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  1. 150th Anniversary match

    Sheffield FC is England's oldest club and Notts County is the oldest professional club.
  2. Next Manager Thread

    It would be bizarre and reckless not to interview Clarke if he applied, although it is Killie we are talking about. I wonder if there is any possibility of a management team involving Mixu plus either Holt or McIntyre. Neither Mixu not Kenny Shiels were anything like as successful once that partnership was broken up, so getting the right assistant is essential.
  3. LBGTI fans

    I have probably heard the word 'w*nker' used as an insult far more than homophobic abuse at football games. What about the Onanistic community? I can honestly say that I have never heard a biphobic, transphobic or intersexophobic comment or chant. Actually, a transgender person would face instant discrimination from the SFA if they are born male and want to play in a women's team (or vice versa) - correct me if I am wrong. What about Asexuals, who find it all rather disgusting? By all means sign up to LGBTQIWOA+ though.
  4. Coulibaly left current club?

    Would love to have him back, but I think it's fairly certain that Al Ahly would suspect it was all part of a sting for us to bank the transfer fee and then get him back anyway. If it were the other way round, there is no doubt that is how it would look. Until Coulibaly makes peace with the Egyptians, he is toxic for us.
  5. Killie Fans

    A former colleague of mine played several hundred games for Killie. When I referred to him as a 'legend', he told me that what he rememberd was being a hate figure - the first player who would get the blame from the fans whenever anything went wrong. It was obvious that this had been really hurtful to him, and it is clearly not a new problem for Killie.
  6. Dementia in footballers

    It's clear that we need more research into this. Although footballs today are much lighter, they also travel much faster, so we need to know whether they are more or less dangerous than balls in the past. Should heading be banned? It would arguably be the biggest change to how the game is played since football began. However, I don't want to see players suffering brain damage. It would encourage greater skill, just as when goalkeepers were banned from handling back passes, and that may not be a bad thing.
  7. what happens to Clarks youth coach?

    Is he from Norfolk?
  8. Karleigh Osborne

    Oh dear.
  9. Facts are a damned nuisance.......

    I loved Mixu, but he is hard to judge. He was here for less than a season and the horrendous signings he made in the January transfer window could have come back to bite him. Realistically, any new manager who came in now would be a huge gamble. I'm happy for Lee Clark to be given a bit more time, rather than starting from scratch yet again.
  10. Could LC become the new TB?

    I enjoyed the Tommy Burns era and was devastated when he left. In saying that, we scraped promotion in the first season thanks to Dunfermline losing a series of home matches, and only just scraped survival in the second season. I'm not knocking the fact that he got lucky - I'd rather have a lucky manager than an unlucky one - but he left at the right time for his reputation to be intact. The following season would have been a real challenge with an ageing team. Mixu did something similar, by jumping ship at the right time to avoid any awkward questions about why he had signed Billy Berntsson et al. I hope that LC can be successful, and I certainly feel a lot more enthusiastic about this season than I have for several years.
  11. Day of reckoning

    For no logical reason at all, I reckon we are going to win today. Trouble is, I honestly can't decide if that is the best outcome for Killie. If relegation would bring about a change of regime and the departure of MJ, it is very tempting.
  12. Say Bye - To a Killie Pie?

    Having Googled 'detrifice' (toothpaste, apparently) I wonder how many of these reflect products that the football club has ever actually been involved in making/selling. I am no expert, but it reminds me of some of the more delusional contestants on Dragons' Den who are told (usually by Deborah) in no uncertain terms that their patent is not worth the paper it is written on.

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