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  1. Support

    We could do with that corporate involvement every week. It was a poor game mainly down to Ross County trying to play Hamilton kill the game style and many of us would have fallen asleep but for the singing in hospitality. All welcomed back anytime.
  2. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    McColl or is it McCall - I don't really care. As a player he was a nasty wee diver. As an assessor of a player, his opinion is neither sought or valued. Stick to your wee toytown world and keep your nose out of our business.
  3. Message for Jordon

    Team for Saturday just announced. Ferguson King Watson Murray McGrory Beattie Brown McInally Kerr Black Muir in a new 2 3 5 formation. Subs include Vernon Wentzell, Billy Dickson and Dave Provan. Referee Tiny Wharton Even I'm enjoying this thread now.
  4. Message for Jordon

    Sorry folks. Foul up on the admin front.
  5. Message for Jordon

    Just heard that Rangers have offered £350000 for your services. What an insult to your talents that is and I trust you will see the advantages of treating it with the contempt it deserves. Joining Killie has proved to be a good move for you and you know the Killie fans value the skills and excitement you offer us. The progress you have already made is clear but with the new high powered management team now in place, I'm sure you will see the opportunities that lie ahead for you at RP are tremendous. Comparing that to what is on offer at Ibrox under an inexperienced management, a board that has no spending power nor clear route forward and a brand that is tarnished after only a few years in existence should help you choose a more promising future. The time will come when quality teams will get in touch for your signature and although that time may be nearer than most Killie fans will want to see, at least they will be offering a fee that reflects your true worth. Additionally your own terms will be in keeping with that valuation. Good luck but make the right decision.
  6. Message for Jordon

    With the cameras based in the East Stand, any visual demonstration designed to humiliate Johnston has to emanate from the Frank Beattie stand. Next Sunday's match is an ideal opportunity to make a point
  7. Personal Dream Teams

    Totally agree. Billy was a fantastic left back and he played for Scotland against England at Hampden in 1970. Terrible game resulting in a 0-0 draw.
  8. Hibs Roll Call

    Got tickets today and it looks like with pay at the gate available we will have about 1500 with us tomorrow.
  9. Boydie Predicts?

    I read the article that appeared in both the Herald and Scottish Daily Mail and although there was comment about the potential attraction of bigger teams coming for Steve Clarke, there was as much emphases on Boyd's criticism of Ian Cathro's methods following his appointment at Hearts. Steve is a down to earth old fashioned boss who stands no nonsense, avoids laptop analyses like the plague and hates football match videos. Boyd was a target in the press for rightly predicting Cathro would be gone in months because he had more interest in technology rather than the personalities in his team. Todays article was very much a self congratulatory confirmation of his prediction. Steve Clarke and Killie appear to have an excellent successful working relationship at present and we should all concentrate on the benefits that come our way as a result. Worrying about what negativity might happen in the future is stupid and spoils the enjoyment of today's ongoing success. Steve will decide his future and certainly will not be influenced by what Boyd or Greer have to say. Their influence will depend on how they perform for Killie and if they fail in that, they will surely find out very quickly who is the dominating influence.
  10. Crowd tomorrow

    No matter what the reported crowd numbers are, there is no doubt the atmosphere and noise thresholds are hugely improved since Steve arrived. Still room for improvement but we are on route at last. One step at a time and by the way let's give these bluenoses a bloody one next week.
  11. Well done Jamie. Brilliant goalkeeping today that kept us in the game. MOTM by a mile.
  12. Bring a gift - Motherwell game

    Tremendous. I hope many of you are reading this and getting involved. Complete the positive day with a good win v Motherwell
  13. Bring a gift - Motherwell game

    A great initiative and one I hope many fans will support. With the majority of fans being male there may be a risk of overlooking gifts for girls. I nearly fell into that trap. Hope everyone enjoys a great Christmas with many youngsters benefitting from this campaign. All Killie fans are on a high now so we can all look forward to a cheerful, successful 2018. All the best to Steve, the boys and to all in the Killie family.
  14. County away Fred

    Wasn't at the game but the result fighting back from 0-2 makes it feel like a win. The long haul home will be upbeat now and the feel good factor continues to build within the players AND the fans. Come on everyone, let's turn up in bigger numbers on Saturday and ensure the team get our full noisy AWAY style support. Well done boys.
  15. Bit parts for our home grown players?

    It's great to see our youngsters getting a chance at first team football and Killie over recent years have enabled many of them to do so. What we don't want however is to act as some form of charity set up that prioritises local youngsters no matter the results outcome. If they are good enough then obviously it's a great celebration we can all enjoy at their success linked to our youth development programme. A far better route is to introduce quality Killie youngsters into a mature team unit that gives newcomers the comfort of knowing quality experienced back up is on hand to support their initial efforts. A background of pending relegation does nothing to promote confidence in young players, surrounded by other inexperienced youngsters particularly when any error is greeted by the well known Killie supporter intolerance. I think Steve Clarke will build up the overall strength of the team and use our youngsters as substitutes initially, then leading on to their regular slots in the team. Kiltie, Taylor and Frizzell have already done enough to merit first team appearances and I'm sure several others in the current development team will come through in time. Alan Hansen famously declared " You win nothing with kids" and with the exception of Alex Ferguson's Man Utd babes, it's difficult to argue. A successful development programme resulting in exciting new players coming through is of course vital but when you marry that strategy with quality experience on the pitch, the chances of career progression for them is far more likely. Historically so many of our talented youngsters have not pulled through to the successful careers we all hoped for them but in part they may have been thrust into the front line too soon.

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