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  1. Motherwell

    I'll be flying back into the country about half ten. Time to head home, park the car, shower and head round for a quick pint before heading up on the Howard
  2. Happy Valentine's Day

    To the only man who could turn me, the Messiah SC I wish I was a football scarf Wrapped around your neck And every time that Killie scored What a hug I'd get
  3. Dundee match thread

    Super Killie at home
  4. Dundee match thread

    f**king yassssssss
  5. Dundee match thread

  6. Dundee match thread

  7. Dundee match thread

    Yesssssssssss from Malta
  8. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Lightweight, I was a 4am start after Dingwall
  9. Fat Ally

    4 red cards for your post? Total fat hun w****r, grade A arsehole is being nice to the prick
  10. Brora game

    I will be in Malta tomorrow, is there any chance of anyone livestreaming the game so I can watch tomorrow?
  11. JJ not Rangers class

    In the words of Jim Bowen, look at what you could have won. #JJlovestheKillie
  12. Killie one Celtic didn't 03/02/18

    Mulumbu just shaded it from JJ for me but as previously stated everyone was excellent. Inspired change from God, could and probably should have won it by 3 or 4
  13. Prediction for today

    not drinking yet, saving myself till tomorrow. As I've previously stated Aberdeen are not a good team, the scummy huns have them in their pocket and we pumped them. Check back on my previous post predictions, I'm rarely wrong. We are due a big win after two poorish displays I think. Get your money on a Killie win, I've won a small fortune backing us this season
  14. Prediction for today

    0-3 Boyd, Brophy and Broadfoot
  15. Aberdeen Away

    Can't wait, we'll pump the sheep. Forgive the pun. Am I an uber fan as I'm up at 4am for work on Sunday morning?

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