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  1. NEW: Scottish Fantasy Football

    I’d be right up for it!
  2. Kirk Broadfoot

    Was in same position as you but seen it the other day with all the Huns moaning about Motherwell getting off with it
  3. Kirk Broadfoot

    Because he was booked nothing can be done. same as Moult and Bowman for Motherwell on Sunday as both were booked in semi but Alves getting 2 match ban as ref never seen anything.
  4. Next Manager Thread

    I wouldn't think so with being away from home! But saying that nothing surprises me anymore!
  5. Next Manager Thread

    McDonald been placed in charge for this weekends game as appointment may not give new manager time. looks like it could be closer to the end of the week!
  6. Next Manager Thread

    Got on Clarke at 7/2
  7. Jackson Irvine

    Moved to Hull and is Burtons highest transfer received. Seems to be moving up the ranks at a fair speed.
  8. Season Predictions

    8th Erwin Jones
  9. Any supporter's buses got space?

    Don't know if there will be space on Jim Wilsons heard he had 6 going.
  10. Ayr Tickets Phone Line

    Just picked mine up and was told completely sold out now
  11. Ayr Tickets Phone Line

    Anyone know if the general sale is 1 per person? Also can you buy them online/phone on general sale?
  12. Coulibaly left current club?

    Fair enough did say I could be wrong just knew he was playing for the under 16s but person who told me might have presumed with the small age difference it was a brother
  13. Coulibaly left current club?

    I'm sure his mother and brother stayed here. Well at least of a few months ago as his brother had been playing for bonnyton. obviously could be wrong.
  14. Coulibaly left current club?

    Did his family not remain here when he moved? That could explain why he'd be back here!
  15. If you could rename the Sports Bar

    Don't think the names an issue...let's face it hardly going to get anymore folk going because of the name

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