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  1. Murrayfield - who's in?

    I'm going to go, however forgot to get my ticket tonight as I only made it into the ground with 5 mins to spare. How can I get a ticket for it? Can't see them online and I live in Falkirk.
  2. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    Me too, need to go home to Falkirk first to get the car though going to be a struggle to make it given the traffic
  3. Next game - Hamilton

    With Hamilton's form I can't see us picking up anything next week.

    i like the '97 one, might need to get it
  5. Annan Match Thread

    Annan have a better speaker system than us, by miles!
  6. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    I was really hoping I'd be proved wrong about McCulloch, but if that's anything to go by I worry about us this season, I was never enamoured by his appointment. As for Boyd as everyone has said it was obvious last season he was finished, I really hope Lee has someone up his sleeve but I fear we may be starting the league campaign with him up front.
  7. Ayr vs Kilmarnock

    Same here, would be much appreciated
  8. Gary Dicker A-Z

    His passing is sometimes woeful but definitely first name on the team sheet. On another note, Jordan Jones!!
  9. Subs

    THIS, absolutely crazy to change a defence that kept an in-form Aberdeen side under control for 80 mins of a match. I honestly couldn't fathom what he was thinking.
  10. New Manager Poll

    Rangers are looking for one, hearts have one already which is well publicised.
  11. Stokes

    Pointless signing, he was great while he had Eremenko but not worth it now, his struggle at hearts shows that imo.
  12. Stokes

    Couldn't see him choosing us over Hibs.
  13. Accies v Killie match thread

    What a 2nd goal!
  14. Atmosphere

    They said a bad word to the referee
  15. Lee Clark and the media

    Fair enough, it's not something I've ever listened to.

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