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  1. Points Total

    My good sums at work again!
  2. Rangers New Orange Strip

    Says more about the individual than it does about the manufacturer if they choose to buy an orange kit.
  3. Points Total

    Killie are 3 points shy of equalling their best every points tally (57) with 4 games remaining. Would be some achievement to do so given our 8 game handicap at the beginning of the season!
  4. Fasan your Seatbelts

    GK error for me - his view wasnt blocked and reacted a little slower than he should've done. GK mistakes = goal. Striker mistakes = missing a goal. It happens.
  5. Let's be realistic

    Given this weekend's results, achieving 4th will be a very tall order but not impossible. I think Hearts will fade out - from what i saw yesterday, they were practically begging Rangers to score by gifting the ball at every opportunity and playing hospital passes across the edge of the box. At this point, i'd be disappointed not to finish 5th. A remarkable turnaround thus far but we have 4 games to go. I hope to see a response from Saturday's defeat and get as many points as possible from the remaining 12 available.
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    Good luck Killie
  7. Still Game

    That's plenty Jack and Victor.
  8. Sevco

    I dont blame him. If they're daft enough to offer it, he shouldn't be embarrassed to accept.
  9. I dont believe Rodgers will go until Celtic have achieved (unless Killie and SSC intervene) 10 in a row.
  10. Sevco

    The sooner the DR goes bust, the better.
  11. Sevco

  12. Sevco

    How else are the DR going to get their leaked inside info with Miller oot the picture?
  13. St Midden

    A fantastic season and well deserved promotion.

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