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  1. Away fans

  2. How do we keep Clarke?

    not a hope it will happen but
  3. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    hope to god its Alex McLeish ! was beginning to wonder who ran Scottish football, the SFA or the f**king BBC, if Stevie Clarke has been the manager of one of the bigot brothers pretty sure these clowns would not be pushing him forward as hard, but its only us who have no right to have him, f**k them
  4. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Do a rangers and ban the bbc ! f**king sick of these clowns
  5. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    f**k him another clown !
  6. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Spoke about loyalty in his first interview here ,and how he got none at WBA, cannot see him leaving us after seventeen games to go and be third or fourth choice for those SFA muppets
  7. Brora Fred

    thought the crowd was bigger to be honest, east stand looked quite busy
  8. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    agree with this
  9. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    The same ones were slagging killie off not so long ago before Clarke came. Now they try to rip him away, shower of media no f**k all bas@@@ds
  10. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Good hope he gets it ! Sick hearing about by the media would never even be quoted if had never came to us
  11. good and take Doncaster with him
  12. remember getting John Sludden from them, and him scoring against them. Brillant !
  13. Another Killie Legend Passes

    R I P.
  14. Anthony Stokes

    No thanks
  15. Total faith in SSC

    could not agree more

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