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  1. Steven Naismith

    Are we all just getting a wee bit excited a wee bit prematurely here?!
  2. Steven Naismith

    Me neither!
  3. He'll come good again I still think we would do better keeping him
  4. JJ one of the best we have at the moment IMO. I personally would be gutted to lose him.
  5. Jamie Macdonald

    At the end of the day we are all entitled to our opinions, however, it would seem that the vast majority of opinions on here is that McDonald, for the time being, should keep the number 1 shirt!
  6. Jamie Macdonald

    Don't the majority of goals come from defensive and goalkeeper errors? Can't 'sack' players for making a mistake, they are human after all - no Messi's or Ronaldo's in the team!
  7. Jamie Macdonald

    Cammy Bell cant take the number 1 shirt off Macdonald as it is, SC been with us long enough to decide who is the better keeper.
  8. Jamie Macdonald

    I agree with Zorro - the forums are all about us giving our own opinions and have sensible debate and discussion over them!
  9. Jamie Macdonald

    We do seem to have a good track record of getting the best out of players with 'baggage' - one of favourites being Andy McLaren! So.....get rid of Bell, bring in Bain and let him and Jamie fight for the number 1?!
  10. Jamie Macdonald

    A good keeper yes, what's the disciplinary all about? Not sure that he's a better shot stopper though - that is one of Jamies better attributes. Whilst Jamie is here and happy to be staying I think there are more important areas of the team to be looking at strengthening.
  11. Jamie Macdonald

    Collectively as a team, however, whilst some of the team have been punted it may well be that although a team/collective effort etc maybe some players put in that wee bit more effort! Anyway, you're not a fan of his so whatever we say won't change your mind! If he was to go who would you like to see replace him?
  12. Jamie Macdonald

    Yes he had a shakey game against the Gers but he has been a solid member of the team this season and one of the best players over the last few years. The amount of stick he gets off people on here is shocking. He has, in some games, single handedly won us points. I for one would be sad to see him go, and I don't think there is much better out there in Scotland.
  13. JJ

    Surely if he's going anywhere he'd be heading down south?
  14. JJ

    With reported interest from down south I would be surprised if he went to Rangers.
  15. JJ

    Bloody hope not!

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