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  1. Tik is contributing to the club, every penny raised is then used for projects backing the club.
  2. Saints home, Fred

    Clarke on radio, jones out for saturday and doubtful for Tuesday
  3. Coulibaly

  4. Coulibaly

    Back page of the sun today saying we could be due another 500k from him, as we have a 25% transfer clause in the deal and a team from saudi arabia are in for him, al-ahly demanding 3million
  5. Training facilities

    This 100%, he has worked in the best training facilities in England and will pass ideas onto the club. he really is here for the long run as he will want a chance to reap the benefits of the facilities, it puts us in a much better position to attract players having our own training complex
  6. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Let it be true
  7. Excellent Rory interview

    Rory playing himself into a new contract
  8. Dundee match thread

    Well that game is the best of the steve clarke rein, to come from 2-1 with 10men and the ref against us was incredible. The noise in the stadium, was amazing. That game had everything, exactly what football was is all about!!
  9. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Need a big traveling support, 90 mims from the semi. Aberdeen very beatable
  10. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Avoid Celtic home/away and abeerden and hearts away ideally. However got to beat the best to win so take who we get!! Can beat anyone on our day, 1 game off hamden
  11. We Did It!

    So whats the £100k been spent on?
  12. We Did It!

    When is the email been sent this morning?
  13. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    all over the papers trying to get him to scotland. when he first came he spoke of stability and a project at Killie, so lets hope his mind isn't turned. Personally I don't think he'd go
  14. Support.

    Support against old firm is always poor, however this Saturday cup game good pricing, off the back of that result and against a team we never play, we should expect bumper attendance
  15. Home advantage

    Beat both rangers and Celtic at home with them having both ends, why no make a quick buck and still take 3points haha

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