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  1. Season tickets

    How long do current season ticket holders have to retain their seat?
  2. Let's be realistic

    A win on Saturday and it's game on again.
  3. Hibs away

    Plenty available in shop today. After today's results I think a few hundred will be knocked off what we might have taken. I still think we can catch rangers. So get yer tickets!!
  4. Sheep home, Fred

    Noticed a forgotten faces in the crowd today. Shouting and moaning. The reemergence of the 'Ah'll no be back brigade'?
  5. Hibs Tickets

    Can see this developing into "just get tickets in the home end" situation as 1600 won't be enough.
  6. Parking Tomorrow

    Big free council car park on beckford street. Always plenty spaces and a 5 minute walk to ground.
  7. Season tickets

    Some amount of moaning on here. A month won't make a difference. And to be fair it has been a busy month. What matters is a well marketed campaign led by SC encouraging folk to snap them up. We are 4 or 5 wins better off than where we were if we'd launched them last month. The feel good factor is still here and will only get better between now and the end of the season. Likelihood is they are waiting to see if they need to include a European top-up option! So simmer down folks. Accies away tomorrow and 6 in a row.
  8. post split fixtures

    Anyone else not that bothered about who we play and where? I'm confident we can beat anyone anywhere. Get your passports ready.
  9. post split fixtures

    All winnable.
  10. A Thing of Beauty ...

    Best team in the country.
  11. Today's Attendance

    270 ish I think.
  12. Mulumbu Skint

    "Let's all have a whip round, let's all have a whip round, for Mu - lumbu! for Mu - lumbu!"
  13. Stevie Clarke and Alex Dyer

    6 replies to the OP and no-one has corrected the spelling of our manager?? This forum has changed!
  14. Custom scarfs

    Yes, one for each tartan. My preference has always been the traditional blue and white bar scarf, though could do with replacing my current one.
  15. Manager of Month March

    Winning the league next season will put us on track for the champions league final in 2020. To be held in Istanbul or Lisbon. Where do we prefer? And how many tickets will we get?

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