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  1. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    i am more than happy with my reasoning. voted against brexit, really disappointed with the result. but think the government should stick by the result. that looks pretty reasoned to me?
  2. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    you are right, i shall stop trying to reason with Zorro/Rag for the reasons you have pointed out.
  3. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    going on about the 1700`s is, in my eyes, of little or no relevnace in 2018. people quoting it need to give it up and concentrate on the current day. sorry to have used the word nonesense, i should follow your suit can stick to using "xenophobic, racist and stupid" you are clearly more comfortable with that type of language!
  4. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    I doi read them but willfully try ignore most of the nonesense that you write. I never mentioned anything about London being a country you have just made that up! I pointed out that it was not ony Scotland who voted against Brexit, try and spin it however you want (I know you will). But there is not clamour from London to say they want another vote etc.? Now given the financial clout London has, they porbably have more to lose than anyone else. Still voted against Brexit. ps. did fine at school, and uni. just have limited time to write posts whilst at work, so hence some typos.
  5. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    I like the "balanced" nature of this post, you yet again label all who voted for Brexit as "stupid". You keep on being balanced!
  6. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    you have issues, in your eyes anyone who doesnt view indepence as the land of milk and honey is a "staunch unionist", untrue, desive, snp trumpting pish! in reality nobody knows the long term effect of Indy ref, but what i can tell you with certainty is that in the short term the scottish economy would suffer.
  7. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    you trying telling the rest of the UK that, Zorro doesnt like it, just ignore the will of the people. are you in favour of a north Korea type state? i dont like Brexit in the slightest, however i always find remaing balanced best.
  8. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    with the first past the post system it was clear. those are the rules, there is no argument. for what it is worth i agree with you about %`s for things like Indy Ref/Brexit.
  9. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    1.you are the only one talking about 1707 - still off on a tangent 2. the will against brexit is just and SNP thing (see your blinkers). I dont expect a blind man to see just because someone tells them they are blid. 3. BS, we all voted, just like scottish indepenence, you have to respect the vote.
  10. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    you have gone off on a tangent. nobody mentioned scotland! you need to see the bigger picture (if you are able). you might have forgotten that London also voted to stay in the EU. we have voted on Brexit and the vote was clear. now it did not go the way i had hoped. but i still think that we might see some judicial review (or similar) that will see either a second vote, or the whole thing collapse. not coming out of the EU would please me, but going against the vote would be unconsitiutional, and is not palatble to me either! whilst i want to be in the EU and I dont want us to ingnore the result.
  11. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    thats because you are blinkered
  12. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    I agree! The tangible benefits are very hard to find from either. For some reason I cant get rid of the feeling that we will see something to try and derail the leaving of the EU. Whilst it would be unconsitutional having already voted on it I would rather we did not leave.
  13. Cities you liked

    St Petersburg Copenhagen Bergen Lisbon Budapest
  14. What Newspaper do the forumites read

    the FT daily and a quick squiz online at lunchtime for footy etc.
  15. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Used to live in Olton in Solihull, just beside Robin Hood golf club. Now live in Sutton Coldfield. Worth playing copt Heath if you get the chance, plays well all year round. Worth trying Robin Hood or Olton too.

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