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  1. Eremenko

    Have you seen his mrs!
  2. Traffic problems

    Road into killie shut where the dalespark inn used to stand
  3. Hun/Fenian

    In the 50s both sides called there rivals huns wasn’t TIL the 60s that it became a sevco only term
  4. Sod for scotland

    Paterson plays central midfield for Cardiff,warnock raved about his performances since he’s got over his latest injury
  5. Saturday

    Just back from new farm roads and paths are lethal!wouldnt call it knicker wetting just there usual bad planning from the council
  6. Cities you liked

    Ostend is good for a weekend
  7. Kris Boyd Picture Thread

    Goal 84 he looks like Tyson fury
  8. FA Cup

    Think arsene wants a trophy (any trophy)so he can say he’s worth another year as manager!
  9. FA Cup

    Seems there priority is the game with Chelsea this week
  10. Pictures of old Kilmarnock

    They have put housing behind the viaduct already!
  11. Steven Naismith

    Wife is a dentist finished her degree same time as the rankers went tits up!meant there was nothing stopping them leaving Scotland talk about perfect timing
  12. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    This 100%!just turns into a bog standard midweek fixture instead of an extra Xmas night out
  13. Super Ally Mitchell

    Was in the enclosure at side of the tunnel when he scored brings back a lot of memories and makes me feel ancient!
  14. Thistle home Fred

    2 goals already this defensive line up will na dae lol
  15. A went to same school as Nicola sturgeon if that explains anything!

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