (an obvious reference to the marauding huns you're alluding to) So using the term hun to describe them has a legal basis under Spanish law.
  13. Boyd interview on early Killie days

    Fat, useless, has-been hun. Left us twice to sign with them, should never have been given a third chance. Even more galling given his current media spouting pish
  14. Best 11 for Partick game

    Here's hoping anyway
  15. Best 11 for Partick game

    I'd say there's no best 11 as the new manager hasn't signed a contract yet and his best 11 are still to be signed

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