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  1. Agreed. Over rated.
  2. Ipox mentality

    According to the Herald Sevco value Morelos at £10 million. Aye but here's £350,000 for Jordan Jones. Deluded as f**k. Wonder how much fat Hun Mccall thinks Morelos is worth.? Suppose he will base it on the one game he will see him in next round of the cup.
  3. Steven Naismith

    That's fine. Use the Jambos to get fit then sign for us permanently next season when him and Norwich come to an agreement over the remainder of his contract at the end of this season. Simple
  4. Hippos good news

    Dirty Sanchez?
  5. Come on I know he is wee but he is bigger than 3cm!
  6. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    We did without visits from the knuckle draggers for 4 or 5 seasons avoiding Scottish football's apocalypse in the process. Boycott ? f**kin bring it on.
  7. Steven Naismith

    This from the man himself http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42667650
  8. Steven Naismith

    Exactly. The Sevco fans who are anti Naismith are the knuckle draggers who didn't like the truth he spoke. The more educated amongst them realise he would be a good signing
  9. Steven Naismith

    Neil Hood? I'm sure his wife was a teacher for a short while at New Farm Primary
  10. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Played a huge part in saving us from going down. No way a dud. Did he not score a late winner up at Pittodrie in a midweek game near the end of the season?
  11. JJ

    Rangers just signed a left sided midfielder on loan from QPR so looks like Ipox will not be his home.
  12. Hibs Roll Call

    Living in East Lothian I can endorse this. Fickle as f**k fans. Hearts have a more hardcore support and that info came from a Hibee!
  13. Hibs Roll Call

    Taking my Everton season ticket holder buddy along for his first look at Ayrshires finest

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