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  1. Penalty

    I thought so. So basically these guys were shouting, "Lump it forward!" back then?
  2. The Wolf

    B! R! O! F! Y!
  3. Penalty

    Three passages of play summed this kind of thing up for me yesterday. 1) We were attacking down the right, ran out of options, the ball went back to the defence, we kept possession and kept the pressure on Partick. "Tippy tappy crap" was the comment from a couple of old boys near me. 2) Broadfoot or Greer lumped the ball foward. A nothing ball straight back to the Thistle keeper. No reaction. 3) Seconds after that, we got the ball back. "Get it forward!" "Lump it!" Was football in the 60's basically just both teams launching it forward?
  4. Penalty

    Yeah. Seems to have just fallen off the radar. Maybe he's coaching somewhere.
  5. The Wolf

    Maybe he's just really hairy? Maybe it's because he eats between 20-30 lbs of raw meat a day? Could it be because he was previously hunted to extinction in Scotland, but now is at the centre of a controversial plan to re-introduce to the Scottish wilderness to help keep deer numbers down?
  6. Penalty

    Out of curiosity, what's Heffernan up to these days? Always liked him as a player. Fell out with MJ, but can't remember why?
  7. Boyd's comments are embarrassing and most folk agree that some will have been used as a motivational tool against us. Yesterday showed the best side of Boyd, the bit we all love as Killie fans; the best goal scorer in a Killie shirt we've ever seen. His comments in the media show the worst side of Boyd. I get that he is a massive Sevco fan. Tommy Burns was a massive Celtic fan, but I seriously doubt the man would have whored his views out like Boyd does. Maybe TB set the standards too high or maybe it's because I've never had a soft spot for a rival (Glasgow-based) team, but I think most Killie fans would be happy if he shut his trap about Sevco until he hangs up his boots and can retire with our praise ringing in his ears.
  8. Penalty

    Agreed. I thought it was a bit of festive fun. We were 4-1 up with a penalty to take. It's not as if we're booing the players because of their performance
  9. Thistle home Fred

    When did we last score 5?
  10. Penalty

    I thought it was harsh on Brophy, but Boyd takes the pens. I also liked: Burke telling Jones to get lost when it came to the corners, Dicker and Boyd having a go at JJ for shooting rather than passing when Boyd was clear, and Brophy telling Boyd to pick up his man when Boydy was looking a bit puffed out at a throw in.
  11. Plastic Whistle (H)

    Joe, I've had sympathy for you up until now, but posting this negative mince in all caps just makes you look like Gordon Sawers. I think Stevie Clarke is right to go with more experience for this one. I think Thistle will really come at us from the start to get an early goal and unsettle us. Hopefully it won't happen. The youngsters are still very much part of the team and will get their turn again. A rest is not a bad thing for them, given we are playing again on Tuesday night.
  12. Plastic Whistle (H)

    I can't see this being the stroll in the park that were all hoping for. They'll be desperate to win and it'll depend who wants it more. My worry is that our players think they have this won before kick off. It's happened too often in the past and we cannot allow it to happen again.

    Even though I don't think the pitch is the reason, maybe ripping it up will be the solution to our problems. Perhaps it is now, through no fault of its own, a psychological barrier. An inanimate vessel harbouring all of our negative thoughts and nastiness. Like in Ghostbusters 2. Maybe only the expense and inconvenience of ripping up of the pitch, and then burning it in a big Billy Bowie skip, will exorcise the 'ghosts' of MJ, Alan Johnston, Gary Locke, Gary Tallon, Dugald McCarrison and Andy Walker. Or maybe we should just get behind the team and spur them on to absolutely pump Thistle. A right good bleaching. 4 or 5 nil. Just as plenty of teams have done to us on our pitch. A few home wins under our belt and no-one will be caring a jot about the pitch.
  14. Stephen O'Donnell

    3-4-2-1 seems popular these days in the EPL. We could do it with Broadfoot Greer and Findlay at he back with O' Donnell and Taylor as wing backs. What we need is to find a left sided O'Donnell.
  15. Saintees (A) Fred Dec 2nd 2017

    Full time! A great response to last week! Fan-bloody-tastic!

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