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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    i find it strange the mcdonald was on the bench, he is either fit to play or not. is ssc given fasan the remaining games to see if we want to keep him?
  2. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    was horrified when he became our manager, got some stick on here for it, i saw first hand what he did with birmingham city, the blokes not a good manager. thankfully, after a blip, we are on to bigger and better things.
  3. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    my old man is 75 and hasnt been abroad in decades, i dont care if it means planes trains and automobiles, if killie are there we will be there.
  4. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    i want 7 wins in a row
  5. Season tickets

    i am happy to give the club some slack on this. it is no coincidence that the contract renewals have happened on the back of securing a top 6 place. this will make our close season so much more relaxed knowing that we have the core of the team set for the next season. if this has been the delay then so be it. maybe they are waiting for us to secure a european place for the launch? obviously going forward we should have them on sale earlier.
  6. The A to Z of killie supporters

    did we play Yeovil when in somerset/dorset the othere year too?
  7. The A to Z of killie supporters

    did we no play wrexham the other pre-season
  8. I think it has to be said....

    with the exception of Mulumbu, Tishbola, Simpson!
  9. Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    i agree, if he did do it then kick him out. in general i find the current trend of people bringing up things from decades ago pretty conerning especially when its one persons word against another. did these kids no go back and tell theri parents about what was going on?
  10. Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    all political parties have their idiots, if you think your party is bereft of idiots then I have news for you, its you!
  11. Boyd

    Burns left us in the lurch to go to Celtic, that must be close to your thoughts about Boyd? The good lord Wullie Watters for me even though he was here only briefly. there is a certain man who only played 11 times and scored 1 goal and he is a legend, DVT. For me it is not about time served, but what you do when here. Otherwise Gary Hay would be in.
  12. Boyd

    can i ask as you dont rate boyd as a club legend, who do you think fits the bill?
  13. Boyd

    i get your point, but i dont begrudge a man trying to earn more money in what is a short career. as gutting as it was, such is life.
  14. Boyd

    i find it hard to accept it is even a debate! he is one of our greatest ever goal scorers, of all time! if that does not make you a killie legend, what does? glad he is banging them in and has got another year, hopefully bangs another 20 odd next season too!
  15. i think they are, its like arguing about what is the worse form of cancer.

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