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  1. Pie stalls

    Its a complaint on the fans forum, hardly bed wetting as some of you are making out. In my opinion its a legitimate concern, not from the lack of pie point of view but from the customer service point of view. While revenue from pie stalls is not a massive issue to the club, lack of attendance is and we have to do everything we can to make fan's match day experience something they want to buy into. It may seem trivial to some but you have to look at the big picture here, everything counts, the fact that this has been flagged on here will probably trigger a reaction from the club as they now know its a problem needing looked at, and these days they try and address problems so well done the OP for having the balls to tell it like it is knowing full well that he'd get slaughtered from some for daring to say something negative, even though its the truth. Ultimately he's trying to help by pointing it out, not just having a moan.
  2. Social Media

    Surely not? Are you telling me that over 1,000 fans from a midden like Paisley can subscribe to their scheme and Killie are near our limit with just over 200? Sorry but I don't believe that for a minute. The biggest problem is lack of investment by the club. They are getting a lot right recently but they are shooting themselves in the foot with their hands off approach to this. Fundamentally its a total no-brainer, money for nothing any way you look at it. Fans investing hard cash in the club for no other return than a say on club matters. If I were on the board this would be top of the agenda in the 'why didn't we do this years ago' column. I can't fathom why they are not more vigorous in their support, unless they have a deep seated fear that it might impact on their own aspirations for club ownership. It won't. Not in their lifetime at least!!
  3. Scotland Squads

    No one in the U16's team either. Alan Robertson's influence finally wearing off?
  4. Short List Poll

    Yes he expressed an interest and yes he was interviewed. My initial excitement at the prospect has waned, not because I don't want want him as our manager, because if it was going to happen I think we would have known by now. I can't see him being impressed with our set up at all, which is a shame really because that was something he could have worked on to make better. We're going to end up with Mixu, mark my words. That would have been acceptable at the outset of interviewing but as we can see from the poll, there is an appetite for something new and different and we are all going to be very disappointed when it doesn't happen regardless of whether we rate Mixu or not.
  5. More out the door please!

    Idiots admitting to be idiots, you couldn't make this up.
  6. More out the door please!

    Of course it was personal, how can you make comments about someone that are not personal? Disgusting though? You're having a laugh pal if you think that's disgusting. Pointing out where someone is failing at their job, a job which our money pays for, is not disgusting, not in any sense of the word. You don't think the Trust should have a board member, fair enough, you don't mind their community work or them putting large sums of money into your club but to hell with paying £10 a year to join them though, eh? Yet another Killie fan who is quite happy to sit back and let everyone else do all the work and then take pot shots at them anonymously, do you sit beside Ben 'related to Kirsten' Reilly by any chance?
  7. More out the door please!

    You'd be right if they weren't declaring it, I don't see where it says they weren't declaring it though. They could pull that stunt and still declare it as income but it wouldn't show up on the club books. All legal, just underhand. I remember a while back that Michael Johnston registered a recruitment company, its still on his records, the hotel went through quite a lot of temporary staff back then, another wee income stream from the club that wouldn't show up on the books as cash going directly to him. He's still laughing all the way to the bank with the contract he drew up for himself between his two businesses, the club and the hotel, yet we have numpties who are suggesting that we were actually better off under his control. I'm not a fan of the way that the current board are running the club, but its not like they are shafting us, its just not their bag and they need help. Johnston on the other hand was robbing us blind at every opportunity, and still is. I'm trying hard to forget it and get past it but its hard when you start reading nonsense about how he wasn't that bad after all, we don't know half of what went on!
  8. More out the door please!

    Our board? You have a say in it like? When I see stupid comments like this it reinforces my opinion that the Trust are banging their heads against a brick wall trying to talk sense to complete numbskulls. Have a look a what you wrote. Consider that you are tarring all Trust members with the same brush because two out of 500 of them or whatever it is are having a go at someone who may or may not be a legitimate target. You can't really be that thick can you? I think they dodged a bullet when you opted out! Damn that Trust and all the community work they do, all that money they have pumped into the club as well, its damn disgraceful behaviour.
  9. Fan Zone (not my Scotsman column!)

    Why might it not be a goer? Anyone can apply for a license for an event. There are bars all around the stadium where football fans can have a drink, why would the licensing board object to an event that was set up to attract fans and their families? There was a big bus serving drink at the open day a couple of years ago. I think its a great idea, bugger all else is working, time to try something new.
  10. Hamilton Accies Match Fred 26-8-17

    No we don't. He was the guy in charge as our attendances plummeted. He is partly responsible.
  11. "Grey and lifeless"

    It still wasn't called in. No need to go on holiday just because you got your arse handed to you.
  12. Open day

    Or in short, some fans need to grow the f**k up and see the big picture and stop being so petty? There is only a "them and us" for those who want there to be, what exactly do "Anti-Trust" fans stand for? The club and the trust are colluding on the trust in killie campaign, I don't see how there can be an "Anti" stance on anything.
  13. TIK Roadshow #2 - TONIGHT!

    How are St Mirren not comparable? How is the name a problem? For the love of god I swear we would argue black was white just for the sake of having a moan!! Paisley is bigger than Kilmarnock in terms of population, in terms of football team I'd say they are slightly smaller, but their fans are probably in the same wage bracket as ours are and probably by rights expect the same from their team as we do. As for the name, it does what it says on the tin. Trust in Killie, that's what the campaign is about, getting the Trust into Killie, putting a Trust rep on the board, fans trusting to invest in the club, it works on every conceivable level, its f**king genius compared to buys the buds. Even the acronym TIKs the right box! Whoever thought it up should get a medal! Fan ownership scares those who don't understand it, getting on the board first gives them time to find out what it actually means and how it works. You're probably the best poster on here but sorry you are way off the mark this time.
  14. TIK Roadshow

    Great point. the chance was there for a fresh start and we give it to someone heavily connected with the outgoing director when it should have gone to someone with extensive football knowledge and some standing in the game. Davie MacKinnon anyone? No at Hamilton any longer and knows our club inside out as has respect from people in the football world. Not sure I agree with you wholly on Bowie and Kiltie, I think there is a place for them, but definitely too inexperienced to run the club themselves.
  15. Who has come back?

    I wouldn't wish it on him, or anyone. It was partly the reason he decided to stand down, but the fact is that if he felt welcome at the football club he would still be there. I wouldn't have had a rant in the first place if I didn't have to read that sanctimonious claptrap about staying loyal to the club, there was no need for that either. As for being thankful to the fans who did stay loyal to the club (there we go again, insinuating that no one else is loyal), if they'd boycotted when we should all have the situation would have been resolved years ago instead of being drawn out over a decade and draining us of our resources which their continued input allowed to happen. If they'd had the balls to stand up to Johnston when it all started going tits up then we'd be in a far stronger position now, not out the game as some of you seem to think. Most of our fans shat it, that's the ugly truth, and those party to that are trying to rewrite the history books to show themselves in a better light and give themselves a pat on the back. We can dress up cowardice any way we like, but at the end of the day we still sat back and allowed Johnston to ride roughshod over us for years and we have no one to blame for that other than ourselves. I'm happy to move on and never mention the prick again, but don't expect me to sit back and take the backstabbing and not so sly digs about the fans who protested against Johnston by the fans who propped him up and allowed him to rape our club. I'll happily leave it at that and won't mention it again, as long as the revisionists do the same.

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