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  1. Aberdeen Away

    £26 for one of the worst views in Scottish fitba. & £19 for over 65s is just crazy.
  2. Steven Naismith

    It would be nice to see one of our players tackle him the same way he tackled Eremenko when we played them at Ibrox. Wait till the 89th minute though as our player would probably get sent off which is what should have happened to him.
  3. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    That is real sad news. Far too young. Wonder if it had anything to do with her Bipolar.
  4. What Newspaper do the forumites read

    I used to read that but it's went downhill for a few years now.
  5. What Newspaper do the forumites read

    Still waiting for Sarah Smith to re-appear on the UK six o'clock news to apologise for this blunder.No it's buried online. THE BBC’s Scotland Editor Sarah Smith has been forced to apologise for a major blunder over Scotland’s A&E figures. On the UK-wide Six O’Clock news on Tuesday, Smith said that more than 100,000 patients in Scotland had spent more than four hours in emergency departments last week. In reality, that figure is actually for a whole YEAR and the real figure for the week was 5686 — as stated on the BBC’s own website. And the total number A&Es visits made across Scotland that week was 25,865.
  6. What Newspaper do the forumites read

    BBC won't be reporting this Brian, Crude hits nearly $70.
  7. What Newspaper do the forumites read

    Look at Brian's options. Just another fishing exercise, As for the National I would be surprised if many on here read it. As an independence supporter I bought the 1st issue, haven't bought one since. It isn't free online so never read it. Like Mcilroy I tend to read news online. And for Mclean's benefit I am never on the Wings website but some of the articles appear on other news sites.
  8. The SNP Brexit Rap

    Let's be honest. The rap served it's purpose. Mclean, Brian & Fudger are outraged. Job done. You guys sound more & more like outraged Celtic fans with every post.
  9. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    Labour in 2015 said they would only reverse 2bn of 9bn Tory cuts. Bedroom Tax was part of those cuts, I think. As somebody on here used to say, talk left, act..........you know something, I really don't know but that's the labour Party for about the last 10 years.
  10. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    So it's a negative that the SNP can control their democratically elected MP's, MSP's. And you wonder why the Labour Party will probably never get back into power in your lifetime.
  11. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    All parties have their whips.It's called running a political party. Labour party make it so easy for the Tories by washing their dirty laundry in public. The Labour Party supported numerous Tory Benefit cuts & the Bedroom Tax. Do you really think all the MP's who sided with them supported the policies.
  12. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    Statements like this prove that nobody can believe a thing that you say.
  13. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    Is that the Professor Tom Devine that supports an independent Scotland,
  14. To Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

    I was down in Liverpool last year & the Museum at the Waterfront is full of links to Liverpool supporting the Confederate States during the Civil War. 60% of all Cotton came through Liverpool ports. Contrary to British and European agreements- which required British citizens to remain neutral during civil wars - Liverpool came out in open support of the Confederates. But listen guys, how bloody far back are you all going trying to prove your points about how more inclusive or not Scottish people are. It's a feckin pointless argument. We all know that the whole of the UK, mainly due to the rich establishment were heavily involved in the slave trade. Give it a rest. William Wallace flung some English soldiers down a well over 700 years ago, King Edward invaded Scotland & killed & massacred thousands. We are all bastards, feckin give it up.

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