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  1. Late entry

    I was up in Edinburgh today with my son for an open day at the Uni. Left there at 2:30 and made it to the East Stand turnstiles just after the first half ended. No turnstiles were open so I asked the steward at the gates how I could get in, only to be told, “the last turnstile shut a wee while ago, so as there’s no-one to scan your season ticket you canny get in.” Despite my protestations, he wasn’t for changing his mind so I ended up going to the front of the Frank Beattie and managing to blag my way in by speaking to a club official. Anyone else had the same issue? Is this the fault of the stewards/KFC or both? I bust a guy to get back for the second half (call me mad) and was point blank refused entry. Some may not have gone and tried other avenues, meaning a decent supporter making an effort to support the team (having paid for an ST) would’ve just headed for the hills!! I remember the days when you could go in for free after halftime. Now it seems you can’t get in at all - even with a season ticket! Very poor.
  2. Ayr vs Kilmarnock

    I'm in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote. Sports bars all fine here as long as you want to watch the Septic game at 5 and Wigan v Liverpool at 7:45. For anyone here, I've managed to get the Irish Anvil (yes, I know!!) to agree to show the game.
  3. If MJ is still here at the turn of the year....

    I'm happy to pledge. As is my Dad, and son - answering on their behalf as neither are members on here.
  4. v ICT away

    Should've hooked McKenzie instead of Higgy. We wouldn't have noticed we were a man down. Truly woeful and anonymous.

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