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  1. Old RP

    Brian Moore’s head looks uncannily like London planetarium. Or did to be accurate.
  2. Old RP

    John lynch from kilmaurs. Got on pitch twice. Magic stuff
  3. Old RP

    The other brother was Andy I think.
  4. Old RP

    t was early in the game. No substitute. Rusty harkness came off the bench against the scum in an Ayrshire cup final and lasted about 30 seconds before the temptation to clatter into someone (can’t remember who) got too much for him and got sent off. Hope it was templeton
  5. Old RP

    I remember him well. And there was the brothers Love. And general roy from galston. Fat tam the dustbin man. The day we got relegated at Palmerston I was 3 feet away from our current MP who was bawling his eyes out on the pitch. So was I right enough :-)
  6. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Is that depending on how near to opening time you hit the pub? :-))
  7. How do we keep Clarke?

    I don’t think it’s a fair comparison at all Steve Clarke lead West Brom to their highest finish in the English premier league (or whatever it was called at the time). Allan Johnston was pants.
  8. Paul Clarke

    Loved his 2 goals v airdie Oct 85. Section b and the other 6 fans were not at all happy. GIRFUY.
  9. How do we keep Clarke?

    Let’s just enjoy him being here and getting us results. The future will be what it is.
  10. Paul Clarke

    That’s really no excuse. Why did you get married during the football season? That’s what the summers for. :-))
  11. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Steve Clarke didn’t get it. Who did doesn’t really interest me. Onwards to Motherwell
  12. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Booboo as assistant?
  13. Greatest goal?...

    Didn’t want to disappoint :-) 30 plus years ago now. I’m old
  14. Greatest goal?...

    Rusty harkness at Kirkcaldy. Stuart McLean robs the winger (yes really) passes to Gordon wylde who carries it and feeds left winger Saint jimmy Gilmour. He crosses in from in front of the stupid wee corner stand thingy and rusty chests it down, swivels and cracks a beauty into the top right hand corner from the edge of the box. Terrific goal.
  15. Ref got it right

    If he can’t see it he shouldn’t give it. Anyway, moot point. Ref was pish. We won. Yippee

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