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  1. Away fans

    I had romantic memories of a full stand behind the goal in the 2-2 Porteous game! Tommy McLean's interview after
  2. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    On the subject of Brora fans how many were there? Can't seem to see it anywhere. & food stalls situation clearly not improved since my previous grumblings on it... haven't been back to check... far too happy watching the product on the pitch to temper it with queue annoyance.
  3. Mulumbu on Bordeaux and the win

    Shame we are all resigned to losing him in the summer. I'd hope the club are at least trying to put an offer on the table? Make him king of Kilmarnock, grass pitch next season, Europe league football after winning the Scottish cup.... whatever he wants!
  4. Couldn't see ayr doing business with us
  5. Did he not play for us? Or am I thinking of some other haddie?
  6. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Some great goals over the years & a brilliant performance against Hearts at home last season. Can't believe he's still only 24!! Like him but, without being too disrespectful, probably one of player we need to upgrade if we want to be top 6 regulars.
  7. Pie stalls

    Absolute shambles. Went down to the one at Moffat end of east stand just after we scored today & didn't get back to my seat til 53mins. Pretty much same timescale last week too. One till at each window not enough & staff painfully slow. Needs sorted!
  8. Super Ally Mitchell

    Favourite player along with Mcskimming. Skilling up there too, tidy player & scored a few belters... real shame injury cut his career way too short. Ally was brilliant for us though... he skinned his man & put in brilliant crosses regularly + amazing goals! Hugest calves I've ever seen too!
  9. Penalty

    Poor show from Boyd I say. If it was 2-1 fair enough but 4-1 with 10mins to go? Give the lad his hattrick...
  10. A9 closed northbound at Dunblane

    Screwed. Heading home. Nose to tail through Dumblane & cant get back on to the A9 at next junction. Gutted. Left in plenty time too. Good luck the rest of ya!
  11. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    Not been a regular for 8yrs now, although lived abroad from 2009-2015. Been to a lot of away games since moving back but very few at RP. Will be going tomorrow night & will be buying a half season.
  12. Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    No birthday request but a song: Ready to go - Republica Always got me buzzin prior to kick off back in the day!!
  13. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Incredible! With a bit of luck this could be the start of a real upturn in fortunes for us. Amazed & delighted we've managed to get him!
  14. And take your pals with you ....

    Ha ha! Just jumped into this thread for the first time on page3 to be greeted by the above tittle tattle! Could probably go on any of the threads that reaches page 3 and read the exact same! Love us Killie fans!
  15. Billy bowie on sportsound

    Jim Duffy could be a good option. Got Morton to semi final, gave Hibs a game most matches against them last season. Beat us? His teams always seem up for it as does he.

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