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  1. Max1869

    Hibees fred

    My thoughts exactly, but we've got the best man for the job in SC.
  2. Max1869

    150th Anniversary Mega Thread

    I do like the idea of an Oxford blue kit. I think I would go for something completely different for a change strip, possibly option 2 but in a lighter shade of blue like the Cambridge university colours.
  3. Max1869

    Away top 17/18

    I like all of them, but think the gold one would be the best if the other colour is navy rather than black. E for me!
  4. Max1869

    Drinking at the fitba in Irvine...

    This has to be the most ill informed post I've seen in years on this forum. The reason for the application is simple. Meadow have a small social club at the ground but it is not big enough to take all the folk who would normally attend this fixture. It's just a smaller version of the sports bar at Rugby Park, which attracts the same type of support. I've been attending this fixture for fifty years and have never seen any trouble. To say A & E will be busy because of this game is just ridiculous. The Marymass Festival is a community event which involves the whole town, something which is sadly lacking in Kilmarnock.
  5. Max1869

    Pre-season games

    Do we have any pre season games or are we treating the league cup games as 'pre season' games?
  6. Max1869

    Next Seasons Fixtures

    First game Home to Motherwell on 6/8/16. http://spfl.co.uk/premiership/fixtures/
  7. Max1869

    Euro 2016

    Almost identical to our first goal against Falkirk!
  8. Max1869

    New strip release date.

    As long as it's not mainly black I don't have a problem with it, yellow, red or orange is fine by me.
  9. Max1869

    New strip release date.

    The new Bradford City strip is cracking. Would love to see it in blue & white.
  10. Max1869

    New League cup from 16th July...

    Fixtures announced on Monday.
  11. Max1869

    v United 14/05

    Houston has had Killie watched in our last five games, he'll know exactly what to expect next week.
  12. Max1869

    What was MJ doing

    I don't think he's allowed in the technical area during the game, well done Michael, you've probably cost us a fine there!
  13. Max1869

    v United 14/05

    I don't think he's allowed in the technical area during the game. Probably saying we're in danger of winning here so get some subs on. Job done from 2-1 up to 2-3 down. Thanks Michael.

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