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  1. Monty is for Life (Not Just for Christmas)

    I just got my email bounced back as well. Can you set one aside for me?
  2. Next Manager Thread

    Don't know if it is true, but someone told me they heard Gus is working with our U16s.
  3. A Culture Problem at the club

    Great days.
  4. Replica Shirts Issued

    They were great jerseys. With the extra fun of trying to make sure the lines on the shirt and the shorts lined up perfectly.
  5. Replica Shirts Issued

    Was the Wales top the admiral one? If it was I'm sure Dundee and Coventry had the same template. For some reason I had the Coventry one.
  6. Andi Lila

    There is an Albanian International called Andy Lila.
  7. McCulloch transfer target?

    Do a lot of contracts not end on 30th June? If so, that could be part of the delay.
  8. Dementia in footballers

    One of the most powerful interviews I've ever heard. I remember hearing it when it was originally broadcast.
  9. Dementia in footballers

    A very sad interview. The line that done it for me was when she talked about the song coming on the radio and they got up and danced.
  10. old RP

    That's the first season in the Premier. The striped nets and the goal type help date it. Along with the ball boys in yellow sweatshirts. I think the portacabins were used as the police control room/first aid.
  11. 97 Cup Final Memories

    I did they exact same thing... it wasn't even that nice a jumper.
  12. Boyd on mental health

    As a CBT Therapist I think it's great that more and more people are taking about mental health issues. The majority of my clients have struggled to open up to friends, family, colleagues, and/our employers due to the stigma that is still present in today's society. We are moving in the right direction and hopefully we will continue to do so.
  13. Family Season Ticket

    Is it not more expensive for the family ticket? I bought one a few seasons ago with the hope the kids would come along. They got bored early in the season when the bad weather hit. Came to a few more games when the weather improved towards the end of the season.
  14. 150th Anniversary Kits

    No 1.
  15. Away top 17/18

    Looks a bit lighter than usual in the close up due to the different colours within the stripe.

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