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  1. Record Store Day April 21st 2018

    I will wait until monday & check online. If none available the honest indie stores will have their left over stock online next saturday. Juno Records will alert me when it is available. Rory GALLAGHER The French Connection Coming soon £27.25
  2. Record Store Day April 21st 2018

    Rory's a must for me as well. I know they are only supposed to start selling online a week after RSD but I would check from Monday. How much was the NY Roxy album. I was just going to pick it up when the guy in front got the last copy before me.
  3. Record Store Day April 21st 2018

    Went into Big Sparra about 10:00am Ian told me there were punters outside between 4 & 5 this morning. Those days are past for me. I still managed to pick up the 3 Tom Waits doubles, Van Morrison - Alternative Moondance & Zappa - Lumpy Gravy (Primordal).There were still quite a few of the Bowie discs left. Might pick them up Monday if still there. Not too worried about not getting the Neil Young - Roxy album as it is having a general release albeit without the print. I would have really liked the 4 Sigur Ros discs but they were very limited to only 500 each. I don't think Big Sparra got any in. I was also looking for the Open Mind LP with the bonus 7". None in the shop but I bagged one on ebay for the same price they were selling in the shops. PS. Got also the Led Zepelin 7" put bye for me but I can't pick it up until Monday
  4. Diageo and hypocrisy

    No s**t Sherlock.
  5. Diageo and hypocrisy

    I refuse to buy another bottle of Diageo Johnnie Walker after the disgraceful way they left Killie. My Ire was irked even further when I watched the David Hayman whisky documentary series last year. They spent nearly a whole episode on JW and there was not 1 mention of Kilmarnock. Seriously, the feckin stuff originated here by a Kilmarnock grocer in 1820. The rest of the documentary was like a tourist map of Scotland. Every other originating town or region was mentioned or visited. I tried contacting David Hayman & the BBC last year to try & find out if Diageo had put pressure on to not mention Kilmarnock. As usual, no reply.
  6. Killie mention at commonwealth games

    Aye, & that Northern Irish commentator David Corkill said that Scots were only really interested in Rangers & Celtic. Not unexpected from an Ulster born prick. At least the Aussie commentator was more respectful & complimentary.
  7. post split fixtures

    Hibs have played Rangers twice away & once at home, same as us. We are the ones to lose out on a home game & the home revenue from a home game against one of the OF. If it was the Old Firm in the same position as us & Hbs there is absolutely no way that one of them would have to play the other 3 times away from home. I know we could probably get a result away against Rangers but I still think the top 6 is a farce given whats at stake between us & Hibs. Lets be honest, we all knew that we were the team that was ging to Ibrox 3 times.
  8. post split fixtures

    f**king stitch up. We have 2 away games in a week against the Old Firm & the team we are trying to catch, Hibs have them both & us at home. Split really is a farce.
  9. Hamilton away

    Agreed. They have earned their place in the top division.
  10. Pie stalls

    Steak Pies WD. Most I have have had have been great & my son usually has 2 per game. I thought Browning's pies really tailed off in the last season or 2. The new pies (WW Wales?) were a vast improvement.
  11. Pie stalls

    Don't get the hate for the current pie's. Always get one in the way into the game & they have all been superb. If you wait until half time they will usually be back heat or sold out & queue's will be horrendous. Same used to happen during the Browning's era. Could do with quickening up the service time though.
  12. Connor McGregor

    This is just McGregor & White starting the build up to McGregor's next fight which will probably be against the winner of this fight, most likey IMO Nurmagomedov. The difference between this & wrestling is that in UFC the pantomime ends when they enter the octagon. In wrestling the pantomime continues in the ring.
  13. The Salisbury attack

    Theresa May's popularity rating has gone up since they accused Russia.......just saying?
  14. Ronaldo’s Goal

    And so it should be if & I repeat if a defender is going for it with his head. Don't think the defender was close enough though.
  15. Theresa

    10 posts on a Theresa thread?

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