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  1. Ipox mentality

    Hamilton are run by schysters as well - takes one to know one! Plus they need they money after their £800k fraud escapade before Christmas.
  2. Ipox mentality

    £10m? Has Celtic loaned their Sevilla calculator till the end of the season to their neighbours?
  3. VAR a shambles already?

    VAR cannot rectify referee's incompetence.
  4. Did MacDonald not try and influence the other officials to lie to cover his own arse but instead they ran to the papers and became whistleblowers?
  5. Cheerio Again Huns?

    At least you will have learned your lesson to never pity them again. That's the main thing!
  6. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Tin hat on... I don't see the problem - it's just his opinion at the end of the day. He does say I've only seen him in one game which isn't enough to form an opinion on a player i'd have thought. All that matters is what Kilmarnock think and value JJ at - everything else is irrelevant. It's also the usual lapdogs doing their pro Rangers arse licking pieces.
  7. Cheerio Again Huns?

    Why does trying to sign Docherty and Jones get a tick? Nothings happened
  8. Jason '1 goal in 17' Cummings? Aye, belter. This is the behaviour of a club trying to punt half season tickets by portraying the illusion of a busy transfer window - quantity over quality. They've been openly quoted as having no money in regards of the Murphy saga.
  9. A*r

    If it's come from the horse's mouth you'd hear it, not read about it mate. Believe half of what you see and all of what you hear my friend.
  10. A*r

    Must be true if it's on facebook
  11. Fantastic. A great man indeed.
  12. Neil Redfearn

    Good for him.
  13. Kris Boyd Picture Thread

    Love how he goads opposition fans when he scores

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