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  1. BT Sport Preview Killie vs Dundee

    The 4-0 battering of Accies away followed by a limp 0-2 at home to Partick that doomed us to the playoffs 18 months ago springs to mind. There was also one about 15 years ago when Dundee got hammered (6-0 I think) by Rangers in midweek when we had no game. We were winning 2-0 against them (Durrant and Dindeleux) the following Saturday with 15 minutes to go and were lucky to get a draw. A point at Aberdeen was great but the players must realise that was just a start .......... we are owed a lot of good home performances starting tomorrow!!
  2. LBGTI fans

    Anyone with a problem with this initiative should look at the swathes of empty blue plastic seats on Saturday and ask, "Are we inclusive enough?" A club that wants to be at the heart of its community should be clear that it welcomes everyone from that community.
  3. How much could we get for Jones?

    If we could remedy final ball/end product issue then you might be talking £2million. Clearly that's the future for clubs like us so a bit disappointing that management team haven't resolved the issue yet!
  4. If Jig quits

    Don't understand obsession with former managers. Yesterday's news. Clark bogged off to Bury in preference to the mighty Killie. Anyone mad enough to do that deserves all he gets! Incidentally Bury are traditionally amongst the half dozen worst supported clubs in the football league so what can they expect in League one? The supporters they do have were always pretty unpleasant when I came across them when I lived in Lancashire so I'm certain the club and Clark deserve each other!!
  5. Line up face Aberdeen

    Whoever plays needs to show some determination. Our record against Aberdeen is an absolute (and longstanding) disgrace. It really does suggest that we don't deserve to be in the same league as them and I, for one, am not willing to accept that!
  6. King Kenny Speaks!

    I liked him but he could be embarrassing wonder how he is on the piano?
  7. Sorry 'their' but I'm working hard on my grammar/spelling!
  8. Even management of the development team makes no sense. Bell hasn't played since he signed and surely Power should be playing in an attempt (probably vain) to get fit? As it is the players in the first team squad but not playing aren't getting games anywhere so it's no wonder they're off the pace. Also the manager taking an interest in the development team has to be good for morale overall? Perhaps as it's unlikely Leven and McCulloch are likely to be around to see any of the current development squad break into the first team they're apparent lack of interest is explicable? As for hard work during the week we were told about that before Motherwell game!!!!
  9. A Culture Problem at the club

    Boyd trains?
  10. The clock is ticking

    I've seen arguments that you give him the first eleven games. I think that will probably give a new manager too much to do and less chance of assessing what he's got and resolving things in January window. In retrospect I think that is what kept us up last season. At the same time I wouldn't want to do a Crystal Palace as that does a club no credit at all. For me he has three more matches at most.
  11. A Disgrace. . .

    If our time's up? You never cease to resist and that's all we want to see from the team ........ some resistance!! I don't agree with those who saying relegation could be a good thing since you have to work like hell to get back to where we are now. Or at least where we were before we wasted yet another summer! No guarantees we'd get back any time soon. I understand the anger, frustration and strong views but I also think some of the name calling should stop too because there aren't enough of us to be p**sing each other off like that.
  12. A Culture Problem at the club

    This older professionals point is REALLY important. There are clearly (as the 93/94 reference demonstrates) two types of 'old lag' one of which is a cancer in a club especially one with limited resources and the other can be really positive for the youngsters and the club generally. It seems to me that the fans are pretty clear which category most of our lot belong in. The blame for this comes from the top in that the Board have tolerated it. As has been said elsewhere McCulloch and Leven have ben here long enough to address it and haven't. That, coupled with the inept tactics and criminally poor signings mean that they have to go. I say this reluctantly but Greer's intervention and this thread has made up my mind. Future recruitment needs to be as much on character as anything else so that at least we see some pride, passion and effort on the pitch. As has been said we can't expect world beaters but we are entitled to these attributes from the people lucky enough to be living our dreams.
  13. Need Changes team

    Must be time to try Taylor's battling qualities in midfield and drop one of the 'wingers.' Sadly we're so far off we are almost certain to lose at Aberdeen it's about seeing some improvement and then the next two home games.
  14. Identity

    Some great points here. Once you're in love you're in love and it doesn't take much to sustain it ......... pride, a sense of belonging and the odd good performance. The Warriors autograph point was interesting. The way things are players at RP will be able to have a ten minute chat with each home fan! One of the saddest things is that as crowds and interest dwindle (communication with the hard core should therefore be easier) the club seems to get more remote even with the opportunities afforded by improved technology.
  15. Burke, Broadfoot, Bell, Power

    I suppose it's inevitable that Rangers will take our good players (when we have any) but do we really have to be a retirement home for ex huns? I thought the Spencer signing made little sense but if that was the Rangers old boy network in operation, given our situation, that would be an absolute disgrace!!

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