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  1. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Yes!! Big Kirk
  2. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Right lets do it Killie! Get banging those goals in!
  3. Mulumbu gossip

    The reality is that it is unlikely, as said by Steve, that he will be with us next season so the speculation of who’s interested etc will start now and continue until he signs with a club. As he is currently plying his trade in Scotland it stands to reason that initial speculation will be about the ‘so called top 4’. We all know that he is highly unlikely to stay in Scotland and will no doubt move to England, however, if he doesn’t I would be quite confident he will stay with Killie due to Steve Clarke’s influence.
  4. Dreamland

    If we were in a dream but this is reality!
  5. gers away, Fred

    2-1 win the Killie!
  6. Dons match fred

    As long as we win im not bothered when we do it!
  7. Pressure on Aberdeen

    Me too, however, it will be a hard game but it is there for the winning and I know we can do it!
  8. Swap Jordan jones

    I wouldn’t swap him for anyone. I would only sell him for mega bucks!!
  9. Saints home, Fred

    Life is beautiful...
  10. Killie v St. Johnstone

    Really important game this one for our top 6 aspirations. Got to win this one, which I believe we can and should, I do think however that we will need Mulumbu back running the show in the middle of the park. Its exciting times and I'm loving it!
  11. Hearts 1 Killie 1 27/02/18

    Jamie for me. Penalty save and a few others. He saved the point for us. Another good game from Taylor.
  12. Jambos, Fred

    All in all a good result. Jamie is our hero tonight!
  13. Jambos, Fred

    Looks like a winning line up to me!
  14. How do we keep Clarke?

    Investing in the club both on and off the field and the board (BB) continuing to show a proper level of ambition would all help to keep him, however, lets not kid ourselves here, if an attractive opportunity was to come his way in the EPL he would take it and who could or would blame him?

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