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  1. Paul Clarke

    Quite a shock to see two guys I've not seen for 30 years - guess we're all getting older. Paul was my favourite Killie player when I was young, so brilliant to hear him talking about his career. That goal against Clydebank was a cracker. The 10 club Premier Division was really cut-throat and teams like Killie never really had a chance of surviving beyond a couple of years. Even with full time football, we would not have got to 25 years and counting in our current run in the top tier without the benefit of a bigger league than we had then. It was a real shame that guys like Clarke, McCulloch, McDicken etc never got the chance to play full time.
  2. Tony Watt

    Lots of decent Belgian players - name one who still plays in Belgium, though! Their domestic league is nothing great, which I think is the point that was being got at.
  3. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Definitely! Instant reaction to a bad result. I love Steve Clarke and cordially invite him to have sexual relations with anything he wants in my house.
  4. New goal keeper jasko keranovic

    The gentleman on the right didn't sign, though!
  5. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    No, I'm not, actually. Just p*ssed off at losing a game - had forgotten what it feels like.
  6. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Cracks beginning to appear. Despite Clarke's alleged contacts, very little activity in the transfer window to plug the obvious deficiencies in the team. Like Kenny Shiels, Steve Clarke is a very good assistant manager who apparently can't handle the top job. Maybe we should have stuck with Lee McCulloch and given him time to get his signings settled in properly.
  7. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Grew up in Killie. Now living in Prestwick.
  8. New deal for Boydie?

    It's a no-brainer with his current form. Either Boyd or Brophy getting injured right now would be a frightening prospect because, although they have developed a strong partnership, behind them we appear to have absolutely nobody to play up front. So whether Boyd stays or goes we have to sign another striker to give us some back up - get rid of Boyd and we have to sign two new strikers. How much can pundits realistically earn in Scotland? It's not like down south, where the likes of Lineker and Shearer are on 7-figure salaries. I'm not convinced it is ever going to be more than a part-time job for Boyd - maybe that's all he wants, right enough, but it wouldn't otherwise make sense for him to quit a full-time job to focus on his media work.
  9. SC is God

    He says his brother "still plays with" Killie, but Paul retired in the summer of 1986 and Steve didn't sign for Chelsea until February 1987. I have never seen any direct quote from Steve Clarke to say that he supports any team other than Killie. Paul was a Celtic fan before he joined us, but Steve grew up supporting his older brother.
  10. Rangers thread

    Mulumbu looks happy enough in the photo.
  11. Rangers thread

    He has not yet (and probably never will) used up my goodwill for one brave decision he made on 18 March 2012.
  12. Sevco Home Dec 23rd

    I totally agree with this. Even if they sell out the second stand (which is very rare), it raises barely £100K, minus extra policing and stewarding costs. Of course, even that is a decent amount of money, but 300 or so extra Killie fans buying a season ticket would cover it. Home fans visiting 20 times a season are more important than away fans who visit once or twice: the club has to show that it recognises this. If we got relegated (which is where we were heading a few weeks ago), there wouldn't be any OF games.
  13. Sébastien Bassong

    An unemployed guy who drives his Maserati at 110mph - that is classy. Bassong probably doesn't fancy Universal Credit and will be keen to get back into work. Really excited about the kind of players that Steve Clarke is able to attract to Killie.
  14. That back four

    That was an attempt at humour btw!
  15. That back four

    Maybe we could do with Michael Johnston back to sort out the contracts.

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