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  1. Last Min Goals

    Big D's equaliser at Ayr early 80s. There were claims that it went in off the ball boy!
  2. McLean

    Agree with most of the OP Broadfoot's booking - yellow, not anywhere close to red. Frizzell booking - soft but correct Shinnie - persistent fouling - eventually booked. Dissent later in the game not punished. Jones 1st booking. No idea. I assume dissent but was it any worse than Christie's, K McLean's or Shinnie's? Jones 2nd booking. Rooney had just got away with a pull back on a Killie player, advantage played. A talking to was deemed sufficient. I assumed end of game leniency was being applied; clearly only to Aberdeen, when Jones got his 2nd yellow. Rotten I can cope with. Inconsistent is much harder to deal with.
  3. Return to sender...

    With the return of Stuart Fiindlay, do we have more players having second (and more) spells with us than other clubs do? Does this say something positive about the Killie experience? Or a lack of scouting imagination? How about an all time 11 comprised of players who had more than one spell at RP?
  4. The only way we can be in trouble is if both ourselves and Ross County lose the next 3 games. Otherwise it is very unlikely the teams below us can all catch us.
  5. Clark in the papers

    Bury forums are hinting that the timing of the deal coincides with Clark being in post for one year thus reducing level of compensation.
  6. Trialist?

    I hear we planned to sign Bacon butty failed a medical.
  7. AGM (merged)

    Failing to meet HMRC deadlines is normally bad news... ...and they want us to fork out for a ST in April without knowing what division, if any the club will be in!

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