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  1. Nike Deal

    Got a couple of Leeds t shirts by Kappa and XL is a bit of a snug fit for me. Normally Im a M/L
  2. Kaiserslautern Killie Story

    Not mathematically. However it's not looking great.
  3. Morton v Killie League cup 1979

    Couldve been the year before then?. 11th October 78 Morton beat us 5-4 on aggregate. Sure it went to extra time. We won the first leg at RP 2-0.
  4. Morton v Killie League cup 1979

    Was the first leg John Bourkes debut? If this is the game I'm thinking of I remember going up to Greenock with a school buddy and his dad.
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    Christie was high and left his foot in. SOD pushes him and Christie goes down over reacting. Handbags ensue McLean and SOD are booked. Christie gets off scot free. s**te refereeing by Walsh
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    Post match comments SSC "Aberdeen probably deserved to win" Derek Mc Innes" A really tough game. There wasn't 2 goals in it" Wille Miller "Aberdeen were streets ahead"
  7. I would think someone like Sean Dyche or Eddie However would be more on their radar than Brendan Rogers.
  8. Aberdeen game

    There were rumours of him and Ash Taylors other half as well according to a Dons fan I know.
  9. Aberdeen game

    Remember us at Tynecastle on a great unbeaten run. Big Killie support, pishing doon and got gubbed something like 3-0 De Vries was all elbows that day. Got away with murder from Scottish refs.
  10. Aberdeen game

    The big Dutch guy? Think he signed for Leicester?
  11. Aberdeen game

    SSC playing games? Wouldn't be the first time we've had doubts only for them to play.
  12. Aberdeen game

    Apart from Graeme Shinnie... Who is the referee tomorrow?
  13. Aberdeen Home Massive

    Bollocks to Aberdeen. They charge us over the odds and stick us in a delapidated stand. F**k goodwill to their fans especially after their antics after the cup replay.
  14. Aberdeen Home Massive

    Nail on the head
  15. Aberdeen Home Massive

    No good reason why the Killie support for this game shouldn't be at the same level as it was for the cup replay. If anything it should be better as ST holders dont need to pay for this one and its a Saturday afternoon at 3 pm.

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