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  1. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Yep was just thinking that.
  2. Fans of THE Rangers

    The Florida Cup game was really an embarrassment. Once the organisers had the meaning of the song explained to them, the clip on the website where it could be heard was removed. Doubt they will be asked back. You can add Florida to Manchester and Barcelona. On top of the fact the players had to pay for their own travel out there (apparently to be reimbursed as they are between travel agents) , and Brighton having to pay for Jamie Murphy's flight up for the medical, it's been a more embarrassing week then normal for them.
  3. Steven Naismith

    Might be on a previous page, but Hearts have enquired according to BBC
  4. Scottish Cup vs County

    Looking forward to this one, aiming to take the wee fella along. Been waiting for that moment for ages!
  5. NHS massively under resourced shocker

    My employer put me through my Civil Eng degree. My contract stated that I had to remain with the company for X amount of years (think it was 5) or pay back the fees. The amount I would have owed reduced the further into the 5 year term I reached.
  6. NHS massively under resourced shocker

    The horror stories my In-Laws tell me about their services in Yorkshire give me the fear. As myself my wife start the process of scans and doctor/hospital visits for our second child, I'm reminded how grateful I am of the service we enjoy up here. My wife is proud to be English and loves where she is from, but she would not raise our kids any where else in the UK other than Scotland. It's hard (and very unwise) to disagree with her.
  7. Trump latest

    The South Korean's have credited him also. Saying that American led pressure and sanctions is what has helped bring the North to the table. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/world/asia/moon-jae-in-trump-north-korea.html
  8. Steven Naismith

    Wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Clarke's influence here, or the respect José has for him. There was "no chance" of a lot of things happening in the last few months, but hey presto they happened!
  9. How Many Goals?

    Wonder how Boydy will celebrate scoring it.
  10. JJ

    Anything close to a million would be incredible.
  11. Steven Naismith

    Top six at Christmas, Steve Clarke as manager, Mulumbu in midfield and Evens to sign Naisy. Imagine the amount of Red Cards you'd have got earlier in the season for saying that!
  12. Cup tie prices

    If I can take my son to watch a game at a total of £25 then I'm fairly happy.
  13. JJ

    Jamie Murphy on his way to Rangers for £1m apparently Might put any move for JJ on hold?
  14. New deal for Boydie?

    If he's still scoring goals and in some sort of shape at the end of the year, then surely it's a given? Whatever SC decides I'm sure will be the right decision.

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