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  1. What was your first game?

    The day I was born.
  2. Sandy Ferguson

    RIP Sandy
  3. Norman Martin R.I.P.

    RIP Norman
  4. Safe standing areas

    Its also OK to stand on the walkway's as well, so much for health and saftey.
  5. Mark Connelly

    Best wishes Mark.
  6. Season tickets

    I'm looking for a free under 16 season ticket for my boy , can anyone help please.
  7. Your pies are Mince

    Aulds = gads
  8. EGM - Shareholders needed

    Great work.
  9. Development League-Rangers (a)

    What was final score
  10. Sandy Clark must be laughing

    Sandy clark = bawbag
  11. John Kiltie

    John would get my vote as well.
  12. Magennis

    A striker who cannie score goals .
  13. Great player,back in favour at Derby ,great to see.
  14. Interview: Lee Clark (April 2016)

    3 points plz,
  15. Under 20s: Dons away

    Well done Killie.

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