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  1. Cut Price Season Tickets?

    I suggested something similar on a previous thread (Grey and Lifeless, I believe). Totally agree with this as currently there is no real incentive to get a season ticket. It's likely that most folk will have to miss a match or two, so there's no real financial benefit. Gone are the days when we had vouchers in our book. A raffle for hospitality for 2 or 4 is a great idea.
  2. Kris Boyd has 112 goals...

    Maybe I'm just a glass-half-full kinda guy, but I took the gesture just as pure relief on getting a goal in a crucial match and trying to gee up the support. As for "All good things must come to an end", I took that as a joke with him being part of a management team with a 100% win ratio for a one-off game. No?
  3. Kris Boyd has 112 goals...

    So he's 4 away from being top scorer?
  4. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Can you cut out the Irish comments? It makes you sound like a bunch of weans. Or to be frank, it makes you sound like a bunch of Sevco fans. Just be happy that things are finally looking up for us.
  5. Jags away fred

    That is a f**king brilliant win. Stevie Clark's Blue 'n' White Army! Plus, Paul McDonald gets to be a Killie manager with a 100% win ratio.
  6. Next Manager Thread

    If this goes through, I'm going to hire a big skip from Billy Bowie and throw about 5 years worth of cynicism into it.
  7. Next Manager Thread

    So after reading that, are the folk claiming it's Steve Clark just talking mince?
  8. Next Manager Thread

    Spot on. That's probably the thing I like best about Mixu - he is always keen to learn and improve himself.
  9. Next Manager Thread

    Spot on - took the words right out of my mouth/off my fingertips. I'd hazard a guess that this would be most folks point of view.
  10. Billy bowie on sportsound

    Was Greer our captain the last time he was here? I'm pretty sure he was captain at Doncaster and Brighton.
  11. Billy bowie on sportsound

    Yup, agree. I think Michael Stewart is one of the better pundits. What he said about us is true. He even mentioned the state of the town, and can you deny he's wrong? This place needs serious investment and the council need to get their finger out and work with the Scottish government to get some jobs back here. However, BB and the rest need to make sure they get the right manager in the job. A few good wins and hopefully the feel good factor which stalled under McCulloch will come back.
  12. Billy bowie on sportsound

    Was just about to post something similar. Spot on, Skydog. The truth hurts, but it's not too late to do something about it. It's time for action.
  13. Billy bowie on sportsound

    I think so too, as they mentioned looking for an experienced manager (with premiership experience, specifically mentioned correct me if I'm wrong).
  14. Next Manager Thread

    Ian Cathro?
  15. Next Manager Thread

    We've tried the 'promising young manager'. Now ideally we need some experienced old pro who is looking to get back into the game and ideally someone who has a point to prove. Whoever it is, they need to be able to organise and coach the players to get the best out of what we already have. Ideally that would be the likes of Steve Clarke, Alex McLeish, Billy Davies, Paul Lambert etc but that's pie in the sky stuff. I'd say we're looking at Pressley, McGhee, McIntyre, Hartley and Houston. Duffy if we're willing to pay the compensation

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