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  1. We need to get CB singing this in Bandzone at half-time!
  2. Kirk Broadfoot

    Does he have his own song yet? .....what rhymes with "wind up merchant"?
  3. Alex McLeish

    I'm glad it's McLeish. I think he'll do a good job. And we still have Steve Clarke!
  4. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Great appointment! McLeish has got a good track record and a point to prove . Plus, SSC stays at the Mighty Killie. I'm still on a high after that Dundee game.
  5. Dundee match thread

    Got to love Gary Dicker's comedy fast walk after the ref gives the pen. I've watched the highlights about 20 times and I laugh every time at it (might not be so funny if we'd lost). Boyd and Wilson's goal still make me cheer every time I see them!
  6. Dundee match thread

    Well, you're not alone - I lost it at that point too.
  7. Dundee match thread

    Maybe just still on a high, but I've been watching Killie for 35 years and that's got to be in my top 10 favourite games.
  8. Dundee match thread

    What did Ben from Biffy say? I missed it.
  9. Dundee @ RP

    Wilson's back - albeit on the bench though! Excellent!
  10. Craig Slater

    The move to Colchester was meant to be a stepping stone, and hopefully it will still work out for him. He definitely needs a move away from them if he wants to fulfil his potential. I hope the Utd loan gets him back on track, but playing in an inferior league with a lower level of skill down south seems to have set his development back. Would be behind Frizzell and Wilson if he came back.
  11. Hun/Fenian

    For a long time I called them huns and tims. Then the Sevco fans got all precious about it and whined that it was bigoted. I don't use it anymore as I don't want to give away an inch of moral high ground to those puddle drinkers. Anyway, the whole Sevco thing winds them up more. Fenian is worse than tim, but see above re: moral high ground.
  12. Brora Fred

    What surprised me about Findlay was how quick he was. Towards the end, he had a foot race with their striker for the ball, and Findlay left him standing. Ok it was against Brora, but that performance will have done his confidence a power of good.
  13. Space & Astronomy Thread

    Red cards all round? Someone's probably had a bad experience in their Nat 5, Higher or AH Physics prelim. If so, a piece of advice: You probably didn't study well enough. Reading over your notes isn't enough. You need to do model papers and past papers. They have free ones on the SQA website for every subject and level. Remember to practise the Open Ended questions, but also remember they're only 3 marks each. The only thing to beat nerves is preparation: Practise practise, practise. Ask your teacher about good exam technique. Revision can be boring, so remember to take breaks. Don't study the easy bits, focus on the scariest bits and ask your teacher for help. And take it from me and everyone else who ever failed an exam, feeling bored is miles better than feeling disappointed in yourself. Remember how angry and embarrassed you feel and channel this into action, i.e. make your own short notes and if you can, teach someone the tricky bits - mums, dads, grannies and grampas ALL love this. Seriously. ALL of them. And practise, practise, practise. And if you genuinely don't like Elon Musk and Space travel, or think it's a waste of time/money, then that's your opinion. You just couldn't be any more wrong if you tried.
  14. A Tactical Analysis of Killie 1-0 Celtic

    Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder.
  15. I trust SSC, but I think we'll miss Rory if he goes. I could see him being one of those players who leaves and then constantly plays fantastically against us.

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