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  1. New deal for Boydie?

    I totally agree with you, but you asked who can guarantee you goals. All of those strikers get you atleast double figures a season in Scotland. Moult would of been mentioned if he hadn't left. Id give boydy another deal aslong as he keeps up his work with the youngsters. Will make a huge difference to their development. Would be amazing feat if he gets to 20 goals this season
  2. New deal for Boydie?

    Lafferty, Doolan, Stokes, Maclean, Rooney
  3. Hibs Roll Call

    Pretty easy walk to the ground from Waverley, about 20-25 mins at a decent walk. Just head down the hill past the playhouse, sure there will be others you can follow! Good pub called middletons near ground, always friendly to away fans and usually got some form of fitba on the tele. Remember that's where i saw the Rooney overhead kick v city
  4. Annan Match Thread

    Are there any highlights for the cup games for us exiles?
  5. Sydney killie fans

    Also in Melbourne ATM. Gonna try and get up to watch it. Guessing the casino may be showing it. Probably try and stream it though
  6. Andy McLaren Podcast

    Not sure if anyone has listened to the recent sportsound podcast but it involves an extended interview with McLaren. Talks about his journey through football and growing up in Poverty etc. Very very interesting listen, speaks excellently and very open about himself. If you've got some spare time give it a listen http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04xhg68?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_sportsound&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=scotland
  7. Goalkeeper situation

    Anyone know who the Newcastle manager is? Doesnt mention him
  8. Dundee (A) fred

    Reckon Sammon will be out wide with mckenzie beside Wilson and longstaff behind boydie. Clark seems to like Rory in the middle. If we do go 4-4-2 there's big responsibility on the young cm.
  9. On This Day

    That Dargo goal is one of my earliest memories as a killie fan. An absolute cracker, he was one of my favourites at that time. D.A.R.G.O!!!
  10. Accies fans to boycott league match

    But they are a Premiership team, Attendance statistics dont win you football games... Accies are in the top flight because they deserve to be, the opinion that Hibs and Dundee Utd etc are premiership teams and should be back 'where they belong' is sheer ignorance to well run teams who are performing above expectations. You dont see the English havering for Sheff Utd, Newcastle, Bolton, Norwich etc back in their top flight. Teams are where they are because they have played better than others. The expectation of having all the best supported clubs in the top flight to make our game better is nonsense. Dundee utd were f**king awful last season, County and ICT have been great to watch over last few seasons. But dont let that get in the way of the media agenda I dont like hamilton and do hope they go down but they currently deserve their place in the top league
  11. Televised Cup matches

    United v Wigan has been chosen, makes it 56 FA cup games televised in a row, goes all the way back to 2005, unbelievable stat.
  12. The Juniours

    I was at the buffs home scottish cup game vs shettleston earlier this season and a guy actually spat at the linesman. Got dogs abuse from the away fans tbf. Reckon the beith game this weekend could be much better value for yer money than our scottish cup game. Playing talbot at home.
  13. Record Article on Transfer Policy

    That hearts game was the best team performance ive seen since Shiels left, we were brilliant that night and the players left everything on the park.
  14. Karleigh Osborne

    Only had one appearance in competitive league football this season and seems to have had some injury problems according to plymouths forum. http://pasoti.co.uk/talk/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=96713&start=65 May need a couple of weeks to get him up to 100% fitness but has played at a decent level previously so should have much needed experience to add to the defence. Hoping the players coming from England now have a better attitude than some that came up in the summer.
  15. Clark must go

    Is that you Chick Young? This has got to be a joke. Jim Duffy??? You've got to be on the loony juice, keep him as far away from killie as possible please.

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