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  1. Taylor

    Great news. As said over and over it's a great time to be a Killie fan. Seems to be nothing but positive news coming from the club.
  2. St Midden

    Good to see them back. Bring a decent crowd usually, and not a bad away day.
  3. Parking Tomorrow

    Most Morrisons are. You'll get a ticket for £70, tell them to ram it.
  4. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    This is f**king brilliant
  5. Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    If/when we win the game in hand v Accies we will be right amongst it going into the split.
  6. 5 wins in a row

  7. Accies home, Fred

    Belter! looks a good crowd - west seems busy, chadwick open for accies
  8. Accies home, Fred

    Easy 1-0
  9. Greg Kiltie

    Good news - hopefully takes the next step and really develops
  10. gers away, Fred

    f**king yassss!! 15/2 as well when will these bookies learn YNTTK
  11. Attendance tonight

    Ratih Rovers used to put wee wooden cut outs on there empty seats.
  12. Christophe Cocard

    Remember being really excited as a kid when he signed, oblivious to the impending financial mess I thought this was us showing real ambition. Went along for what would of been his debut to discover Martin Baker (IIRC) had broken his nose in training. Scoring at Ibrox in his sannies, what a guy.
  13. Who would you like relegated

    Accies and Ross County gone would be ideal. St Mirren and Morton up would be even better.
  14. Dons match fred

    O'donnell yassssss
  15. Rossco Fred

    This is becoming quite routine

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