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  1. Let's be realistic

    If we do 'Start again' in August rather than sometime in the middle of October then the 'dream' is 'realistic.' Hope I've squared the circle here?
  2. Top 6 is it worth it ?

    Maybe the real question should be 'Are rewards for getting into top six enough?' Is it enough to make teams really speculate/invest to try to make it and improve or are the temptations to try to tread water and just stay in the league too great? Another question ...... If we hadn't had the disastrous start and the SSC miracle but had just earned 5th or 6th this year and Motherwell win the cup would they have had a better season than us? A number of posts on here, on different threads, have suggested the usual top five is Twisted Sisters, the Edinburgh duo and the Red Sheep leaving only one place per season for anyone else. So I'm wondering just what we should be aiming for and what the strategy should be in the summer? Just asking to quote a phrase!
  3. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    He was given more latitude than any manager I can remember. Bought a shed load of duffers and the odd good one (law of averages) played crap football and bogged off as soon as he could! Career buried at Bury which is what he deserved! Best to put him in the past which is where he belongs.
  4. Caption Competition

    Boss, we need to sign half a dozen of these Accies in the summer!
  5. Aberdeen Home Massive

    I suggest SSC plays a recording of the BBC radio commentary of the Cup Replay to the lads before the game!
  6. Big Kirk Broadfoot

    On the subject of his heading ability I haven't seen anyone as dominant in the air at the back as him in my 25 years of watching. Actually not even close!
  7. New Scoreboards/Screens for RP

    Always had a slight concern about how a Supporter's Director could be really representative of all the support? Just look at the different views on this site for a start! Agree club infrastructure is more important than ground infrastructure.
  8. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    And just to think we usually manage that before the end of August! Dreamland!!
  9. Cup Semi-Finals

    How can we have such a bad record against a bunch like that? Time to put that right!!
  10. post split fixtures

    On BBC red button it's being reported that the split fixtures will be sorted after this weekend's matches. It goes on to say they wish to avoid Celtic winning championship in a match with Sevco. Motivation is understandable but is this a good precedent? Presumably this fixture will be a title decider some day and aren't authorities pandering to savages here?
  11. Next season's incoming players...

    One more 'star' player rather than a number of others who don't even seem to be fringe players would fit the bill. Actually that shows the progress that we've made in last few months.
  12. Gary Dicker

    It's true that Dicker and Power give a sound defensive base and with cover from Wilson we're well provided for in the area that was the big weakness at the start of the season. If he signs and assuming Mulumbu goes then it's a different type of more creative playmaker we need in the summer. We have the quick attacking players and a proven goal scorer so then the second priority is central defence. The great thing is that you can see the logic in everything that's happening right now and I can't remember when it was last like this?
  13. Next season's incoming players...

    Our budget will be limited and so the best players from the bottom four of SPL (at right age) are legitimate considerations. Other than that we can't compete with wages in England down as far as lower reaches of league one. Not saying that there won't be diamonds in the rough but we need to be realistic. Other point is that we need to know who's staying before we can be sure what we might need ...... that's the logic of recent contract extensions.
  14. Still Moaning About JJ

    Agree he's exciting and dynamic and his end product is improving. Not finished article but deserves better than to be moaned at by home fans!
  15. Brophy

    This unfamiliar feeling is us being managed properly! Looking forward to further progress this season and especially over the summer when SC has made his intentions (3 or 4 quality additions) perfectly plain.

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