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  1. Gary Dicker

    Or has likely signed and breaking news on Monday. Leak usually gets better press coverage / photos unless a major story breaks.
  2. Return of Woodman??

    maybe I've missed somewhere but what has happened to McKay as I always thought he had potential. He seemed to get good reports when on loan?
  3. If you could rename the Sports Bar

    the loss leader
  4. As predicted Well are looking at McCulloch

    loyalty in football, you're having a laugh!
  5. option fir use of money

    why don't tge two board members suggest using the so called £1mill to biy out major shareholder. Can be done if get a motion to EGM albeit difficult as voting we know. Worth trust weighing in now as coukd be opportune to raise funds to help? Know legal hurdles but happened with other businesses.
  6. story that under 19 keeper from NUFC coming o. Loan to get game time. Why is question unless Jamie or poss Devlin on way. link http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/01/01/do-have-newcastle-united-been-inspired-by-previous-transfer-with/
  7. interesting

    slightly of tangent but went to site to see what was being shown and when there visited KFC and saw that there is still a charge against KFC by BoS. Is against 2 Dundonald Place which I thought had been sold and was thus off books. I may have missed this but worth noting for future questions although may be an administrative slip-up - by whom as when the change happened should have been cleared.
  8. TV Coverage

    did I miss a change to rules. The ranglers vs ill match is on tv at 3 when there are a screed of other games live. games live. Thought SPFL / SFA didn't allow this or has it changed?
  9. Formal Protest?

    don't know if an off the wall option would be for those renewing their season to lodge funds in a trust. Then for home games draw out or buy a slug if tickets. This would cover c 20 gmes and show the value of supporters funds. We do have to remember however that season ticket funds as a lump sum cover early season costs including paying contract signing on fers. there is the danger that certain members of board and some supporters will spin as fans apathy and poor support. just a thought from a distant fan.
  10. AGM (merged)

    any word of appeal against McDonald sending off. Work with large group of Cally fans who say was never a sending off - yellow yes.
  11. Excellent Faubert interview

    I was at Inverness and later than most to leave ground. On park Faubert stood on own before referee signalled him to go off - pose told that he was disappointed and not happy with what had gone on the park. Hopefully he lets rip into his colleagues who did not appear to have much passion never mind skills!

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