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  1. Motherwell Development Match

    just back, Burke rank, Erwin and Brophy very poor, Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer still sitting after most folk had left. big changes in January I think. p.s Craigen of Motherwell a total knob
  2. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    It's great ! Fans and club coming together at last. Total different place
  3. Some buzz around the place

    Got the two guys a thought might come back going to the Hibs game, was not hard they said they were going anyway and they were long time season ticket holders, Who had drifted away If everyone try's to get a least one to go the Hibs game it would make some difference
  4. Kris Boyd has 112 goals...

    he is pleading to the fans to get back, got to agree if this does not work then it begs a question
  5. Cut Price Season Tickets?

    Spot on
  6. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I know of at least five that went a good while ago, going all out to get at least two of them to attend the Hibs game and hopefully every week
  7. Jags away fred

    Pretty sure that there will additions to the squad and some leaving. For me the first thing l would do is give Greer the captains armband
  8. Alan Power

    Had good solid game . Pleased for him
  9. Jags away fred

    Alan power had a right good game so broadfoot and Greer strolled it, jones was terrific. Superb backing by the 926 fans as well in Steve Clarke we trust.
  10. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    yes !. read somewhere that the club were flying him up
  11. Who is going ...

    get up tae firhill and pack that stand oot, and make some noise.!!!!!! FOR WE ARE THE AYRSHIRE KILLIE BOYS
  12. Thistle game turn out

    could be big turnout, hope so
  13. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    welcome home !! what a superb signing
  14. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

  15. Is it time............

    spot on Andy ! well done Billy Bowie and if it comes to fruition, then its time we the fans played our part. ask the stay away fans to back the club once more,we must know plenty of people who used to go. A superb appointment so lets get Killie buzzing again

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