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  1. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Agree with piffer. Mulumbu is a class act and capable of magic on his day but he has not been so prevalent in recent games and I think he needs the bigger stage to show his best consistently. Grateful he has been with us but given a choice, Jordon has done more over the season to merit priority if it comes to a choice. Whatever happens, we thank them both for contributing to a great season for us.
  2. Caption Competition

    Steve ----- I still think Rangers will finish second !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Aaron simpson

    Simpson struggled in the first half but Sir Steve magic turned his game around at half time by getting him pushing forward and getting back up cover from Power and Dicker. Managerial class.
  4. Still Moaning About JJ

    I remember a pre-season game at the start of the 2016/17 season when Lee Clark launched his pool of youngsters. Jordon came on as a second half substitute and made an immediate impact with his trickery and pace. Members of his family were sitting in front of me and their excitement at seeing him make such an impact on the game was very clear. Clearly he had gone through a bad spell in his career and Killie had become an important choice for him to regain momentum. I think he has achieved that aim, resurrected his career, benefitted our team and his own prospects in the process. He will go on to a bigger club but hopefully will leave a financial legacy and many good memories for us in doing so. For those critical of his contribution, wake up because you will miss him when he's gone and retrospectively realise we were fortunate to have his talent here at all.
  5. Accies home, Fred

    Hamilton are a horrible destructive team and unless referees control the game properly, they get away with murder. Today Killie outplayed them comfortably, dominated the game and played it at our pace. The referee was not the worst but still let Hamilton away with some poor tackling but eventually got his card out to nullify their wilder antics. We created plenty exciting moves during the game and with a calmer conclusion could have scored another 4 goals, so I find your assessment a bit of a misjudgement. Killie are playing a certain way that relies on breakouts rather than majority possession and its working, so lets enjoy it. If today was poor I can't wait to see what damage we are going to cause when you see us on a good day !!!!
  6. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    I don't think Steve will be giving these lazy " journalists " a moments thought other than having a laugh at their futile efforts to read his mind. He is a man of intellect, drive and success, and it seems unlikely he needs any guidance on his career path from the likes of Billy Dodds or Wullie Miller who may have difficulty in completing the following sequence -------- (1) (2) ( - ) (4) (5) It is a pleasure to have him as our manager and we will cherish the time he commits to us and wish him ongoing success when he decides to move on. Nothing suggests he would join up with the two Glasgow nightmares and he has categorically stated that fact to the said " journalists" but perhaps they were too nervous in his presence to take that on board. Keyboard warriors come to mind when listening to these "journalists" rantings, but I suspect facing Steve directly they are somewhat less emphatic about Killie not being a club that merit his talents. Why they think Rangers, an ongoing car crash, are an attractive alternative defies belief.
  7. Brilliant summary of what unfortunately defines Scottish Football to the wider world. Will it ever change? I doubt it.
  8. Stlll a great season

    It was always going to be a really close game but I was concerned about the prospects if and when it went to a penalty shoot out. We all know what a brilliant goalkeeper Freddie Woodman is, having watched him last season. That fear proved correct as he had two brilliant stops from Brophy and Kiltie. He had the additional benefit of having trained with them and probably knew a bit about any penalty preferences. We now move on with confidence that Killie are once again a real force in Scottish football.
  9. Highlights

    The overall performance of BBC both in terms of these TV highlights and the radio coverage from BBC Scotland was shockingly weak. I was disappointed at the result but accepted it knowing that the team put everything into it on the night but it wasn't to be. However my disappointed turned to rage on the way home listening to Richard Gordon and that prat Miller "reporting" on the match. There input was so biased and disrespectful to Killie that I turned them off before road rage kicked in and I drove off the road. I used to be a fan of the BBC Scotland's lead up to Scottish matches but unless you are a fan of Celtic, Rangers or now Aberdeen you will undoubtedly feel short changed. One bit of advice to the station ---- Get some professionals in who are at least competent in knowing the names of all the players and who take a bit of effort to recognise each match has TWO teams participating. Congrats to all our fans last night for a fantastic support and hope most will stay the course through the season.
  10. Crowd

    rb I appear to be a similar profile of supporter to you in terms of age and overall commitment to Killie since the 50s but I cannot claim to have offered your generous sponsorship. The NAPM debate is history now but I am of the opinion it was a flawed campaign and had no real impact. We are in a far better place now through Billy Bowie's funding and the fantastic appointment of Steve & Alex as our management team. I agree everyone did what they thought best but it appears we took different routes.
  11. Rossco Fred

    Agreed. Kiltie has had a hard time over the last two seasons and didn't get into today's game really. He needs more time to get back in tune for a regular place.
  12. Good Desktop Wallpaper

    Taylor and Jones work really well together and offer a real threat to opposition teams. Hope they are both FULLY fit for Tuesday but a bit worried both could be missing. Not the same left side drive today in their absence.
  13. Steven Naismith

    Naisy is a good guy who has benefitted from his training at Killie and has been a generous benefactor to us and to less well to do folk in the community. He may be coming to the twilight of his career in top football but he deserves our respect and thanks for his contribution whilst playing for us in the past.
  14. Crowd

    Sorry but I don't agree with this point. To deliberately abandon the club you support AND encourage others to do likewise, seems a strange passion to claim. NAPM programme was an utter failure and played no part in MJ leaving. We all know the tragic circumstances that DID bring that about. What NAPM did do was to provide a platform for the uncommitted fan to justify quitting altogether and why we think they would return now escapes me. Scottish football is unhealthy in many respects and attendance figures are pathetic when compared to historic times but we are in no worse a state that most of the provincial clubs. Financially probably stronger than we've been for some time. Killie have been in the top division for 28 seasons now and I think only Celtic ( Motherwell by default ) have a similar record. That is a great achievement for a town of our size and merits support accordingly. It never has been a big support and never will be. Modern life with all its financial, family, technical and social demands has seen to that, so lets stop moaning about those not interested in supporting Killie and share the pleasure of doing so with those of us who stick with it through thick AND thin times.

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