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  1. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    Can't add much to this. If this good time was to last six months, a year or two years it would be a right waste to look back on it and think you hadn't enjoyed it fully because of the worry of it ending! Steve Clarke will go at some point, that's a definite. He will probably go onto another job too. Success breeds success - if he wasn't being coveted by other clubs, his venture with Kilmarnock was a failure and we would not have what we currently have. The important thing, the lesson from all of this, is that everyone to do with Kilmarnock now knows what this club, as an entity, can be in Scottish football. Might have taken a leap of faith from the directors and an undoubted talent to get there but I don't see the next manager being an 'easy option', ' go see if you can keep us in the league', 'how cheap are you' type of appointment.
  2. More than just competing in Europe - he was assistant when Chelsea got to a few Champions League semi finals and (if things are to be believed) was more or less running the team that got beaten in penalties by Man U in the final. McCoist is better though...
  3. gers away, Fred

    Slow start into the game again, but I think that is deliberate and the main focus is not losing the game when they are most up for it. Finished the half stronger, got the goal just after half time, soaked up what they had for a bit and then saw out the game comfortably. You don't have failures when that works and make picking a MoM hard (so I didn't vote in that), but happy to see it given it to Broadfoot, as again, excellent. As I see from elsewhere (and the lack of votes) that two players are sitting under the radar a bit - Tshibola is still getting a bit of grief but I thought that he was really good today, always kept the game in front of him and used his physicality well - had a great 50/50 tackle and just blew the Rangers player away. Findlay is turning into a right good centre half and another mans performance from still a relatively young player. Add to that, the general pressure of that game, with the amount of football they have played over the past few weeks, and the disappointment of Tuesday - top marks for all if I could.
  4. Attendance tonight

    Did they win the appeal?
  5. Next season

    I always thought O'Hara had a bit about him, right from his debut at Celtic Park and I never like to make too much of individual incidents but his part in Wilson's winner against Dundee has made me question whether we should have him back. His lack of interference in that play was disturbing.
  6. More from SC

    Good point. I don't know if a loss should be described as likely at Ibrox (because we are a different animal now and we may well come away with something) but given their improvement, our heavy schedule etc. it certainly would not be a surprise to not come away with anything. Still blows my mind a bit to think that top six is there for us, given our start.
  7. Highlights

    Logan had a disaster at our goal. Tried to jump for a ball that wasn't there yet and it looked as though he simply panicked.
  8. Stlll a great season

    The players have played a lot of games - this result might take it out of them even more but they have shown great character in the past few weeks. Anyway, if you had told me in October that before the end of the season we would lose out in a penalty shoot-out at Rugby Park, after two hard fought draws, I would have presumed we had somehow scraped into the relegation play-off..... That ain't going to be happening now and this is different gravy!
  9. Crowd

    Our crowds will be made up of whoever turns up and no amount of bitching will change that. Kilmarnock fan all my days and we have never been the best supported team, even when really successful, despite the fact that we can pull together big crowds for the really big games. To berate people for not going to the football is like berating people for not supporting a local restaurant that doesn't provide good food all the time, concert venues that don't have good/big bands on or cinemas that don't show the current blockbusters. There is no point to this thread. We are who we are. We are where we are. And, at this moment in time - that's a bloody brilliant place to be!
  10. Rossco Fred

    Difficult choices for the manager for Tuesday. Absolutely and completely magic!
  11. Killie vs Ross County

    I think he will miss the Rangers game but be available for Saturday and Tuesday. Big miss!
  12. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    Got to agree with this. I just don't understand how anyone would want their manager to just let this slide and say nothing.
  13. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    Ian McCall has had a pop at Clarke a few times, but he is not worth bothering about. Bonner's comment is poor too - is he expecting that McInnes should be allowed to have a pop at a Kilmarnock player on national tv/radio and then our manager is to get no more than a possible retraction in a private chat? Clarke doesn't think so and I'm pleased to see it!
  14. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    McInnes is entitled to an opinion and he could have gave that opinion by stating that he thought it was a soft penalty or similar. Instead, he chose to word things in a way that made out a Kilmarnock FC player deliberately dived to take a penalty. If you don't want your manager to step on that then fair enough, but I think Clarke has every right to question whether that is a suitable thing for another manager to say about one of his players.
  15. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Good. Things like that are just due, waiting, made, designed, to be broken. This is a team to do it.

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