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  1. RIP Rob Hamilton

    Didn't know Rob personally but feel I knew him a bit just by reading things he posted on the forums down the years. He didn't hold back much did he? RIP
  2. TIK Funding Update #7

    By the way I think you should move this chat to the main forum as its pretty important stuff and just as, if not more than, worth discussing than whether the goalie made a tit of the first goal on Saturday or not.
  3. TIK Funding Update #7

    What's the actual hold up with this interview process? If you've been waiting or a while there have been weeks gone by when we didn't even have any matches, how long do interviews as such take in reality? What have the club got to gain by delaying, surely the money could be used for something even if its only to tide us over the close season? By the time this happens it could completely have negated the need for a front funder! Disappointed to read about Bill White (William White accountants?) if that is true. If the trust had breached confidentiality like that there would be hell to pay, one rule for them and all that. It seems to me that, no pun intended, there is still a real lack of trust and that the club board are still operating in a them and us manner. If the trust have put forward who they think best suits the role then why is there even three candidates and an interview process happening? It all seems a bit over the top, the trust board are a collection of individuals who seem pretty savvy and have a pretty varied skill set, more so than the club board by merit of numbers alone, second guessing them serves no purpose other than to feign some kind of control. Raising money and getting a say in how its spent by putting a fan on the board is not some kind of power play, its a genuine attempt to support the club and help improve things, do the club really not see that or are their other forces at play here?
  4. TIK Funding Update #7

    I don't think the political thing has a bearing. I'm not a big fan of the Labour party but I would have no hesitation in voting for Cathy Jamieson. In fact with a CV like that and being a Killie fan I'd be inviting her onto the board even if she wasn't being put forward!
  5. Tickets for Tuesday

    1) The first sentence is not true. My seasons ticket seat was sold before I got a ticket on Saturday so they have knowingly sold season ticket seats, why on earth tell porkies about it? 2) Totally the wrong decision, they tell us we must sit in allocated seats but those paying in don't have allocated seats so how does that work? That said, at least they have put out something, we should make sure everyone knows this and maybe there will be less upset on the night.
  6. Line up face Brora Rangers

    As much as I'd like to see Kiltie get a game today I would be a bit scared of them having a few hammer throwers in there out to make a name for themselves and he could get hurt again. I know we can't wrap him in cotton wool but depending on the match going our way, maybe a half at most for him and Jones to give Jones replacement some game time as well?
  7. Birthdays v Brora

    How about a shout out or mention for the all the Killie fans who have contributed to the trust in killie campaign and reached the £100,000 mark?
  8. BB on Killie's resurgence

    I wasn't the one who red carded your post but I think this kind of blinkered viewpoint is how we end up getting into a mess by having all our eggs in one basket. Billy Bowie isn't the sole reason we have the club, if you take it back further the only reason he came in was because of the protests, so the protesters are the reason. Take it back further there would be no protesters if MJ wasn't in charge, so he's the reason! In all seriousness though he didn't do this alone, what about John Kiltie, what about Kirsten Callaghan, what about the fans who have backed him financially? He gave us a massive loan for a pitch not many wanted and said it was a great thing for the club, now we plan to rip it up in a year's time and we still owe him all the money for it - it was reported at the time he bought us it, that was never denied bu it wasn't true. He said himself that all the money other than that he has had to put out has been within the club's budget so let's credit him for running the club well but not for splashing out cash to keep us afloat, that's what Moffat did and it ran us unto the ground, Bowie is 100 times better than Moffat or Johnston but let's not make things up which are not true.
  9. Steven Naismith

    I'm told that 'respect' is the watch word this week. Maybe we should show some where its due. Naismith signed a new deal at the club, despite advice to the contrary, which ensured us our biggest ever transfer fee of £1.9. He didn't have to do it, he did it to ensure we got what was due to us. The transfer window thing was not down to him, us not getting shafted was.
  10. We Did It!

    So its a soft loan, exactly what Billy Bowie gave us to put the plastic pitch in, no interst and job done up front, seems fair enough. The club are strangely quiet though, bordering on the rude! Here's £100,000 for nothing with a promise of more, not even a peep out of them.
  11. Wage Budget

    Found this online in case anyone is interested -
  12. Pie stalls

    Its a complaint on the fans forum, hardly bed wetting as some of you are making out. In my opinion its a legitimate concern, not from the lack of pie point of view but from the customer service point of view. While revenue from pie stalls is not a massive issue to the club, lack of attendance is and we have to do everything we can to make fan's match day experience something they want to buy into. It may seem trivial to some but you have to look at the big picture here, everything counts, the fact that this has been flagged on here will probably trigger a reaction from the club as they now know its a problem needing looked at, and these days they try and address problems so well done the OP for having the balls to tell it like it is knowing full well that he'd get slaughtered from some for daring to say something negative, even though its the truth. Ultimately he's trying to help by pointing it out, not just having a moan.
  13. Social Media

    Surely not? Are you telling me that over 1,000 fans from a midden like Paisley can subscribe to their scheme and Killie are near our limit with just over 200? Sorry but I don't believe that for a minute. The biggest problem is lack of investment by the club. They are getting a lot right recently but they are shooting themselves in the foot with their hands off approach to this. Fundamentally its a total no-brainer, money for nothing any way you look at it. Fans investing hard cash in the club for no other return than a say on club matters. If I were on the board this would be top of the agenda in the 'why didn't we do this years ago' column. I can't fathom why they are not more vigorous in their support, unless they have a deep seated fear that it might impact on their own aspirations for club ownership. It won't. Not in their lifetime at least!!
  14. Short List Poll

    Yes he expressed an interest and yes he was interviewed. My initial excitement at the prospect has waned, not because I don't want want him as our manager, because if it was going to happen I think we would have known by now. I can't see him being impressed with our set up at all, which is a shame really because that was something he could have worked on to make better. We're going to end up with Mixu, mark my words. That would have been acceptable at the outset of interviewing but as we can see from the poll, there is an appetite for something new and different and we are all going to be very disappointed when it doesn't happen regardless of whether we rate Mixu or not.
  15. More out the door please!

    Idiots admitting to be idiots, you couldn't make this up.

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