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  1. Fasan your Seatbelts

    I don't blame him one bit for his own goal at Hamilton. Yesterday however he was too slow in getting down for the shot... probably as no one expected McLean to hit a shot from 35 yards on the angle. We've seen Aberdeens, Hibs, Rangers, Celtic and Ross County keepers (to name a few) have some almighty clangers this year so I'll reserve judgement on Fasan. He's a backup keeper and he's affordable... unlike Bell who would have been on bigger wages.
  2. Top 6 is it worth it ?

    Three homes games could have been Accies, Ross County and St Johnstone for all we know. That would have been a combined total of 1,000 away fans... maybe! I'd take the cash for finishing higher rather than £20k
  3. See to be fair to the original poster, I do have some concerns about Mulumbu. He's now injured again, and he's missed a few matches this year with niggling injuries. My concern is taking on a player on big wages who becomes another Locke or Stevie Smith. In terms of ability he's fantastic however.
  4. Score Prediction - Aberdeen (H)

    1-2 sadly. The team we have out doesn't inspire much confidence in me.
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    Hibs were never the team to catch. Aberdeen and Rangers are the ones to aim for.
  6. Season tickets

    Can't afford to lose the revenue with those two games as we don't have an OF home game from the split and only two matches. We would potentially lose tens of thousands of pounds. Those who are going to renew or buy will do so regardless of one or two free matches I would think.
  7. Rory McKenzie

    I'm same! I genuinely didn't appreciate him until he was given a clearly defined role on the right. Since then he's been absolutely fantastic although he doesn't offer as much going forward. A real asset to our team!
  8. Rory McKenzie

    Huge blow. I'd imagine he would have played probably in all five post split fixtures as he offers so much defensively to allow the white Cafu to overlap. We will be a little more open in the next five games for sure!
  9. Arsenal will not go for Rodgers. He's in exact same mold as Wenger and they need a change: 1) No plan B 2) Doesn't know how to organise a defence 3) Only has a handful of strikers at a club 4) Constantly buy midfielders 5) In big European matches tactically inept Tune into TalkSport to hear what English think about Rodgers... latest comment I heard was "If he had had half a brain he would have won the league with Liverpool"
  10. Season tickets

    I have a feeling they might go on sale today/tomorrow. Makes sense to do this before a home game.
  11. New contracts

    We will increase our playing budget mate, make no mistake about that. However if SH figures are correct, you are endorsing a 25% increase in our squad budget. That in relative terms is massive. There is no point using all of the additional cash up on wages. We need to start making profit year on year and not make hasty reactions. Clarke has proven with the squad we have already he can match Celtic point for point. If Greer, Smith and a few others leave we should have more than enough scope to improve the squad with better fit players. Additionally Aberdeen, Rangers and Hibernian are losing their best players and will have major rebuilding jobs to do along with Hearts. For the first time in about ten years we are actually going into next season with an advantage.
  12. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Oh really? Was always under impression it was Lee that done it. Must have been the only positive step Locke done in his managerial career!
  13. Next season's incoming players...

    I would definitely keep ginger Boyd. We need options at the back for injuries or suspensions. He's 32 and seems content being a bit-part player. Difficult to find someone with that SPL experience and quality that is content to play 10 games a year.
  14. Jones or Mulumbu?

    JJ has market value and up among fastest players in the league. So he wins for me.
  15. Taylor

    His best pal told me he had signed with us weeks ago. Although I'm not sure the benefit of not announcing would be? Hearts just announced the signing of an 179 year old striker from Saints on a pre-contract yesterday.

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